Yinzers Fire Back at Craig Berube and John Tortorella with This Video

via The Pensblog, which is recommended reading for the upcoming series.

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18 Responses

  1. I like that they can only put the Tortorella baby crying as “The Pens win it”

  2. That was so fucking stupid. Pittsburgh is the worst place on Earth. Yinzers should all just kill themselves.

  3. i have that weird feeling you get of embarrassment for someone else that doesn’t realize they should be embarrassed for themselves.

  4. Do you feel that there may be an anti-reality bubble that surrounds Shittsburgh? I almost want to feel bad for them because they are such idiots and they don’t realize it.

  5. That’s it?! Recycled YouTube videos & 2 Asian babies? They didn’t even take a dig at either team. What the fuck Shitsburgh, you’re worse than I thought.

  6. Honestly, I feel the reason Pittsburgh is so salty towards us is because they are by far the number 2 city in Pennsylvania and they know. Their superstars would even rather come here.

  7. i don’t get it. is this shit supposed to cite berube and torts as crybabies? are people supposed to be mad or something? I JUST DON’T FUCKING GET IT. you told me it’s “firing back” kyle, but what in the fuck did they fire back? this video makes my fucking head hurt. goddammit shittsburgh. i’ve seen logs of shit in my toilet that are more impressive than this fucking video… and they hurt less, too.

  8. Is this all they can put together for “firing back”? Christ, Shittsburgh sucks ass…

  9. Christ on a crutch! What a waste of time that crapola was! Sad, pathetic and totally ridiculous!

  10. so to prove the point that the pens can do nothing wrong and every one else is whining, a video of 2 highly respected coaches saying almost the exact same thing is put up… So every one is wrong but them. Intersting mentality i think it stems from the broadcasters who are the most biased in the league in my opinion. Also the last 2 games against play off teams they injure 3 important players.

  11. Steve Macintyre is going beat the fuck out of some flyers tomorrow. I hope he puts annoying Wayne Simmonds to sleep

  12. I’ve been saying it for years. Let’s split Pennsylvania into two states. Just draw a straight vertical line about 20 miles west of Harrisburg, and name the states Pennsylvania and, hell I don’t know, Vaginatown. I hate having to say I’m from the same state or even the same country as those fucking Yinzers.

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