Your Full Flyers-Penguins Post-Fight Roundup

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Someone on these two teams is going to fucking die.

For real, body bags during the likely upcoming playoff series between the Flyers and Penguins. Including today’s game (match?), it’s possible that the two teams will play each other a total of nine times in three-and-a-half weeks. 

They already hate each other. Two weeks ago, Scott Hartnell had his face blended into the ice by Chris Kunitz, which escalated tensions. But today, things kicked up another notch.

First, Brayden Schenn hit a bitch: [keep reading– much, much more after the jump]

video via (@fakelavy)

I probably wouldn’t take pleasure in watching that if it were any other player besides Sidney Crosby. But it’s not… so fuck it. He looked like one of those undersized Pee-Wee hockey players – with glasses, a turtleneck and a fucked naivety – who gets pushed around by his more developed peers. You can just see his hamster spinning while he’s getting up, trying to come up with an adequete response: You… you… you meanie! He cross-checked me. He fucking cross-checked me!

That led to what appeared to be a retaliation from the Penguins. With just over a minute remaining and the Flyers holding a 6-3 lead, Danny Briere was leveled at center ice by little-used Joe Vitale (a clean hit). A 10-man scrum ensued, and then Peter Laviolette voiced his displeasure with Penguins coaches Dan Bylsma and Tony Granato for their decision to put out fourth-liners in the final minute of the game. And by "voiced his displeasure,” I mean the Flyers coach toed the dasher boards like a mad man and screamed at the Penguins bench. Not 100% sure what was said, but reader Mark’s mom has an idea. Here’s a screenshot from Mark's phone:



After the game, Lavs mostly avoided the subject when speaking to reporters, but did have this to say about the Penguins sending in the goons:

“Well, those guys hadn’t played in 12 minutes. It’s a gutless move by their coach. You know… it’s gutless. Questions about the game, please.”


Bylsma and his slightly over-sophisticated glasses disagreed: [CSN Philly]

“There was a minute ten or so left on the clock. Someone took exception to it. From what I can gather their coach didn’t like the hit and took a stick and broke it over the glass, and that stick ended up in our bench.” 


Crosby tried to be a tough guy: []

“I’m sure (Laviolette) doesn’t like to see one of their top players getting hit… Maybe he shouldn’t have put him out there.”


The Flyers are now 5-0 in the Consol Energy Center dating back to last year. Why? Two reasons. 

1) Ribs. As described by Lavs: [via Frank Seravalli]

“You know, we buy ribs from Dee Jay’s in Weirton (W. Va) after the game, and we have them delivered to our plane,” Laviolette said. “Those ribs seem to be doing the trick.

“It went back to last year. Whenever the ribs are ordered, we win. I want to thank Dee Jay’s.”


2) The Consol Energy Center. Scott Hartnell: [via Frank Seravalli]

"This is a much different building than the Igloo. We were almost scared coming into the Igloo. People were right on you, and just how dumpy the place was. Rats everywhere. There's even more rats [there] now. It was tough. But I think it's good that we have the confidence to win here and play hard. We know in our hearts and our heads that we can come in here and win here."


Which is exactly what they did. And it was made even sweeter by Hartnell taunting a fan dressed as Hulk Hogan, on this, the night of Wrestlemania XXVIII.

Screen Shot 2012-04-01 at 8.01.45 PM
.gif via SB Nation, Photoshop by reader (@EddFright)

Round 2 (of perhaps 9) next Saturday.

Here is full video of the melee, and Hartnell and Bylsma speaking to reporters after the game. You can see Lavs grabbing Talbot's stick at the 15 second mark of this first video. 




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  1. This was the perfect game to watch as a Flyers fan. God I hope we get to play against these douches in the playoffs

  2. I would drop the hammer & put that fake hulk hogan to sleep if he was in my presence.
    Harts deserved to get his dick sucked after making fun of that loser

  3. what fucking tard 40 year old man dresses like the hulkster, i can’t believe i saw that.

  4. I’d like to stomp that wannabe Hulk Hogan pussy. Mutha Fucker is wearing sunglasses indoors. For that alone I would have suckered him.

  5. I agree with Captain Jack. Any grown man who dresses like Hulk Hogan should be punched. BTW Who’s he think he is Corey Hart or a black man wearing sunglasses in door

  6. Does Bylsma not know the names of his players or what?

  7. One of the worst parts of the game that was kind of overshadowed was when the refs bowed down to the Penguins bench and called that too many men on the ice penalty on the flyers like 3 minutes after the play ended. Yes, it was a penalty, but refs miss penalties all the time. Despite players/coaches complaining about it, the refs never ever go back and make the call…unless its the fucking whiny, dirty, asshole shitstain penguins. God I can’t wait for the flyers to kick their ass in the first round.
    Also… I really want someone to smash Malkins fuckin face into the ice. That guy gets away with more than stupid ass Crosby does and never gets fuckin penalize for it.

  8. Flyers fans have to admit, that was a cheap shot shenn putt on Sid.
    Pens in 5

  9. You know I hate to fucking say this but lets be real! The Flyers better be careful who they wish for in the playoffs. Phillies remember what the Cardinals did to them last year. All I’m saying is be careful what you wish for.

  10. Next home game vs the pens, I’m dressing as Randy Macho Man Savage and taunting that rat face fuck Crosby and that ugly sum bitch Malkin.

  11. As a card carrying flyers fan the last team I want to see in the 1st round are the pens

  12. Hey Pens fan that goes to temple,
    Get the fuck off this site now. Nobody will admit shit about that love tap to that pussy asshole Crosby. That pussy and his homo friend Malkin cheap shot all game. Crosby gets away with slash after slash and ugly boy Malkin only hits people after the whistle when his whole team is around. Bunch of cheap shot pussies on that pens team. What Kunitz did to Heart-Nell last game was cheapest thing I’ve ever seen.
    Last time, get the fuck off this site or me and my arch nemesis, Chirp, will come to Temple and piss on you.
    Thank you.

  13. @Penguin Faggot from Temple…
    1. you know shit about hockey…you are a pens fan
    2. you’re a fuckin retard…2009 was in 6 game doucher…i was at game 6
    3. get the fuck out of philly

  14. they way your team cheapshots makes the mighty ducks producers look like they filmed a clean hitting movie

  15. Anybody know if the undertaker is still undefeated & if the rock won?????
    Thanks in advance

  16. Pens fan who goes to temple- fuck off & get off my site .
    Ohhh I’m a pens fan who guess what? Goes to temple (in a fag voice)

  17. I would love to sneak up behind Malkin and crack him in the face with a 24 oz. framing hammer.

  18. HA!!! HAAHAHAHA! Temple pens fan….that’s hilarious…gotta love a Pens fan complaining about cheap shots while they employ Malkin, Crosby and Cooke. Schenn cross checked. That stuff was goin on all game from both sides, especially by bear tacklin, elbow throwin Malkin and slash crazy, late hitting Crosby. I love how pens fans latch onto the tired broad street bullies reputation and rag on us for being “dirty”, yet they tirelessly defend Malkins cheap shots and crosby’s dirty stick work and activities after the whistle. Crosby also embellished the piss out of the Schenn hit.
    As for the headhunting at the end…it was a legal hit, but a cheapo move, especially from a team who lost its whiny cunt of a captain for a year to crap like that. Watching bandwagon pens fans try to rationalize their knowledge of the sport of hockey is hilarious.

  19. 2:05 … laviolette certainly calls someone on the pens a f-ing c*nt….. dont mess with lavs’ jam and gum.

  20. Damn! Hell of a game! Especially the Wrestlemania prologue at the end. Regarding the hit on Danny Briere by Joe Vitale, yeah, that was a clean hit, though brutal and, in my mind, unnecessary, Stevie Wonder could see that was a typical “sending a message” move on the part of Dan Bylsma, equally needless in my mind. As for the prospect of facing the Pens in the first round of the playoffs, that doesn’t bother me, I have no doubt the Flyers can hold their own against Pittsburgh, so bring them on!

  21. Best game all season! Crosby DEFINATELY defined that old saying, “Can’t spell Crosby without the word CRY!” today. Jesus Chrsit, I never realized how much he bitches. And that Down Syndrome mofo Malkin-boy did Hartnell call it right when he said he was the ugliest guy in the league. Everytime I see him, he makes me want to sew my vatgina shut just KNOWING theres that ugly & pussified of a man out there. I also realized today where I had seen him before the NHL-every Labor Day on the Jerry Lewis telethon!!!!
    Also Aaron the Traitor Asham-just one thing….aren’t you only making league mininum of 500,000? just saying-why the fuck go out of your way to knock the shit out of a 20 yr old (Rinaldo)? You should be careful of what you “put out there”. Maybe next time, your ass will be KUNGFOOED down to the freaking ice….bastard.
    My Lav delights me more & more every day. From him telling Steve Ott to< "go Fuck Himself" earlier this season; putting killer lines together & gathering the verovity & tenacity of these boys & bringing it onto the ice to now almost hurling himself over to the Pens bench to fight the coaches- (FYI-I TRULY believe he wouldve not only kicked the Pens coaches ass, think he could've had a pretty good change at most of those pussies on the team! IN Philadephia form (i.e., Whos McNabb?)....did we ever have a coach names JOhn Stephens?

  22. Ugh, and The Cliff Lee facebook made me resent this site for the longest time.

  23. i think it’s hysterical that pens fans are crying that hartnell made fun of a supposed cancer survivor.
    that’s not ok, but making signs about hartnell’s prive life is a-ok. STFD, your ass got served.

  24. Crysby slashed and broke 3 sticks over the flyers players arms/legs this game, even the nbc guys said he deserved to be penalized….

  25. As a Flyers fan living in Pittsburgh now, this was a great game for me. All I hear about is how dirty the Flyers are, yet when Giroux is on the ice and Malkin is lying on top of him, Frankenstein punches him about 3 times in the back of the head. Giroux says nothing and just decides to let his play speak. That’s the difference between G and Crysby. Crosby is a great player, but he whines about everything. That’s why he will never be one of the greats until he learns how to manage that. As to the fight on the benches, who would have thought the Chief would be a peacemaker? Not me, especially when he was wearing the jersey. I guess the suit changes a man!

  26. I gotta say I was wrong about Hartnell I thought he was an asshole but I love the guy now, that was one of the funniest things I ever saw

  27. @Kyle- the was the sh*t back in 2009-2010. 2011 was embarassing for their site

  28. that dudes my mom is a disgusting pig
    who writes that to their son
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  29. Right here 3 finger lenny…
    Even though we own the Pens this year I really don’t want to play them in the first round. But what are our options Rangers? They owned us.
    However the Flyers have something the Pens don’t and that is depth. Problem is the depth for the Flyers is mostly rookies and who knows if they will show up in the playoffs. Flyers roll 4 lines all games and our 4th line is a great shutdown line. Briere needs to show up like he usually does come playoffs.
    To the Pens fan….anytime someone touches crosby they think its a cheap shot. Did you miss Crosby trying to elbow Scheen? Thats why Schenn crosschecked him back. Did you see Malkin take two shots to the back of Giroux’s head while he was on the ground? how about Crosby breaking a stick while slashing the hell out of the Flyers and no call?
    Penguins fans are fair weather pussies. They didnt even know hockey existed in Pittsburgh till Crosby came along and the NHL shoved him down our throats every day. Penguins couldn’t get 11,000 people to go to a game. They were in danger of moving and then bam they win a cup…what a shock huh? They won a cup the same year they played the Flyers in the first or second round and Bettman came out and said something about the Pens being a great role model for all teams around the league.
    Why isnt anyone talking about the fat chick behind the Pens bench trying to tell Lavy to sit the F down…one too many twinkies…

  30. Oh yea did anyone else notice in the third when it was like 5-2 how all of a sudden NBC was like “Well enough about the Pens, how about the star players for the Flyers”

  31. I think Hartsy was on to something when he referred to Malkin as the uglies guy in the league. How about that cheap shot he put on Bourdon after he was down from blocking a shot. How do you ignore that kind of dirty play. Hartsy could be pushing 50 goals too if he was allowed to get away with everything under the sun. It is disgusting how the refs just turn a blind eye to what Crosby and Malkin do. You know it’s bad when NBC jumps off Crosby’s nuts for a minute to say he deserved to be penalized.

  32. Pens = The Dirtiest Team in Hockey
    Now that wouldn’t be quite so bad if they also weren’t at the same time also the biggest bunch of whining crybabies in the NHL.
    You can’t take cheap shots at people all day (Cooke, Kunitz, Malkin, and even Crosby) and then cry like little girls when the other team returns the favor.
    If/when we play them in the playoffs, someone needs to put Malkin through the boards.

  33. Kyle,
    You forgot to mention reason #3 about why the flyers own the Penguins at home: Bob.
    I believe (and I could be wrong) BUT I think Bob has a perfect record(or near perfect record) playing there. Some even changed the owner to Bob on wikipedia awhile back. Bob is why I think we could take the Pens easily in the first round.

  34. Pens in 5 = incorrect prediction on how many games it would take for Pittsburgh to beat the Flyers in their new building.

  35. Great game, but Flyers need to stop with giving up these early goals. Also refs need to stop treating Crosby like Tom Brady, who can do no wrong. Crosby clearly gets away with murder.

  36. I’d say the beginning of the escalation yesterday was Malkin pulling a Kunitz and punching Giroux’s head into the ice in the corner behind the play.

  37. BTW, dumb move by Lavs to tell everyone where they get their ribs. Now, some retard Pens fan who works there knows, and will probably drop a load on Giroux’s babybacks

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