And Now, A Comprehensive Citizens Bank Park Beer List

image from 3.bp.blogspot.comPhoto: Philadelphia Beer Enthusiast

Don’t ask how or why, but the folks over at – which sounds like a website to share your prom night experiences – were sweet enough to put together a comprehensive spreadsheet of all the beers at Citizens Bank Park. It’s quite impressive… and delicious sounding. We can't embed it because it's in fucking Google Docs, but give it a look.

H/T to Zoo With Roy


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  1. Diamond club has a list of beers at one’s seat, plus mixed drinks and wine. I know from experience

  2. Flying Fish must give it to them for free to sell. It’s awful and everywhere.

  3. of course this is EXACTLY WHAT I WANTED, but cant read it at work cause the site is blocked!!!! have been trying to remember a particular beer at CBP and will know it when i see it!

  4. @jim jackson s gaotee (sic):
    They’re all about twice what you would normally pay ANYWHERE else.

  5. Flying Fish makes some fantastic beers. But that Pale Ale is brutal. It just has no flavor whatsoever. It taste like a Rolling Rock or PBR. I sit in 241, and for the past 3 seasons at Harry the K’s, the only beers on draft have been Lager, Flying Fish Pale Ale have been the draft options. Before that, they used to rotate the draft options month by month, it was sweet.I usually walk down to the concourse for a beer. I don’t know what that Flying Fish is available at so many stands.

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