Another Eagle Has an Impostor

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So this is happening again.

Last fall we told you about Stephan Pittman, the registered sex offender from Maryland who was impersonating Vince Young. At the time, Pittman was spotted in Manayunk, wooing young girls while pretending to be Young, and extorted various charities by using the backup quarterback’s (good?) name.

Pittman was arrested in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on September 24 and hasn’t been heard from since. He’s listed as released on a Maryland inmate lookup website, but as incarcerated on a sex offender registry

Anyway, Pittman may or may not have anything to do with this:

According to a Yahoo! Sports story, an impostor is going to great lengths to trick people into believing that he’s Phillip Thomas, the free agent rookie who was signed by the Eagles on Friday: 

Somebody has been pretending to be the safety from Syracuse, spinning a story so convincing that the fake Phillip Thomas has appeared on blog posts, conducted radio interviews and tweeted a bogus signing with the Washington Redskins. The fake Phillip Thomas created a Facebook page loaded with pictures of the real Phillip Thomas along with photos from inside Redskins Park. The fake Phillip Thomas even posted a picture of a Redskins playbook that appears to have been taken in a hotel room.


The fake Thomas was in communication with Les Carpenter, who wrote the Yahoo! story, saying that he would soon be a Redskin, a claim denied by a Redskins official… mostly because the real Thomas is, you know, an Eagle.

Not unlike Young’s situation, Thomas' fake is using Facebook to perpetuate his lie and the tale weaves through the D.C. area (Redskins). We’re not sure exactly where Pittman is – a call to the Prince George’s County media relations department didn’t yield a concrete answer – but the similarities in the two stories are striking. 

And that includes physical appearances. 

Look at this picture of Thomas (left) next to Pittman (right):

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We’re speculating… but they don’t not look alike.

The fake Thomas, whether it's Pittman or someone else, seemingly knows his jig is up, though: [Yahoo!]

After meeting the real Phillip Thomas on Friday, I called the fake Thomas on the cell number he messaged me, which was the same one he gave Bradley for the Ball Hogs Radio interview.

"Yes, we talked yesterday," the fake Phillip Thomas said when I introduced myself. His voice was flat with no inflections, unlike the real Phillip Thomas, who has a hint of a Caribbean accent.

I asked if he was in Philadelphia.

"Yes, sir," he replied.

Then I told him I had just met the real Phillip Thomas.

He hung up.


Stay tuned…


10 Responses

  1. “They dont NOT look alike”
    White-guy translation… “They’re both black, and smiling…”
    For realz, yo… they really don’t DO look alike.

  2. This has no link to the Young look-alike and why would someone who looks nothing like Thomas pretend to be Thomas. This story was plain awful….

  3. Why did you put the REAL Phillip Thomas next to the FAKE Vince Young? Of course they wouldn’t look like each other…..

  4. WOW. ok. #1) Stop with the Race thing.It is beyond obnoxious and its getting really annoying.
    #2)You all obviously have never been through a situation like this,and be a victim by one of these asswholes who impersonate someone else. Do NOT judge a book by its cover.
    #3)To the Author: Stephan Pittman was Arrested on September 23rd 2011 (its all over google).He was in PG county jail for alittle bit,then transferred to DC jail for 2 weeks.THEN Was transferred to Dallas texas and he is currently in jail there. He is seeing 20+yrs.If you want to know why he is there,and why he is serving that much time…and for some reason cant find it online, contact me.
    #4) How do I know about all of this information?
    Because I WAS one of the girls that Stephan Pittman tried to scam. No,he did not get a dime from me. No he did not rape me. Yes,I went along with his game for 7 weeks bc I was trying to get law enforcement to listen to me..because I knew who he was at that point.No,Noone helped me until I contacted the right person.
    I know more about that guy and how much of a scumbag he is,than the cops do.I have saved everything from last august as well. His last text message to me was a threat.
    Sound like someone to joke about?
    Ive read so many comments about “how dumb the girls were who went through this” And I can’t take it anymore. The media does NOT share the full story. Remember that next time your joking about a registered sex offender (tier 3-meaning the worst level,hes on the list forever) why? Because the crime he committed before he thought he was Vince Young was horrible.
    But,to clear the confusion, Pittman cant be involved in this right now. Hes locked up in Texas.
    K thanks.

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