Elton Brand On KG: “(Philly Fans Will) Show Him How Fair-Weather They Are”

Screen Shot 2012-05-23 at 1.19.37 AMNot surprisingly, Elton Brand didn't need to open his eyes to shrug off Kevin Garnett

Talk about a tough spot. Here's Elton Brand, minding his own at Sixers practice Monday, probably (can only assume, wasn't there) marinading in the Whirlpool and dabbling in some motivational Captain Americanisms to keep the younger guys composed and focused, and he gets sideswiped by questions about Kevin Garnett popping off. Brand definitely realizes anything he says will be more scrutinized,  given this Impromptu Defender Of Philly's Honor role KG thrust him into. Meanie.

Brand handled it well.

Said Brand:

"(Laugh.) We'll see our fans tomorrow. We appreciate our fans. We know they got our support and got our backs. I'm sure they're gonna show him how fair-weather they are tomorrow."


And now for an obligitory note: Game 6 at 8 p.m. EST at the Wells Fargo Center.

Needless to say, the timing for Garnett's comment doesn't make sense, at least not for anyone other than the ultimate villain. He'll probably convert the energy of the boo birds into some alien super power, or something.

Brand addressed that, too.

Said Brand:

"Maybe he needs something to get him pumped up. I know they're gonna be on him tomorrow for that. He wasn't around all the time in Boston. They've been a championship-caliber team just about every year. But I know our fans support us and they've got our back. So I'm not worried about that."


And, now that we're coming up on four-and-a-half hours past a reasonable and rational life expectancy for this story's cycle, given the trivial subject matter, neither should you.

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20 Responses

  1. I have no friends so i finger my asshole to pictures of Pat Burrell alone in my moms basement

  2. In other news me and Mikey are heading to the Stanley Cup Finals……….I better see a Morning Carts edition tomorrow

  3. Fuck all of you! Go sixers! Don’t try to hop back on when they take it to a game 7..

  4. Who are the sixers?
    I agree with Tom Evans…move them, basketball is a waste.
    I also don’t see anything wrong with what KG said, its true…Sixers are the worst fans in Philly…
    Best to worst: Flyers, Eagles, Phillies, Union, Soul, Wings, Sixers…

  5. Chirp, switch Eagles and Phillies and you’re right…Sixer fans blow

  6. You idiots who write trash about the sixers don’t know anything. Reason Sixers fans haven’t been there is cause they have sucked I know for a fact if the Phils keep up what there doing there not going to have a consecutive sellout streak. Who’s gonna spend all this money to watch a bad team. This is the furthest they have gone since 03′ and if they can somehow pull off this game tonight and game 7 in boston they would be in the EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS! And even if they lose tonight they still had a better season then the flyers racking up 6 postseason wins to the flyers 5. I love all philly sports teams but the Sixers get criticized way too much #showyaluv

  7. Basketball… even the few basketball fans I know can’t stand the NBA.

  8. Hey Dan, when the flyers had their worst year in franchise history a few years back they still sold out all their games and at double the price of the sixers tickets. Don’t compare them to the other 3 major teams in this area, no one is criticizing them too much, it’s just people realizing they have no chance to win a championship right now

  9. Even NBA players hate the NBA, it’s all about the mega stars, which the 6ers don’t have.

  10. “Reason Sixers fans haven’t been there is cause they have sucked”
    -Thats the definition of a fair-weather fan…around when they win not around when they suck…
    “Phils keep up what there doing there not going to have a consecutive sellout streak”
    -That is why I rate them behind the Eagles and Flyers. Flyers have not won since ’75 and the Eagles have not win since???? And yet they still sell out. Oh and Flyers tickets are at minimum 80+ a ticket.
    “Who’s gonna spend all this money to watch a bad team.”
    -A real fan…(See Flyers, Philadelphia)
    “And even if they lose tonight they still had a better season then the flyers racking up 6 postseason wins to the flyers 5”
    -Apples to oranges man…Sixers had shortened seasoned and beat a team without its 2 best players. Flyers played 2 of the best in the world. Also completely different sport…You cant compare a no skill sport (Basketball) to a skill sport (hockey) sorry…
    -No thanks…they suck and will continue too until they build a team like the heat and just sign all the best players in the world…sorry basketball is a waste…
    “Chirp, switch Eagles and Phillies and you’re right”
    -Jose I had a tough time with that one. Phillies have their fair share of fair weather fans. Not many filled the Vet and then CBP filled up cause the team was winning. Same deal as the sixers. Eagles and Flyers fans always there…flip side is…Eagles have to fill a stadium for 8 games, and since its hard to get tickets its easy to sell out…Phillies for 81 games and most are long home stands…so yea maybe the Phillies deserve that #2 spot…

  11. Oh yeah…Jose…
    Problem with Phillies too is tickets are cheap and people just go to tailgate and hang out with friends. Majority probably don’t even know much about the sport.
    Hockey if your going to pay that much to tailgate or just hang with friends you must be a rich mother f’er. Thats why I think Flyers are the #1. To pay that much and sell out every single year when they havent won since ’75 says a lot.
    But dont get it twisted…every team has its fair weather fans…

  12. Hockey is not a sport. Any game where you lose a game and still are awarded a point for it is not a sport. It is 5 year old tee ball.The Flyers do have the most loyal fanbase in the city. Unfortunately The Flyers will never win another cup while the meddling Ed Snider is alive.

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