Bizarro Night

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 11.38.30 PM
What an odd evening of sports. 

The Flyers came out of the gate hopping. They were buzzing for about seven minutes after Matt Read scored to give them a 1-0 lead.

Then, nothing. 

They… vanished.


The last time the Flyers only had two shots in a playoff period was also against the Devils, in the 2010 Eastern Conference Quarterfinals.  They had two shots in the third period of a 2-1 win in Game 1.

The Flyers were 0-for-5 on the power play and are now 1-for-11 in the series.  It was the first game in this postseason that the Flyers didn’t pick up a power play goal.

The Devils had more shots blocked by the Flyers (23) than the Flyers had shots on goal (20). 



It was one of those odd loses where, after the game, there was nothing to talk about. The Devils were just better. After outshooting the Devils in the final 50 minutes of Game 1, 36-15, the Flyers were outshot 35-20 in Game 2. 

Two different teams.


Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 11.20.58 PM
Pic via (@cjzero

Derrick Rose looks on as the Sixers whoop the Bulls, 109-92. 

Watch as Andre Iguodala posterizes Luol Deng:

I suppose this is where we have to tell everyone to relax. They’re not going to beat the Bulls.


They beat the Braves for the eighth straight time and everyone was so excited, especially this chick, who showed all of Philadelphia her panties. [But since a few out-of-work zealots and one Gawker columnist had a problem with the photo, here's a link to a Deadspin post of something similar.]

Pic via (@turcondo)

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66 Responses

  1. I felt this Flyer letdown coming on the second everyone started predicting the Flyers / Kings SCF possibility. Still need 7 more wins to get to the final round and four more to win it all folks. Settle Down Now. Tonight’s performance – unacceptable for a team that is expected to compete for the cup.
    The Flyers should still get past the Devils but this was a winnable game.

  2. hey, screw you kyle, the sixers played out of their minds tonight in the second half and have just as good a chance to win this series as the bulls at this point. its one thing not giving the sixers any respect for making the playoffs. its another to just totally ignore them and then call yourself a philly sports blog. theres more than 3 teams in this town.

  3. This is exactly why I check this site 5X a day…. Props to you Kyle for showing the last pic but PROPS to the person who gave you that pic. Its like the Philly TMZ. I cant get this kind of shit from ANY other Philly site.
    If you hate on Kyle then you hate on cool shit.

  4. Also props to the super pauser who know when to hit pauae on vagina… All you fucks that complain about this site… you dont get shorts like this on ESPN
    Kyle….. You Da Man

  5. Way to go Sixers… Flyers need to step up they are lucky not to be down 2-0. Was Pitt. really that bad?

  6. Flyers were downright emabarrassing in the second period. Way to get out hustled, muscled, and out played for 20 minutes. Did anyone else hear Pierre Maguire reinforcing that during that 20 minute beating the Flyers were still dominating the game despite not having a shot in the period? I wanted to rip my ears off. And then after the Devils took the lead in the third he completely reversed course and said something along the lines of, “And the Flyers have completely taken advantage of this game. They haven’t been playing their game since Read scored early in the first period. They’ve been playing with fire all night.” Or something like that. Do these guys listen to what they say during the game?

  7. Sixers are a joke. They have zero chance of winning it all, thus they are irrelevant (as usual).

  8. Did Giroux play lest night? Haha Devils in 5 suckers!

  9. flyers played like carter & richards after an all night c0ke bender. no jam

  10. Hey 3 finger asshole, I’ll be a cup champion in a month, you’ll still be a fan of a team who hasn’t won shit in 40 years, fucking loser

  11. Would have been nice if someone other than Bryz had showed up for that game.
    Need a repeat performance from Bryz tomorrow and the skaters to, you know, play.

  12. Is the series over if the Devils win another game? How many games do they have to win this round to move on?

  13. Why didn’t they pull their goalie earlier – like in the 2nd quarter when they only had 2 shots. If they pulled their goalie and played 6 on 5 they would have had more shots, no?

  14. I was hoping Bryz could steal that game 1-0 since the flyers were skating like they had a bad case of swamp as$.
    Bryz played ridic in the 1 & 2 but came up small like usual in the 3rd.

  15. It was beyond stupid to get rid of Mikey & Jeff. Look what they’re doing in LA! Imagine if we had Giroux, Richards, Carter, Simmonds, Voracek, Jagr, Schenn, Coutouier, Bryzgalov, etc. We’d easily win the Stanley Championship. You blame Amaro, but you should BOO Paul Holmgren.

  16. 3 finger not sure I can blame bryz in the third…
    Watch the goals and you will see the flyers standing around watching as the Devils just have their way…watch the third goal especially. 4 of 5 flyers are standing still starring at the puck and JVR is behind the net doing nothing.
    @James, I know exactly what you were talking about. All period Pierre was like “The Flyers are controlling this period and the puck and the Devils need to do something to change that” they were being outshot like 10-0 at that point then the Devils scored in the third and Pierre was like “Well the Flyers were playing with fire for the past 2 periods and we could just see it coming”…WTF…

  17. Vanessa, Mary, Jenny, Julie & Steph- get the mother fuck back in the kitchen & get off this site. This is a men’s only site- beat it.

  18. @ Mary you do realize without the trades we wouldn’t have Simmonds, Coutouier, or Voracek…hell probably wouldn’t have Jagr either.
    Pretty sure those guys did not want to go into the locker room after the game ended…beating Lavy hurt their ears with all his yelling!
    Come on Kyle give the Sixers some credit. They have a better shot at winning the series now that Rose is gone than if he had played the whole time.

  19. Dammit forgot to take my anti-troll medicine this morning. I will go back to sleep now!

  20. Let’s give credit where credit is due, the Devils outhustled, outworked and just plain outplayed the Flyers last night. No shame in that. Meanwhile, the real surprise of the night were the Sixers as I expected them to have been stomped by the Bulls who had to have been out to prove they could win without Derrick Rose, instead, it was the Sixers who did the stomping. Damn impressive!

  21. If the Flyers somehow pulled that out last night, they wouldnt have showed up in Game 3 and would probably have lost 6-1. After 8 days off and an OT win, they had a let down… big deal. The Devils are a solid team and dictated play.
    Bizarre Night indeed.

  22. It was a total waste of a game by the Flyers. And a real shame that Bryz finally played a good game and no one showed up. That being said the Devils were better and deserved to win. I’m hoping this is out “10-3 Pittsburgh” game. They have been good on the road all year. It’s no worse than 2-2 coming home for game 5.
    I can only imagine what Lavy said between periods. H must have peeled the paint off the walls.

  23. 3 finger-
    There’s only so much Bryz could do. On the third goal, he was (again) left completely out to dry by the defense and STILL managed to almost make the save. He bailed the team out time and time again, but you keep “playing with fire” (thanks, Pierre… douche) and you’re gonna get burned.
    The other goals weren’t weak. Yeah, they’d have been nice saves to have had, but you can only ask so much of him.

  24. Just keep bashing the Sixers Kyle. That was a very impressive win against a Bulls squad who had something to prove. Not to mention the fact that was in Chicago. I could see you saying that if they squeaked out a victory but it was blowout on the road. You were up their ass in the beginning of the season. I have never seen a more fair weather fan in my life. Lost a lot of respect for you man.

  25. I got my dick sucked behind the outdoor bathrooms at X Live last night.

  26. Sixers have a chance to beat the Bulls without their MVP playing… yes. Do they have a chance to beat the heat and contend for a title? No. Anyone who says otherwise is in for a rude awakening. Beating the Bulls will prove nothing.
    @Mary… You are a retard. No offense.

  27. @Kyle Scott You are thee biggest Sixer hater I have ever seen. Dude I saw you on good day this morning they can’t win it all so who cares? Well that’s why they play the games. I’m not saying they can win it all, but they have a very good chance at stealing the series off a Roseless Bulls team. It would be the team’s first playoff series victory since 04-05 7 fucking years!! That is relevant sports news. By the way if they somehow manage to steal the series from Chicago they don’t reseed in the NBA playoffs so they would play the Boston and Atlanta winner(who the Sixers collectively went 5-1 against this season). Don’t call your self a Philly sports blog anymore just say you’re simply a Flyers, Phillies, and Eagles blog. I lost a lot of respect for your website.

  28. Kyle,
    Do us all a favor and just stop writing about the Sixers completely.
    I know you and others just respond by regurgitating the popular sayings:
    “They are stuck in mediocrity and need to get really bad before they can get really good”
    “They can’t win without a super star”
    “The NBA has never been a good sell in Philly. The ’83 Sixers barely sold out”
    Part of being a fan is hoping. I’m “hoping” that the Sixers can cash in on this break of D.Rose being injured. I’m “hoping” they can then give the Heat a good run and build onto next year.
    If you don’t like the NBA, I have no problem with that.
    But if you people don’t watch the Sixers because you think they have no chance against the Heat then you’re a FUCKING FAKE ASS FAN AND A “FRONTRUNNER”…just like Jimmy Rollins said a few years ago.

  29. @Denny I agree man, but we sold out nearly every night during the 2000-2004 AI era. He put asses in the seats, and the Sixers had the biggest attendance increase in the league this year. Although according to this site you may not think it there are still a lot of Sixer fans who care left in this area, and if the ownership didn’t feel this could be a good basketball town they would’ve either never bought it , or they would’ve thought to move it.

  30. X Live Panty Dropper – that was me. Glad to be of service, but you may want to go and get yourself checked out b/c you probably contracted syphilis

  31. Shitty night in Philly. Sixers…yea what ever. Cole got a ND, no one let the Flyers into the WFC when they went “knock knock”.
    Worst news is this…XFin is being watched by the LCB. Shit, now where can I get these underage hoe’s trashed? F this Fox 29 investigative team…get a life, stop worrying about underage whores drinking & getting gang raped. Isnt there real news to report?

  32. WTF cares about the sixers? Blah, blah they may win a series against a team without its superstar. STFU. They ARE irrelevant.
    As for Mary, please hop off the Flyers bandwagon. Coots, Schenn, Voracek and Simmonds were from the Richie and Carter trade. Carter sucks come playoff time anyhow. He has a whopping 3 pts in 7 games and will probably go down again with an injury like usual. Richie meanwhile will be missed.

  33. Keep the underage tramps in Xfin live or else the place will be taken over by old women. I saw that tan chick who burned her daughter trolling around trying to get in 1 night. Thankfully her NJ license wouldnt scan cause it too was burnt from UV rays.
    Look for me in the K lot, I’ll be selling fake ID’s. $40 2 for $70

  34. Kyle,
    You have an “IN” now with Fox 29 since u banged Jen Fred. Have them stop worrying about what happens in/around/outside of, in the parking lots of XFin Live. Pull strings with Mike Jerrick too we’ve all seen him in there pulling out the drunk “21-year olds”

  35. jesus god, that maggiesox person who keeps tweeting at the entire world about this is quite possibly the most annoying human being on the face of the earth

  36. That maggiesox person is a woman who won’t stand for harassment and abuse towards women, which seems to me to be much more than I can say for any of you pathetic assholes who jump at the chance to post misogynistic comments about a woman who happened to be crossing her legs at the wrong second. It must be real sad the way your entire world exists in your mom’s basements and the closest you get to getting laid is seeing a screen grab of a woman’s undergarments.
    In conclusion, fuck the hell off.

  37. Hey, stop being an asshole. Take down the damn picture. Just because some other asshole posted it to Twitter, and some *other* other asshole caught it and let it get to air in the first place, doesn’t mean you have to perpetuate the assholiness. Just take the damn thing down.

  38. To Kyle:
    Congrats on being a shameful human being without a single modicum of common decency or respect for women. In the real world, you’re what’s called a “misogynist.” Hope you enjoy your precious page views. Too bad none of them will ever come from a woman, ever again.
    I’m posting this again, because you really need to read it, lest you fall deeper into your soulless purgatory.

  39. Wow, Kyle gave in and took the picture down? Was it the threats of no future page views from women? Way to stick to your guns Kyle.

  40. @The Pope
    The answer is Bryce Harper and the entire Washington Nationals organization

  41. Ohmigod ohmigod, PANTIES!!! Sorry, gentlemen, that you’ve only ever seen your mom’s granny panties when she throws them down the stairs into your “mancave” (also called her basement and laundry room)and that these are so exciting. If anything Kyle, Burrell will be back in town soon, you could see all the panties you want in person if you know the right places. So go back to hating on the people that we pay to NOT win games instead of the people trying to enjoy the constant disappointment that is Philly sports. I come to this page to commiserate with the other Flyers faithful, not watch you play out some baby dick, upskirt fantasy.

  42. where is the freakin pic? Big Nose snaggle tooth cataldi talked about it all morning now that shit aint here! dopes!

  43. So you are saying deadspin did it first again? Shocker. Thanks for posting another unoriginal article.

  44. I love how Kyle took the pic and link down but Jezebel’s article links directly to the pic on twitter. What idiots!

  45. Listen up chicks….obviously this is a sports site, and while I beloieve that women can and do enjoy sports, this is more of a site for men. If you want to read the articles and comments, then so be it. But don’t come on here and call men pathetic assholes. Get a sense of humor and get off your soap box. Open your eyes and realize that guys can and will have fun with a random “panty shot.” It doesn’t mean they thik any less of the women who showed her panties on national tv. Fuck, they don’t even know her! If you cannot understand that “boys will be boys” then keep your legs crossed while you go read your sports articles somewhere else. And if you think men are so horrible, you can always leave the kitchen and try to pick up a chick at X Live. I’m sure there are plenty of bi-curious drunk sorority girls who have shot down Rob.

  46. “dick” just go kill yourself already. You’re embarrassing to my gender.

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