Roy Halladay Leaves Team

According to the scriptuals, Roy Halladay has left the team for “personal family reasons.” 

He apparently informed the team on Tuesday that he would be leaving after the start, according to Inquirer beat writer Matt Gelb

As observant reporter (and perhaps informed) Jim Salisbury – who broke the news of Halladay’s departure - noted last night, Halladay was dressed by the time he met with the media following the loss. And, this: 

His face was still red in spots and his eyes appeared sad. When he was done speaking with reporters, he grabbed a leather computer bag and a small rolling suitcase and headed for the door. 


We won’t speculate on the specific reason for leaving. Though you can’t help but wonder, since the Phillies are so very secretive about everything.  

Halladay will return to the team tomorrow, in D.C.


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  1. Ready for nats series, glad im going saturday not friday when KK takes the mound. yeesh

  2. I thought something was wrong with my TV…it seemed like most players faces where blushy and red…not sure if it was a temperature issue, high humidity perhaps, but Roy wasn’t the only one who looked like that. His eyes appearing “sad” is a bit of a reach. The guy pitched 4 innings of masterful ball. I think the braves just battled him, got him into deep pitch counts and just really worked him. He should have been pulled before the granny.

  3. I meant to say sad.
    Andy Troutman’s right. He’s cooked.

  4. He’s leaving for a day and he’ll be back tomorrow. Who cares? No story here

  5. Speaking from experience it’s probably a bitchy wife

  6. They’re making it seem like it’s a personal/family issue (in which case we should stay out of it), but would anybody really be surprised if he was traveling to consult with a doctor about a medical issue? You just can’t trust this team when it comes to injuries.

  7. probably some unfortunate and awful reason that we don’t want to hear about anyway. can’t knock the guy if it played into his mindset last night. let’s leave one of the best ever to play the game alone

  8. Phillies fan who lives in Atlanta, works in New York, and goes to school in Miami******** says:


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