Charlie Manuel and Bob Davidson Suspended One Game

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Both Charlie Manuel and umpire Bob Davidson received a one-game suspension following their on-field altercation earlier this week. 

Earlier, MLB announced that Davidson's suspension was for his “repeated violations of the Commissioner’s standards for situation handling,” whose bar I would imagine is set somewhere between end the game in a tie and let Hamels pitch until there are puddles at shortstop.

While no specific incident was mentioned, clearly the final straw was Davidson antagonizing Manuel after the Phillies’ dugout took issue with Davidson getting in the way of Brian Schneider, following a dropped third strike on Tuesday. Davidson could be heard very clearly yelling: “You think I was trying to block his ass? What the hell are you yelling at?" That phrase, apparently, falls below Bud Selig’s low standards.

Manuel's suspension is a direct result of his reaction, screaming obscenities at Davidson.

As FOX’s Ken Rosenthal notes, MLB dignitaries were seated directly behind home plate when all this happened, so that likely influenced their decision.

Watch the showdown and Rosenthal's explanation after the jump.


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  1. I understand if an ump blows a call, but umps like Jerry Meals should not be calling MLB games. Davidson was being an a**hole here. Should have ignored the players

  2. MLB has a distorted justice system anyway. Hamels gets five games for admitting to hitting Harper, Zimmerman retaliates and gets zero. Then someone completely loses their shit and hits an ump with a thrown helmet and only gets four games.

  3. @Hawkfan
    Staring pitchers are always suspended for at least five games. Plus he never would have been suspended if he didn’t run his mouth afterwards. If Lawrie was a pitcher he would have received at least 5.

  4. @CarrotLeague, I toured a distillery once (Jack Daniels, not Jim Beam) and it doesn’t smell like booze, it smells like rotting vegetables. Unless that’s what you meant to imply.

  5. Hawkfan… Step off the homer-train and calm down. Hamels was a jackass for admitting that he hit Harper for no reason. He tried to be a badass, and failed. The more I think on the whole situation, the more I realize it really was a jackass move, both hitting Harper and most of all admitting it with a smile. Zimmerman wasn’t suspended because he’s not an idiot. He hit Hamels with what looked like a breaking ball that got away, and then kept his mouth shut when asked about it after the game.
    On the other hand, I don’t agree with the rule of thumb that if any part of your being, attatched or not, touches an umpire, it’s an automatic suspension. I think if you slip up and throw equipment and it bounces and hits an ump, so long as it’s inadvertantly, it should be overlooked. Especially if after review it’s determined that the umpire completely blew the call.

  6. I think all sports should mimic Brendan Shanahan and the NHL. Show and explain using video footage of what the player did, and why they got it. Say what you will about his justice and monotone videos, its hands down the best punishment system in professional sports. The NFL could especially use that system, and it would do well in MLB as well.

  7. That guy, could really sit through 5 mins of Selig blundering through the explanation of why he did something? people wouldn’t take him seriously. and david stern is too much of a prick to do something like that

  8. Officiating in every sport nowadays is a damn joke. If you want attention, be a manager or a coach. Your job as an umpire or referee is to be as invisible as possible. I don’t care what your strike zone looks like, just make it consistent, and don’t scream profanity loud enough for the TV cameras to pick you up. Nobody on the planet should live by the motto “shut up and do your job” more than sports officials.

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