Claude Giroux Faces The Ugliest Player in the League in NHL 13 Cover Voting

Screen Shot 2012-05-24 at 10.42.38 AM
More pictures from Claude Giroux's weekend surface, pic via (@seanc283)

As we limp into this holiday weekend, here’s your near-daily reminder to vote for the NHL's leading playoff scorer (still), Claude Giroux, for the NHL 13 cover. He’s in the semifinals now, against Evgeni Malkin, so that means that legions of jobless Yinzers will be stuffing the ballot box. Vote for G, because nobody wants this:

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Pic via reader Kelly


13 Responses

  1. Yeah, that kid could use a punch right in his super exposed neck. Low cut v-neck? On a dude? That’s GOTTA be a violation

  2. What the FUCK is the point of wearing a pair of sunglasses and having a pair on your shirt?

  3. V Neck dude looks like he needs to take a shower, hit the weights & get a clue.
    Dudie needs to stop trying so hard to impress G

  4. Does G ever change that UHA shirt or does he have 10 of the same one?
    Keep it comfy my friends, keep it comfy.

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