Claude Giroux Has Been Suspended For Game 5

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Great! Just what they needed.

I can’t say I disagree with the ruling. Giroux clearly targeted the head. You have blinders on if you can't see that. Giroux didn’t leave his feet and Zubrus wasn’t injured, but that doesn't matter– G went out of his way to make contact with Zubrus’ head.

The one part of this that is questionable, though, is Brendan Shanahan citing Giroux’s anger and frustration with the ref as, um, evidence or whatever. That shouldn’t have anything to do with anything.

Suspension czar Shanahan explains his ruling in monotone fashion, after the jump.


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  1. Weber $2,500. Malkin, nothing. Ovie, everyone talked about his “leaving skates to hit Girardi in head,” nothing. James Neal/Raffi Torres (both repeat offenders) Neal 1 Game / Torres 25 games. Giroux, first offense, 1 Game. Weber pulls move from Hulk Hogan, $2,500 fine.
    Shannaban makes SO MUCH SENSE

  2. Hitting the links one day early. Good For G, he doesnt have to be out there for the dog and pony show the Flyers are putting on. Hartnell sucks (it phaneuf) and Simmonds looks like a child on figure skates.
    Lavs really can’t stand to lose much more hair before he’s totally “trumped” out. 2 weeks ago, this team was on fire… now they’re pissing on their own torch

  3. Who didn’t see that coming. What a joke. I wonder what kind of dirt Weber had on Shanny to only give him a fine for trying to put Zetterberg’s head through the glass in round 1.
    But who knows maybe just maybe this gets them going. Not likely, looking at how these past three games have gone but you never know.

  4. The lesson here? Make the hit count and take him out of the game.

  5. So, the Devils take the flyers without Giroux lightly, and it forces guys like Simmonds and Hartnell to step up, sparking the flyers?
    I’m actually more optomistic now than I was before this news…

  6. Just wish the league would be consistent with this crap…if it’s intent to injure, blow to the head, whatever, it should be for every player that does that..not pick and choose…Giroux is not a repeat offender, didn’t leave his feet and Zubrus came back..maybe a fine, Ovechkin does all of the above, gets nothing…guess they don’t consider G in the elite club yet!

  7. I called it as well. Maybe this is what they need to get their heads out of their asses and play some hockey. Sucks to have G sitting but it was a hit to the head, and the punishment was in line with what Neal got (similar players, similar incidents). Time to rally boys!

  8. With all the crap Ovi and Malkin have gotten away with, I’m shocked G got anything. A fine I would totally understand. This is his FIRST incident.
    Fucking Shanahan needs to get this stuff under control and make the suspensions consistent for fucks sake.

  9. The NHL did the right thing… Giroux is not a team player and was probably still coked up……

  10. So to summarize “illegal check to the head, no apparent injury, and Giroux has no History of this int he league”…. So we’ll just suspend him … WTF is that?? you make the case for no suspension literally in your talking points.. in print on the screen

  11. G texted me after the game , i obviously was getting a BJ, and he told me he did it on purpose because and I quote “the refs and devils are bitch ass pussies”.

  12. I didnt know G was playing this series anyway. On a side note, I’d like to smell his dirty undies! and give him what the french call, a kiss.

  13. While this truly blows, maybe it will give the others an incentive to step it up a bit and stop playing like the Mites on Ice.

  14. I love how shanahan says Giroux was cleanly removed from the puck near the bench. The video clearly shows the Devils two hands up in Girouxs face trying to push him over the boards. Yea, shanny, that looks clean. What a mickey mouse organization the NHL is. And they wonder why it’s not that popular. A bunch of morons running the league.

  15. FUCK YOU SHANAHAN. The Weber incident, a fine, James Neal’s hit on Couturier, a fine, Ovechkin, a fine, Malkin, nothing…………..and you come right back & give Giroux a game when:
    1. He has no history of this play AT ALL
    2. Sykora didn’t have to be carted or helped off (I believe so)
    3. Sykora returned in the same game & scored the empty netter
    4. He didn’t leave his feet either, even though it was a hit to the head.
    Total total total fuckin bullshit. Maybe this wakes us up, if we win, idk, but Kovalchuk being out for Game 2 helped the Devils, so we’ll see.

  16. did he hit his head? yes, was it as serious as some people are making it? no…. have there been worse hits that got less/nothing done? yes… i think this is crazy, but its the inconsistentcies that drive me even more crazy!

  17. If I am Jersey, I don’t think I want to lose a game to the Flyers without Giroux and be faced with a must-win Game 6 with G making his triumphant return to the ice. I mean I have no idea how they are going to win without Giroux but if they somehow pull that one out, this could be the big momentum swing they’ve been looking for.

  18. It wasn’t Sykora, it was me you dumb fuck……G was mad at me because I fucked his mom before the game

  19. That’s BULL! What a joke! Though it was a totally selfish play by G. He’s been playing with way too much cockiness and entitlement..maybe this discipline will bring him back down and he’ll stop yapping at the refs. This team used to play with so much passion and heart! Where has it gone?!?! I thought this was the year…

  20. He wasn’t targeting the head. Anyone who agrees with the suspension keeps saying “he was specifically targeting the head”. No he wasn’t. What he was TRYING to do was check him shoulder to shoulder into the boards. Zubrus slowed down when he crossed the blue line because he didn’t have the puck and was surveying the zone. At the same time Claude goes to make the check but misses and hits Zubrus in the head. Didn’t leave his feet, Zubrus didn’t miss any ice time, and Giroux has ZERO history with the league. He should have been fined, not suspended. That’s the truth. Anyone who says otherwise is actually trying to act like they’re not a “homer” and they’re “Mr. Objectivity”. Stop it

  21. If Weber got $2500 fine, Giroux gets same…..Shanny messed up real good. Thanks again for hitting us while we are down…..
    Certainly was not a smart move by #28 not going to argue that, but pivotal game and suspension from taking part in it is killer.
    …but like I said…a CAPTAIN of team (NSH) can turnbuckle slam 2x a players head against boards and only get $2500 fine………I call BULLSHIT.

  22. Just don’t go out like little bitches. Put up a fight in Game 5… at home. Win Game 5 you could win Game 6 with a pissed of Giroux, and in a Game 7… anything can happen. One at time. We were down 3-0 2 years ago to a better team.
    I didn’t think he targeted the head, I think it ended up that way. He was pissed at the refs for a (legitimate) non-call, and was out for payback, but Zubrus lowered his body at the wrong time.
    With the history of suspensions this playoff it doesn’t surprise me that he got one tho…Shannahan… you are an asshole.

  23. Shanahan’s a joke. Weber, Malkin, and Ovechkin all get off essentially scot-free and G gets suspended for a first offense? The inconsistency in punishments being doled out is disgusting. “A hit resulting in contact with an opponent’s head, where the head is targeted and the principal point of contact, is not permitted” – pretty sure Zetterberg’s head was the main point of contact being slammed into the boards (I know, that horse has probably been beaten to death – whatever).

  24. Can’t wait to see what Lavy does with his lines now. Great. So Bryz is gonna have to pitch that shutout after all. This should have been a fine; but G’s antics with the refs there before the hit are what got him the suspension.

  25. Anyone have any catchy slogans for a Shannahan is a total fucking dumb ass sign that I can take to the game tomorrow night?

  26. Maybe not an intent to injure, but definitely reckless. Selfish play by Giroux. I understand why he was angry but that entire shift was childish and embarrassing. Shanny has been inconsistent but what are you gonna do…not our year…again.

  27. Doesn’t matter. The Flyers were bound to lose tomorrow night, regardless of if Giroux played or not. I don’t even see the traditional dead cat bounce getting them to game six, the Devils will simply continue doing everything they’ve done since game two and end this series.

  28. Absolutely no issue with G getting the 1 game suspension if Neal & Weber were suspended appropriately. Shanny should be fired, he’s a douche.

  29. It was definitely not a clean hit and G should have known better, but Shanahan needs to stop picking and choosing who he punishes with what seems to be a roll of the dice (or maybe eenie-meenie-miney-moe?). The Flyers definitely need to step it up if they intend to even attempt to come back and win this series.

  30. Where is Mike bitching about the lack of fools gold Sixers posts?

  31. call up ogie oglethorpe or clarence ‘screaming buffalo’ swamptown

  32. Ugh…its a deserved suspension, and kinda hard to swallow after the flyers handled themselves so well against the penguins horseshit..But the whole thing blows dick because of how inconsistent the previous penalties have been. Neal was a repeat offender, left his feet with clear intent to strike the heads of two players in one shift and he got one game. Ovi and Malkin got away with 10 x as much and didn’t even get looked at…Giroux had no record, didn’t leave the feet or use the elbow, and hit one person. And since the league wrongfully seems to place importance on a player being injured, then Giroux should be even less in the wrong since Zubrus played on. Just sucks all around. I’d say it’s a wake up call and might spark them, but then again I said the same thing after games 2 and 3, so…yeah.

  33. This post definitely needs an Edward Murphy lecture.

  34. big fucking deal, its over. they beat us to every loose puck, our defensemen look scared to death when they have the puck behind the net. i can’t believe bryz is the bright spot. he coming up HUMANNNNGGGGGGUUSSSS…jagr is a turnover machine, matt carle is fucking bush league, coutourier pooped his pants last night and flipped the puck over the glass. i can’t wait for when these rookies eventually want to get paid and we can’t because we’re paying a mediocre goalie rock star hall of famer type money. i’ll be dry humping coatsey’s bright red gin nose at xfinity live tuesday night while rhea hughes finger bangs herself on the mechanical bull


  36. Supporter, I have a few thoughts on the matter:
    I believe that Mr. Giroux should have been suspended as he attempted to impair someone’s livelihood by taking a shot at the individual’s jaw. I can not stress enough that player safety is more important than the game. We have to be role models. Secondly, it is evident that the Devils have superior equipment than the Flyers based on the player not being injured. If this was a Flyer, he would be suffering from a debilitaing head trauma. Third, Mr. Shanahan is clearly playing Bingo with the suspension process. There is 0 consistency. I have followed this process very closely and it appears that he might be being paid off by certain owners to suspend whoever he pleases.
    Will you be at tomorrow night’s rally? Win or Lose, it will not be the last of our season. We have no offseason

  37. Can’t believe I agree wit that wacko but there is no consistency. Malkin does the same shit and gets away with it.
    Oh well, told use that the Devils would take this series and I was told that I was crazy. Where you at now Chirp, JT? Admit that you got beat by House again
    go Rangers

  38. Shit yo, can’t wait till these crackers are done so we can focus on my sixers. They ballin

  39. i dont disagree with it, but the fact that ovechkin (a repeat offender) who left his feet and his hit was much worse doesnt get a suspension, let alone a review pisses me off. da fuck is up with the nhl this playoffs, fuck you shanahan. thats why i dont like Gs suspension.

  40. This Murphy clown is a moron. The devils have better equipment he says. You are so clueless.
    Where is tomorrow’s rally? I’m starting my own rally right next to yours to ban you from CB, much like Iron Ballsack McGinty.
    I wonder if Iron Balls really had iron balls.

  41. Mr. Merschen, it appears that you are not a man but in fact a child. Why is it that you do not care if a player is injured or worse killed on the ice? How do you sleep at night?
    Yes, the devils do have vastly superior equipment and the evidence is clear. I also have a few sources that have studied this matter very intently and belive it or not, its a fact that the Flyers equipment is cheap, plastic material
    I am very excited that you will be participating in tomorrow rally. This is a huge win for team safety. Wells Fargo Center. If you don’t mind, please bring a picket sign or two

  42. Whatever happened to that iron balls mcginty dude? He hasnt posted in months

  43. I don’t disagree with the fact that Giroux was at fault during the hit against Zubruis (side note, I’m surprised he is still in the league). My only concern is the consistency of the calls from Shanahan’s office. In the case of Neal, he went after two different players on the same shift and only got one game, one hit he even left his feet which the NHL is trying to get rid of. Weber does his best WWE impression and gets 2.5k of a fine? What Giroux did was wrong, but it would be constituted as in the course of a game type of hit, but what Weber did was nothing I recall seeing in an NHL game since I started watching in the early 80s. Seemed a little bit of consistency needs to come to the league with its suspension policy and then people will take it more seriously.

  44. @Rob House…I never saw any prediction from you saying the Devils would take this series.
    The only predictions I remember is the first round where you got 2 of 8 rounds right and I got 5 of 8 right guessing exact on the Flyers outcome…
    Good try though…must kill you to always be one or two steps behind me.
    Always my backup…kiddo.

  45. G deserved the suspension but so did Malkin twice, Neal twice, Kennedy, Ovi, Weber, etc.
    Why now does he decide to make the right call but ignores Ovi leaving his feet, Malkin throwing 2 dirty elbows to Cooter and Grossman, excusing Neals obvious attempt to injure cooter where he left his feet and went for the head, and Weber smashing a red wings head into the boards WWF style?
    What kind of message are you sending? Its okay to take a guys head and slam into the boards but not throw a check to someones head? These players have no idea what is and is not suspend-able because star players are getting away with everything.
    NHL is a joke.

  46. PS…anyone else notice Rob House pretended to be a Flyers fan for so long to make friends on the boards and now hes saying Go Rangers?
    Surprise!! Once again living a lie House…why don’t you tell us your stories from back home how you won championships as the third string goalie in Connecticut…wait I mean as the superstar goalie that was being scouted by junior hockey teams…

  47. If Shanny keeps up this inconsistency with suspensions and fines, I don’t seem lasting past next season….
    This suspension is a joke if you compare the Weber player vs. G’s…..a complete joke.
    ………..But it is what it is, and we still need to play and win the rest of this series…not going to be easy at all with how well Devils have been dominating us….

  48. @Rob House Take a shower, hit the weights, get a clue. Flyers in 7

  49. Shanahan doesn’t explain WHY Giroux was frustrated with the ref: the Birthday Boy playing the puck outside the trapezoid. But then he’d have to explain why the ref didn’t call that.

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