Claude Giroux, Shirtless, Playing Baggo and Wearing Two Casts



What you are staring at is a picture of a shirtless Claude Giroux, taken on Saturday, in perhaps the most hipster scenario on Earth: playing Baggo at the North Shore Swim Club in Northern Liberties.

The best hockey player in the world is wearing a cast on each wrist following two minor procedures. His physique is mildly disappointing, somewhere between post-surgery muscle atrophy and I've been drinking since Brendan Shanahan suspended me for the final game of my best season ever. Closer to the latter, I'd say.

G was also spotted earlier this week at the Pour House in Westmont, NJ, and outside PBR at Xfinity Live! last night. So he seems to be enjoying his elongated offseason.


Awkwardly, this is the second shirtless athlete post in less than 24 hours, which means a "you don't cover the Sixers enough, you incompetent prick" comment is only moments away. To which I say: "a partially cloaked Claude Giroux picture just surfaced and you better be damn sure that I'm going to drop whatever it is I'm doing at 11:30 p.m. on a Saturday to post it… so fuck off."

Also, you're welcome, ladies.

Thanks to 97.5's Sean Brace (@seanbrace975) for the shirtless pic, which wins the award for my most ridiculous iPhone picture message popup, and reader Cody for the Xfintiy Live! pic.

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37 Responses

  1. Ok. Brace talks about Roy Halladays’s calves, Crosbys ass, Justin Beiber comes to mind when asked about sexy pop stars and now he’s sneaking pics of Giroux shirtless?

  2. Looks like g has been getting jiggy with it this offseason. Playing hurt & all. Can’t wipe his own ass but can still drink the cold ones. Much respect

  3. LOL and theres the difference…Claudes playing bean bags and going to the bar with Pat burrel, and Sidney Crosbys training for next season already…hahaha fuck off “best player in the world”

  4. “The best hockey player in the world is wearing a cast on each wrist following two minor procedures.”
    The best hockey player in the world? Are you fucking retarded????

  5. I thought G would be drinking a bud light lime over a lager. You know, since the whole nickleback incident

  6. Great just what we need. Our players are being infected by these hippy faggots again. Before you know it that hippy fucking faggot from Phish will be back in the locker room stinking of patchouli. I thought there were positives from this year, but this hippy thing is a huge disappointment and a huge blow to this team moving forward. Thought we were over this

  7. That’s a gay cho cho train conducter hat g is rocking. Hate those hats

  8. People need to chill, the season just ended is he not allowed a little light vacation? As if he could train with two casts. Homer even reported he can’t begin training for 6 weeks, so to “blow me”, how is this different from when sid couldn’t train when he was injured? You’re an idiot. Sorry G outscored both of your scars with damaged wrists. Oh wait, no I’m not.

  9. If this was one year ago and Mike Richards instead of G people would be tearing him apart.

  10. I wouldn’t call G the best player in the world, He isn’t a team player and got suspended on purpose cause he was took much of a pussy to play the devils.

  11. The best player in the world comment is a dig at Lavy calling him such in a post game presser. So relax. Also, Kyle, you don’t cover the sixers enough, you incompetent prick.

  12. Nick from Germantown is the biggest pussy. If you don’t like the site, get the fuck off it or stop your bitching

  13. Why isn’t G out racing horses? He needs to start training for next season…the best player in hockey needs to be in top shape to win that cup next year!

  14.…he’s a human, not a fucking robot. Let him drink a beer or eight. Any of us that are older than 8 years old on this site know that the Flyers that actually won Stanley Cups drank like real men and probably smoked cigarettes like French whores.
    Let Cindy train till he’s worn through the soles of his sweet Zig Techs, he left the playoffs knowing G put him solidly on his ass…

  15. How long until G is shipped out of town like Richards and Carter because he parties too much?

  16. Unfortunately, FOX – the same network that aired an hour’s worth of Brits receiving the Champions League trophy yesterday – pissed down its leg and didn’t show us any of Pat Burrell’s retirement ceremony.

  17. Maybe not the best player in the world, but pretty damn close. He hasn’t played in two weeks and still leads the playoffs in points…

  18. Thats my brother standing next to him in the photo representing the PMBLeague. Check us out, the fastest growing, most interactive, organized, competitive and straight awesome basketball league in Philadelphia.

  19. Damn that fag Sean Brace just won’t let up.
    Sid Crosby’s thighs,Roy Halladay’s calves,and now secretly showing Giroux topless is strike three.
    I hope Mikey Miss is fully covered,and exposing no flesh around that obviously gay sexual predator(Sean Brace).

  20. Lol. If Giroux had learned puck management from Richards and Carter instead of hipster boozing, the Flyers would be in the conference finals.

  21. Deadspin took me here to some website blog called Crossing Broad? What the hell is the social media coming to?

  22. Best Player in the world? ha yea I think not.
    While giroux did most definitely have a better playoffs than Crosby he sure as hell didnt supplant him as best player in the world. (see # of Stanley Cups, # of scoring titles, # of Hart Trophies, # of Gold Medal winning performances)
    I end with this- your basketball team is called the “76ers”, i propose your hockey team should be called the “75ers” since they haven’t won since 1975. Broad Street bullies yo…..pfff

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