Claude Giroux Will Have a Hearing with the League Today

Oh swell (!), this can’t possibly end in a more destructive fashion, can it?

According to Nick Kypreos, Claude Giroux will have a supplementary disciplinary hearing with the league after attempting to remove Daninius Zubrus' head last night.

As the second period ticked away, Giroux threw an unnecessary shoulder into Zubrus’ jaw, which sent the Devil to the ice and the Flyers into the final period shorthanded.

G deserves a one-game suspension by disciplinary czar Brendan Shanahan, since he very obviously targeted the head here. Of course, Shanahan’s suspensions are about as arbitrary and predictable as bird shit on a summer’s eve… so it’s difficult to guess what, if any, punishment will actually be given out.

The league has put quite a bit of effort into promoting Giroux as a star, so suspending him for – frowny face – what could be his team’s final game of the season would be a bold move.

We shall see.


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  1. I don’t know how, but the Devils have gotten into the Flyers’ heads… bad. Everyone except Bryz. It’s such a fucking shame Bryz plays 3 of his best games of the year… and the team does jack shit in front of him.
    G, Hartnell and the rest of the boys need to stop worrying about the fucking referees and play their fucking game. I can’t stand this bullshit of yelling at the refs in the middle of a shift. Show some fucking heart, boys.
    Fuck. See you next year, G.

  2. Shanny pretty much let the league know it’s open season this Playoffs when he failed to suspend Weber. Then Neal only got ONE game for head hunting TWO players.
    G-sus knew he had to stand up for himself because the league has been doing a shite job of policing the game.

  3. How could he have intentionally targeted the head when he was facing AWAY from Zubrus when he laid that shoulder into him? Surely he figured Zubrus, being a larger specimen of a man would have taken that shoulder to the chest.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is why the only Philly sports team I support is the Phillies. Go Devils.

  5. courtney – sammich, now.
    He will get just a fine, IMHO.

  6. hahahahahahahahahahaha no way! even the almighty holy Flyers throw cheap shots!?! i never thought id see the day!! Fuck you, the Penguins are still your makers considering you have yet to win a cup since Americas bicentennial…and by the looks of it, that cups not coming this season LOL…maybe bitch boy Claude was right, the Devils just want it more…that must sting. Best player in the world…HA

  7. I am fine with G knocking the shit outta Zubrus, but the team has not shown up yet, all except Bryz. Embarrassing! Series over.
    And all you guys who post here telling woman to get in the kitchen or make you a sandwich, that’s played out Howard Eskin bullsh!t, enough already. It’s not remotely funny.

  8. I don’t know why this requires a hearing, let alone why this is even being talked about. G didn’t leave his feet, had his back to Zubrus and couldn’t see that Zubrus had his head down, and Zubrus wasn’t hurt on the play.
    If James Neal could get away with launching himself into Coots, then this incident shouldn’t require any commentary whatsoever.

  9. I was at the game…getting pelted with fries and plastic spoons ten rows off the ice. One landed in my beer. It was funny until the end of the game, then I was raging.

  10. douche bag at times? yes, but not a bandwagon hopping douchebag. i don’t think someone who is a dolphins, phillies and devils fan could be categorized that way.

  11. I don’t think the Devils are in the Flyers heads. I just think they are out working them and their system is better than the Flyers. The Devils are making the Flyers play their game… plain and simple.
    As for Giroux, I doubt he’ll get a suspension, but if he did it wouldn’t surprise me. It was a clear attempt at the head, and he was super pissed off from a non-call right before that, so you can see he was out to get someone.
    If the fucking Kings win the Cup I may kill myself.

  12. As much as im a fan of and respect Lavy, he is being outcoached badly. At some point you have to make adjustments. Cant keep going to the well…

  13. We overhauled the entire team to improve by one game: potential 4-1 loss in second round this year versus 4-0 loss in second round last year.
    So what now?

  14. It’s a faggot play because he went after a player that wouldn’t retaliate. “G” is a coward. Do that shit to Clarkson or Seisto, someone that will fight back. StTraight up pussy move.

  15. @Courtney Please don’t root for the Phillies your obviously confused and all over the place with your teams let me guess you became a Phillies fan in 2008?
    @Kyle Scott Really no coverage of the Sixers yet again who are on the verge of becoming the fifth team in NBA history to be an 8 knocking off a 1 seed. Even without Rose no one gave us a chance, and Sixers Celts has the possibility of being a great second round matchup two totally different style teams one a half court set team the other an up tempo fast break team. Not to mention it could help reignite one of the greatest rivalries in NBA history. Your a toolbox Kyle.

  16. I suspect Giroux will wind up with a suspension. No matter. The Flyers haven’t managed to do a goddamn thing against the Devils WITH Giroux, so I have no doubt they can roll over and play dead tomorrow night without him.
    Meanwhile, how about some coverage on the Sixers who have certainly shown more heart at present than the Flyers, taking advantage of the undermanned and overhyped Bulls who look beaten and probably can’t wait to be sent packing. Now THERE’S a story worthy of mention around here.

  17. Mike,
    Nobody wants to read about the Sixers. Why waste your time when they have ZERO chance at winning anything?

  18. @Rob So why cover the Flyers when they were 0-6 vs New York this year who they would likely see in the next round if they got there you think they really have a chance to win. So why watch anything in Philly when we’ve had one champion in nearly the last 3 decades anything can happen in the playoffs. Ps. you can’t be a legend somewhere when it’s been open a month. Fuck off Douche bag

  19. “It’s such a fucking shame Bryz plays 3 of his best games of the year… and the team does jack shit in front of him.”
    That doesn’t make up for the the 30+ games where Brzy did jack for the people in front of him.

  20. Game 5 t-shirts renew your 2012-2013 season tickets assclowns…. love Ed Snyder.

  21. If Richards/Carter drink from the cup it’ll go down as one of the worst moves in pro sports history. The back story we all know will not matter.


  23. Because unlike the NBA, in the Stanley Cup playoffs anything can truly happen. There isn’t a team that is head and shoulders above the rest of the league like Miami. So they beat the Bulls, big deal. If they scrape by Boston they get their asses handed to them by the Heat. Why am I going to get invested in a dead end scenario? And judging by the empty seats at Wells Fargo some fans echo that thought as well.
    The NBA Playoffs….where PREDICTABLE happens (!!!)

  24. Oh and Mike……..go home and get your fuckin’ shinebox

  25. you can catch me out in west hollywood chillin with cartsy getting mad tail and winning hockey games

  26. “The NBA Playoffs….where PREDICTABLE happens (!!!)”
    Really? Who predicted the Sixers would be up 3-1 on the bulls? NO ONE!
    Mike is right.

  27. @Mike – There isn’t an asterisk big enough to put next to the Sixers being up 3-1 in that series. It’s like beating the ’90s Bulls without Jordan and Pippen. But seriously fuck pro basketball.

  28. I play hockey but sixers are lucky D-Rose got hurt and Joakim too. Sixers will lose next round easily. FLYERS WEST

  29. Imagine the frequent player visits to Xfinity Live! if cartsy and richie were still here. Pretty sure that upstairs vip lounge was constructed personally for #17 and #18

  30. G deserves the one-gamer … that’s the same crap that douchebag Neal pulled in the Pittsburgh series. F’n Flyers lost all composure last night and NJ was literally laughing at their faces.
    Maybe this will have a Kovalchuck everyone-will-rally-around-the-team-missing-its-star-player and jump start the Flyers but right now we are officially in full blown crisis mode

  31. Few thoughts. Bryz has played well but he still hasn’t won a game for the Flyers except maybe game 1 of the Pgh series where he allowed the team to come back from down 3 goals. A shut out would be nice here for the next game. That said, this series loss will not be on Bryz and I’m ok with that.
    This Giroux hit does warrant a fine to send a message. But it wasn’t dirty or intentional. End of story.
    And when / why does anyone / everyone hate the Kings? I still love Mike Richards and Quick is amazing to watch. It would hurt a lot more to have the Rangers beat the Kings in the finals. So I’ll be rooting for Richards and the Kings about 1 second after (if) the Flyers lose the 4th game in the series.

  32. @what?
    Are they in the playoffs? Then Bryz was good enough when he had to be. No, he wasn’t great in the regular season, but they made the playoffs and through a round… I’m just pointing out how shitty it is that he finally starts playing really well (when it’s necessary) and the team shits the bed in front of him.
    @Andrew Mc
    I don’t get it either. If the Flyers lose, I become a huge Kings fan. Quick is incredible, I’d like to see Gagne get his name on a Cup, Williams can have another one, and I would LOVE to see Richards get a Cup. Obviously, I’d rather the Flyers have it… but he’s a good second choice.
    Fuck Jeff Carter.

  33. Hartnell is playing like a bitch ass loser right now. Jagr has no gas and simmonds couldnt hit an empty net given the opportunity. The rest of the rooks have shelled up which cant really be unexpected. The defense is shot and need more help from the forwards backchecking as they are getting killed behind the net and cant transition out of the zone cleanly (please get rid of pronger and make some room for defensemen). Season over. If the Kings win the cup people can point the finger at philly and laugh as they have many times before.
    PS: SCREW THE 76ers. If you want to get fired up by the fact that they manage to beat a team who is completely destroyed by injuries go ahead. Everyone knows they arent very good. Pro basketball sucks.
    Time for Baseball.

  34. @mike, i’ve been a phillies fan since 1985…thanks though for ASSuming. you’re a grade A douche bag just like bryce harper. go suck his dick, bitch.

  35. kinda hard for bryz to steal a game when the opposing team is shooting pucks at him for literally the entire period.. would be easier to steal a game if the flyers had some sort of offense

  36. @courtney, Hey I’m Mike Richards…star center for the LA Kings, do you want to come to my Manhattan Beach Apt and ride me?

  37. @ JT, thanks bro, your support is appreciated. I agree with cartsy, dont tell him though. He is a whiny girl, it is surprsing he gets it in as much as he does.

  38. Richie you GOTTA come back to philly after you win the cup and snort coke with us and let us drink from the cup. I know the perfect spot- XFINITY LIVE! All the old pals can get together including ol’ Eddie himself. FLYERS WEST BRING IT HOME BABY!!!!

  39. oh for sure. Me and Cartsy will prob. bring it to all of our party spots in old city too! Gonna be pretty sick.

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