Cliff Lee Didn’t Have Much Luck On The Mound Yesterday, But He Struck Gold Before The Game Started

Cliff Lee had his worst outing of the season yesterday, giving up nine hits and five runs in seven innings. 

But all was not lost.

Before the start of the game, TBS cameras caught Lee digging for buried treasure, which it seems like he found… and then flicked into what I would imagine is a magical rainbow of excellence that carried his booger safely onto the crest of a steed waiting on the banks of the Delaware River.

Or it just blew into Freddy Galvis' face.

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Yeah, pretty gross either way.

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  1. after i blast petzar and you go and post something like this?????? wtf..

  2. And stop saying “Yinzers”…nobody ever calls people from Pittsburgh that – other than you.

  3. @Charlie Brown, I work with three people from Pittsburgh who all refer to themselves as Yinzers.

  4. They might refer to themselves as Yinzers, but I’ve never heard anyone go out of their way to call them by that name. Not to mention, Kyle’s overuse of the word (shocking!), has made it harder to tolerate.
    So to Depressed Monday, I offer you this: GFYS

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