Cole Hamels Suspended Five Games

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Cole Hamels has been suspended five games for intentionally beaning douchebag Bryce Harper yesterday.

But it might not matter.

Hamels will not appeal, which means that his suspension will begin tonight. Since the Phillies are off on Thursday, Roy Halladay could pitch on full rest this Saturday, with Hamels going on Sunday.

Speaking to reporters about the incident, Ruben Amaro said that the Phillies in no way want to be "injurious": 

"That's part of the game. But as far as how the Phillies want to conduct themselves, we like to try to take the high road on things like this. By no means are we condoning trying to be injurious."


That word is as smug as it comes.


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  1. I thought the penalty for hitting somebody with a baseball was first base. They really upped the ante making it first base +5 games.

  2. No word on the suspension which should be coming for J Zimm for retaliation?
    Hamels shoulda kept his mouth shut.

  3. For an organization and player base who have gotten into a lot of trouble with Congress for lying about PEDs and steroids, I find it interesting that the MLB rewards a player for lying (Zimmerman) and punishes a player for telling the truth (Hamels). Clearly, both Zimmerman and Hamels intended to hit their respective targets. While I think it’s fair that Cole is suspended for 5 games, Zimmerman should absolutely be suspended as well. Usually, it is the retaliation that is punished. Maybe Bud Selig got a hold of the Shanahan Wheel of Fortune.

  4. Whattt?? Isnt that a part of the fuckin game? Jesus this is a shitty day for Philly sports. At the rate this day is going I’m expecting the sixers to all come down with the plague and Andy Reid to be signed to a multi-year extension.

  5. Also..didn’t Selig kind of just prove Coles point that the league is shielding Harper?

  6. Love what Cole did and think it fired up the team…BUT all he had to do was say “yea the ball got away from me” and walk away. By admitting he did it, caused the suspending, which I think should of been only a fine. Zimmerman said the ball got away from him and will skate on this.
    5 games for a first offender is a little harsh.

  7. @Fake Congress is right on.
    Hamels told the truth. Give him a slap on the wrist and thank him for honesty. Why should he be suspended for plunking a DB.
    The Nats:MLB = Penguins:NHL
    Zimmerman should be punished twice as bad because he is full of shit!

  8. Harper = Crosby = All NFL Quarterbacks = “whatever the basketball equivalent is” – cause I don’t watch that awful excuse for a sport

  9. It was wrong of cole to go out there with intent to injure that kid.

  10. Hitting Harper was even more awesome cause he didnt do anything to deserve being hit besides being a total dooshebag which means hamels had to think he was dbag too and thats why he hit him

  11. espn should be ashamed of the coverage of that game. It was 4 hours of grown men sucking Harper’s bat. The whole network should be embarrassed.

  12. I’m not a Bryce Harper fan, but I don’t know what he did that’s so bad. If anything, hearing people whine about him because he’s good is pretty indicative of their own attitudes.

  13. Where is Edwaurdo Murphy on this? This kind of stuff doesn’t belong in sports.

  14. Your right community of safety, this type of heinous behavior with a pure intent of ending an individuals career does not belong in any sport. We should be spending our time applauding the MLB for getting this right unlike their counterparts in the NHL. They suspended a superstar 5 games to send a message to the league and to the fanbase that this behavior is not going to stand. I strongly believe if the pitch was to the head the suspension would have been closer to 50 games. Whereas the NHL simply brushes off injures as an opportunity to get another buck from the Medical community. Perfect example, Mr. Giroux blatantly attempts to end a guys career and livelihood with a shot to the head and gets a measley one game. NHL could learn a thing or two from the MLB. Congratulations Major League Baseball, two thumbs up

  15. Macnow burger,
    Please don’t agree with this idiot. His comments are brutal. He only cares about player safety. These players are billionaires and murph only cares that the dude didn’t have batting gloves on and got a blister.
    Please leave CB Murph.

  16. Bravo Mr. Murphy. You’ve nailed this one again. I’ve never seen a person so dedicated to player safety.

  17. Maybe if Cole hadn’t admitted he hit the guy, he wouldn’t have been suspended. Hell, even Uncle Charlie said as much. Meanwhile, this whole thing has turned into a tempest in a teapot because ESPN is sucking Bryce Harper’s dick long and hard, making him sound like the second coming of Mickey Mantle. Sure, the kid’s good, but let’s see him in action for at least a month before annointing him the newest god of baseball.

  18. @Thomas- you can not deny Edward’s valid points. He might be a nut but he makes sense on the issues he brought to the forefront

  19. Again Bravo to Cole for plunking Harper. Harper wants to say the Nats are the Yankees of the future. F you rookie, take a fast ball to the back. You’re lucky it wasnt your head. Have Werth, Zimmerman, and Rizzo suck you off until you feel better.
    Earn respect son, its not given. Its certainly not given to a douchey, cocky, eye black wearing, helmet tossing off while hes running cause its cool (Like little leaguers do) always looking for the camera to show off, next great thing since Mantle and Williams first pick over all. If it wasnt for ESPN, 3/4 of the country wouldnt even know your name. You’re a “professional” now…act like one.
    Raise the mound back up for me, let me pitch batting practice to you one day kid.

  20. Hamels is Suspended for telling the truth yet Ryan Braun remains.
    I also love how everyone on here is mind readers all of a sudden and know for sure that Cole Hamels threw at him with “an intent to injure” or with the “pure intent” of ending someones career. Were you all taken off the set of ‘Long Island Medium’?? And what the hell does “pure intent” even mean. Since no one here actually knows what Cole was thinking when he threw it besides Cole I’m going to hedge my bets and say he hit him in the meaty part of the body for the same reason people have been throwing at the meaty part of the body for over 100 years….People need to be brought in line every now and then everyone knows that, especially the people playing the game.
    (BTW “meaty part of the body” is Doctor Speak. Sorry for getting all technical with you guys.)

  21. We are talking about the same sport where in the video game counterpart, if you get hit by a pitch, the commentators sometimes say “Welcome to the Big Leagues.” You can’t dispute its part of the game, or any game for that matter. The only reason why this is even a bad thing is because he admitted it seemingly so proudly.

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