Ed Snider Invokes Status Quo

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 8.42.53 AMMike Richards with a familiar backdrop, via the Toronto Sun

How does Ed Snider feel about Mike Richards – once dubbed the next Bobby Clarke – and Jeff Carter playing for Lord Stanley’s Cup?

One associated press writer asked him: [Washington Post]

“It doesn’t make it bitter at all,” Flyers founder and owner Ed Snider said by phone from California on Tuesday. “Quite frankly, I think it’s more interesting to watch. I am very fond of Richards and Carter. I’d love to see them succeed. As far as Jersey is concerned, they beat us. If they win, at least we know we lost to the best.” 

“I think we’re better off [following the trades],” Snider said, “but I’m not getting into details.”


I bet, Ed. 

But are… they better off? Maybe. The Flyers have a bunch of young players that were very impressive this season, so it’s hard to argue with the long-term outlook. But, the reality is that Richards and Carter are young too, and had signed up to be Flyers for a long time. Richards has won at every level and helped lead the team to the Finals in 2010. Carter, while we joke about his clutch bone, is a substantial scoring threat, who at the very least garners the attention of defensemen. He hasn’t been great in the playoffs (nine points in 14 games), but the mid-season trade that sent him to the Kings seems to have given his new team just enough of a scoring boost to make the playoffs and win, oh, say, three rounds.

As such, it’s hard to argue with what’s going on in the real world– Richards and Carter and John Stevens and Simon Gagne’s soupy melon and Ron Hextall and Justin Williams and Dean Lombardi, all former members of the organization, are playing for the Stanley Cup. The current Flyers? Hanging out P.J. Whelihan’s: [the picture is unnecessary, but really I was just looking for an excuse to use it]

Screen Shot 2012-05-30 at 8.35.00 AMPic via reader Marc, taken last week

Richards and Carter, who were quite broken up about the trades last summer, seem to be just fine with things now. Here’s what Richards told reporters at yesterday’s Stanley Cup media day: 

“We were pretty mad. I’m not going to lie,” Richards said at Stanley Cup media day. “It’s something I’ve never had before. I’ve never been traded. Jeff has never been traded. For us to be traded at the same time I think was a lot of venting to each other.”

“Like I said, everything happens for a reason. If that was the path that was intended for us, that’s great.”


Excuse me while I remove this twisted knife…

Anyway, all of the quotes you’ve read thus far in this post have been expected. But here’s one that wasn’t– Snider on the subject of satisfaction, or whatever you want to call it:

“It’s not so great for someone like me, when we work our butt off and we think we’re in a position to win and we don’t,” Snider said. “But at least we’re competitive every year. A lot of teams in the last three years would have liked to have gone to the finals once and the second round twice. I’m not saying we’re satisfied with that, but it’s certainly not failure.”


Some have been known to call that a Gold Standard.

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  1. Eddie Snider needs to do Philly a favor & sell the team. Retire to his house in Malibu & let the flyers go. All he cares about is $$ & not cups.
    -It will be classic seeing Richie & Carts down SIC this June snorting narcotics off the cup & going wave running with it tied to the back.

  2. Congratulations Kyle, you’ve officially opened the doors to every bandwagon moron who has no idea what the fuck they’re talking about to give their ignorant “WE SHOUNDTZ HAS TRADEDED” comments now. Please just stick to baseball.

  3. Hey remember when Ritchie and Carter were both having bad seasons and still relatively are?
    Remember when an increased role for Claude Giroux and the acquisition of Couturier led directly to shutting down Malkin and Crosby?
    Remember when Brayden Schenn and Sean Couterier are young badass mofo’s who fucked with Crosby and Malkin all series and Wayne Simmonds camping out in front of nets all year resulted in a much better powerplay?
    Hell with it, I’d rather have Carter shooting high and wide against the Penguins and Blackhawks in critical series turning moments.
    I’m sure the Kings would have made it to the Cup with Richards and Carter leading the way without Quick, Doughty, Kopitar, and Brown.
    Flyers go down to the Pens in the first round with Richards and Carter. That’s realtalk.

  4. No one in Philly is rooting for these two scumbags. (Holmgren, Hartsy, & Prongs especially!) They couldn’t control themselves from drinking and doin pain killers in Philly for a Cup run….. You think they’ve changed in LA? I hate the Devils but c’mon Marty stick it to these two junkies.

  5. @Logic Thank you man… Why does it even matter if they win the Cup?? This is sooo pointless that you are even writing about this. Richards and Carter are essentially Talbott and Simmonds to the Kings at this point. A PK 2nd or 3rd liner (Richards) and a 2nd line PP guy (Carter). If you dont realize that Carter and Richards were allowed to go somewhere and not asked to be leaders or superstars, then you dont understand the situation. Its like trading Victorino to the Dodgers and Winning a World Series, wish it were here but shit happens. Fans over value what Richards and Carter were.

  6. If anyone thinks these two guys are the only two athletes to ever do painkillers, you are retarded. You have no idea (neither do I) how much physical pain you put your body through to be a professional athlete.

  7. richards and carter had to go …the flyers are better now without them. LA has good goal tending and thats why they are in the cup finals. fuck the shoulda coulda wouldas …..go devils!

  8. Have to agree w/ logic. Kyle doesn’t know crap about hockey. And yes, the Flyers are better of now than before they made the trades.

  9. Kyle continues his butthurt over the trades from almost a year ago. Christ, you really need to just refrain from posting about hockey.

  10. Jeff Carter has had minimal impact on this Kings team. Richards on the other hand is what we have all thought he was, a gamer and a winner. To be honest the Kings are more about their core of Brown, Quick and Doughty than the Ex Flyers. I cant root for them simply because Kyle wont stop sucking their balls, and believe me im a huge Richie fan, but i can not stomach the image of that toolbag Carter kissing and raising that cup.

  11. The “gold standard” joke is just dumb.
    God forbid Joe Banner said the same thing Ed Snider said about “A lot of teams in the last three years would have liked to have gone to the finals once and the second round twice”
    OH WAIT… Joe did say something similar and got shit on for it. He had to make a PR campaign to explain himself further through all kinds of radio stations two seasons ago.
    This further proves how the majority of Philly doesn’t care about the Flyers, except for the white trash with mullets and jean shorts. Yes, that demographic for the Flyers is hardcore, but the total about 2% of Philly’s population – and most come from that shit hole called delco.
    Have Joe Banner say the same exact quote Snider said, and you’d have front page daily news and sports radio ALL OVER IT.

  12. Hockey is my sport. I follow it the most of all other sports. And honestly, I am just not that mad about the trades the Flyers made. I like them. Regardless of what happens in LA. I am really only mad about the stupid contract they gave to the Space Cadet goaltender.
    I’ve said this before… the Flyers traded Richards to LA… NOT Carter!! Carter is whining baby who luckily got traded to LA because he wouldn’t stop crying. if the Carter trade by Columbus to LA never happened this wouldn’t be that big a deal. Carter doesn’t deserve this Cup (should they win).
    If you regret the trades the Flyers made because the Kings ride their ridiculously hot goalie to a Stanley Cup the first year after it happened then you are an idiot. The Flyers are set for 5+ years. They spend money, usually wisely (save for a certain goalie) and go for it every year. They are in great shape.
    I agree with @mcline88 – the core of LA is Penner, Brown, Doughty, and Quick. Remember… they were an 8 seed. Barely got in. They just happened to get hot at the right time… see St. Louis Cardinals, one year ago. It doesn’t make them an instant dynasty.

  13. Flyers lose every year & their card carrying fans give Eddie Boy a free pass

  14. @Chance From The Falcons…
    AMEN BROTHER – The flyers Cult-like fanbase can’t accept the truth, and just sits on the mullets waiting for Godsmack to showup at the Wachovia Center for a show to fix their sorrows.

  15. Godsmack? Wachovia Center? Gentleman, at least bring your pathetic attempts to insult a loyal fan base into this decade.

  16. The Flyers management may be a lot of things, but complacent and uncaring about winning championships is not one of them. The Flyers have the second highest winning percentage of all-time and are constantly in the playoffs. This just hasn’t translated to the ultimate achievement in a long time.
    If anything, maybe one can criticize them for being too impatient. The Flyers’ roster is basically a revolving door due to management trying to constantly find the right mix of players to win a Cup. It just hasn’t worked. The Flyers have come really close. Maybe they didn’t strike at the heart of the problem soon or seriously enough (i.e. the goal situation), but it is what it is. There’s always next year.

  17. I HATE DELCO- i just lol’d because that is spot on regarding hardcore flyers fans. haha
    Ed “call me Mr” Snider has these idiots brainwashed

  18. @ I HATE DELCO…
    And yet we still have Andy Reid at the helm…When was the last time they won the bowl?
    You act as if its any different for the eagles and Flyers…same results bud they lose in the end. Yet its only Flyers fans that cant accept the truth?
    I think all Philly teams have a hard time accepting the Truth.
    Sixers – Suck
    Phillies – Old and window closed
    Eagles – Andy is not going to win you a bowl.
    So what Philly is not a hockey first city. Don’t shit on us Flyers fans just because we dont get ripped in the papers every other day.
    Snider/Holmgren at least make an attempt to get better and put a great team on the ice. Best goalie on the Market was Bryz and we got him. Guarantee hes better next year.
    Get over yourself DELCO your a clueless idiot.
    As for Richie and Carts everyone already made great points. Doughty, Quick, Penner, King, Kopitar, Brown are the reason why they are winning.
    Go Devils! Let Marty retire on top.

  19. Boom is spot the fuck on, everyone needs to stop acting like the trades weren’t good for us. I don’t regret a god damn one, and I LOVE every player we got out of them. So shut the fuck up and go back to Phillies talk, cause I swear to God, you do know your shit when it comes to baseball, but with hockey…ugh its sickening.

  20. Since when is the top even-strength and PP center not part of the “core” of a team? That’s a new one to me.

  21. Chirp how the hell can you guarantee that Bryz will be better next year?

  22. Keep telling yourselves it’s alllll good when Richie and Carter are about to hoist the cup NOT EVEN A FUCKING CALENDER YEAR LATER. Yea, the trade PROBABLY made them better, but this is fucking bullshit.

  23. It’s okay Chirp, are you mad?
    Don’t worry. I know slipknot isn’t nearly as relevant as they were 12 years ago, but you will still be accepted as normal in your JNCO jeans at the Wachovia Center when the Fly-Guys start up again.
    I don’t hate the flyers, as much as you assumed in your vicious attack towards me and every other Philly franchise. You’re a fanboy. You have blinders up when it comes to not only your Jean Short collection, but your faith in your hockey team as well.
    Get off Uncle Sniders’ balls, and while you’re at it figure out a way to get your appearance and lifestyle on par with 2012.

  24. All the people hating on Carter sound retarded. The guy put up huge numbers and played hurt just about every year. His acquisition is what turned the Kings into a complete powerhouse. He also never “whined” or cried ONCE in Columbus. Find me quotes of any “whining”. Keep hating all you want – the Flyers do what they’ve always done, overreact to moronic fans and trade young players for either aging vets or unproven young players. Facts are facts.

  25. I wonder how brown Carter’s and richies nose will get when they spend the summer 69ing chicks over the cup

  26. Can everyone just stop pushing their opinions out like they know everything about these Philly franchises?
    Holy hell there is some dumb shit written in the above comments.

  27. @one man wolfpack
    ..It’s been Wells Fargo for 2 seasons only, not ten. Sorry for the mix-up. I use my memory for more important things, not building names and lyrics to puddle of mud.
    Your pal eddie boy snider can’t keep a sponsorship on the building consistent enough, but don’t worry – ED DOES NO WRONG!!!!!!!

  28. @Carl Cunningham – See Carter’s dad having to console him in Sea Isle last summer after the trade… or the Columbus front office traveling to that same shore house to “go get him” and have to convince him to show up in Columbus. Maybe the wrong words were used… it actually sounds like pouting to me.
    Sorry but I would rather have Courterier, Schenn, Simmonds, and Voracek over Richards and Carter any day.

  29. I can’t wait to see what over the hill D man the flyers are going to sign this year…

  30. The only thing Pronger brought to the flyers is his wife’s fake tits

  31. People seem to be under the impression that unless you completely fleece the other team in a trade or if the other team benefits from a trade one bit, then the trade is bad… How dumb can you be, the trade helped both teams, and because the king of tools carter got shipped to a crappy team and can’t go on living without his butt-buddy richards by his side, he got dealt to LA.
    Anyone who believes the trades were bad is just a dolt who is incapable of looking at things objectively.

  32. Whadup? Carters and Richards’ was clowns yo! Much rather have Schenns, Simmonds’, Voraceks, and the 8th pick.

  33. I can appreciate Justin Williams winning a Cup. I can only hope Simon Gagne actually gets to dress for the Finals. I can almost stomach Mike Richards winning. I would rather not watch hockey again than see Jeff Carter raise a Cup.

  34. @I HATE DELCO –
    Ed Snider was wrong for demanding Bryz. He was wrong for signing him to 9 years. (Homer too).
    I don’t give Snider a pass. They have made a lot of good decisions and plenty of bad ones. In this instance I think they made the right move. Carter and Richards (possibly) winning a Cup doesn’t change that in my mind. I like the Flyers team they have now. I think they are in really good shape, and it’s hard to argue that fact.
    If the Kings win the Cup this year and the Flyers do too – with the core of the team they have now – including Bryz – in, say the next year or even in 5 years – what will you say then?

  35. So basically we should have kept richards and carter and traded the rest of the team to the Kings in exchange for their entire roster except for Schenn, Johnson, Simmonds. Or just root for the Kings who are playing great hockey at the perfect time of the year. That said, I hope the Devils win so that Marty can win a cup and retire on a high note. It was a sad day when Stevens retired but one of the best for the Flyers. The same will hold true once more when Marty hangs ’em up.
    My only problem with Snider is that he paid to much for Bryz. I actually like Bryz and have no problem with him as the starting goaltender. But there is no explanation for giving him this much money for this long a time. I mean, who else was in the running for him last year such that we had to sell the farm to get him.

  36. People are missing the point that all of this was done for a goalie. Quite frankly if you watched the 2011 playoffs, the Flyers defense was atrocious. Most goals the Bruins scored were from 2 feet infront of the net because the defenseman couldn’t clear the porch. However, everyone immediately pointed to the goal tending because Bobrovsky was a rookie and easy to pick on.
    It seems to me like the Flyers can’t grasp the concept of letting a goalie (and sometimes a player) develop. Bobrovsky was insanely quick side to side (way better than Bryzgalov) and is 23 on a $1.3mil contract. Bryzgalov was 31 when he was signed. Look at all of the NHL’s top goalies. With the exception of Thomas, most of them were brought up through a teams minor league system (Lundqvist (well signed at 25 out of the SEL but still.) Quick, Rinne, Fleury, and even the Capitals who look like they found someone in Holtby)
    Another dissapointing fact about this whole situation is the Flyers still could have kept their Captain, and traded Carter (I was a fan of him) and still have had Richards, Coots, Voracek, Giroux, and Briere, along with all of the other guys such as Talbot and Jagr that they signed as free agents. I like the Flyers team we have now, but Richards’ leadership was severely underestimated by fans and media. This was the guy who captained a team to the 3rd 0-3 comeback in history, and got them to within 2 wins of a Stanley Cup as a 7 seed. You can say that LA is not dependant on Carter and Ricahrds, but if you watch their line of Carts, Richie, and King, they are pretty dominant in games, and without them I highly doubt the Kings would be where they are now.

  37. people act like carter and richards are leading the kings to the cup. They are support players at best…maybe that is all they were ever meant to be. Actually having a super star on your team (giroux) clearly shows how much we over valued carter and richards, they are above average players at best, not stars. Trading them allowed giroux to take more responsibility and turn into the super star he is now. Plus simmonds and voracek have better numbers than both carter and richards this year, the kings just have a better goalie. Without quick that team goes nowhere.

  38. Ed Snider was wrong for forcing his players to play with inadequate plastic equipment. Ed Snider was wrong for forcing his players to play when injured. Ed Snider was wrong for saving money on equipment costs and using it on his Malibu beach house. Ed Snider was wrong for increasing the price of tickets this year. Ed snider was wrong

  39. hear hear Mr. Edward Murphy.
    – You are a true inspiration and natural born leader sir

  40. GUYS! Matt Carle is so much better than Ryan Suter. I don’t even have to watch the games to know that, a bunch of advanced metrics tell me so! Time to go comb my mullet and bleach my bush.

  41. Mr. Macnow,
    We will not let it go until the league puts a stop to this injury epidemic. We will not let it go until Mr. Snider provides his players with adequate, safe equipment. We will not let it go until Mr. Snider stops doing everything to make a quick buck. We will not let it go until the league comes up with consistency with the suspension process. We will not let it go until the medical community stands up and is held accountable for this conspiracy that they are involved in.

  42. Murph, you might be the biggest loser I’ve ever heard of. At first, I uses to think you were joking with all this plastic equipment crap and injury rants. But since you can’t give it up, you must be for real. You can’t possibly joke for so long.
    With that being said, nobody gives a shit about snider and his equipment. Or the injuries to these players. You posted about Jagr’s injury in the Jagr thread… Do we care? Jagr has probably made close to $300 million in his career. He is filthy rich an probably got so much pussy in his lifetime. He has a great life. Unlike you, you loser. You seriously need to get your dick wet.
    Try to hang out with the guy that posts as the xfinity love panty dropper. Maybe he’ll get you laid.

  43. Mr. Merschen
    no one on this forum finds injuries or safety to be a joking matter. I am becoming more and more appalled at your attitude. You do nothing but attack and berate others who view this forum as a place to voice their concerns and discuss what they love about the game. At first, I thought we could triage your passion into a positive force to be reckoned with. Unfortunately, what is becoming more and more common with the youth of America. I was wrong about you. Hopefully, in time, you can grow and become a better human being.
    I think the biggest problem with your diatribe is that you are extremely misinformed. Mr. Jagr has made no where near the money that you have stipulated. I was able to do some digging on the matter and I will shock you with what I have uncovered. Mr. Jagr’s salary for this year was only $3.3 million dollars. That does not take into account various living expenses and the ever growing medical bills that he has. You are about 296.7 million short of your accusation.
    I am happily married so I am not interested in going to X Finity Live to get “laid.” Frankly, you do not have an opinion on my sex life.
    P.S. I am about to be balls deep

  44. Forget the trades, sign Carle to a long term deal. He’s gonna take us to the promise land. Fags.

  45. They landed on a team with a terrific defense and arguably the best goalie in the entire NHL, that is the reason the kings are where they are right now… Richie and carts are riding coattails all they way to glory, good for them, Jonathan quick is the only reason this is even a discussion

  46. safe equipment, what the hell are you talking about…. this isn’t pee-wee hockey where the parents or coach buy the equipment. All the players are sponsored and get the best equipment available. Jagr’s career salary is about 120 million so you are about 116.7 million off edward. He made 101.3 million over his career in the NHL and 19 million from his years in the KHL

  47. Mr. Hence.
    I used to think the same as you. However you are misinformed. I have researched this matter thorougly and uncovered the truth. The Philadelphia Flyers provide their players with equipment and it is cheap plastic material, which is the reason the Flyers led the league in injuries this year. Mr. Snider will cut as many corners as possible to save a dime, even at the expense of the lives of his players. It is the sad, sad truth my friend

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