Flyers Game 2 Giveaway T-Shirt Makes Large Manhood Reference

Screen Shot 2012-05-01 at 2.34.46 PMPic via the Flyers' Twitter

Yes, as reader John points out, we do think (wish?) that this has something to do with JVR's annual second round ball descension. And we're fine with that.

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16 Responses

  1. This is beat….. i for one am disappointed, especially after the awesome shirts in round one

  2. Adam,
    Kind of hard to make up good shirts when your playing against a team that has no fan base to hate or take shots at…

  3. that’s weak. come eddie, who’s pushing the buttons in the marketing department

  4. @chirp…. good point, would have liked to see them stick with the “marking our territory” theme, especially seeing as game 3 and 4 are coming up…. but i agree not a lot of material to work with

  5. Why do I always end up at the games with the lame shirts? First “Why Not Us?”, probably the worst one ever, and now this???

  6. I would have made it a photoshop of Kate Upton giving Giroux a blow job….she got big ol tits, yummy

  7. Fail…ask the fans and not some idiot sitting behind a desk for suggestions!

  8. Uncle Meat, I really feel terrible for you. How’s about I make you the awesomest fucking shirt you dun ever seen and I’ll exchange it for your playoff tickets, thus saving you the pain of another crappy shirt?

  9. @DD, are you kidding? What were you saying when the Hartnellmania shirt was made, or the we don’t like you either?
    Can’t all be legendary. But so far this years shirts have been awesome. Could be like the Phils and Eagles and give nothing/a stupid towell.

  10. Kyle, there is a legitimate chance JVR is the reason behind that shirt. I know a girl that works in marketing/sales and they all get together to come up with the idea, mostly after searching through the buzz from the previous game. I.E. they come up with them quick, probably designed Monday morning. I wouldn’t mind one of these shirts, not as good as the previous one’s, but could pass up the $$$ i was offered for my seats tonight. (Hey gotta pay for the conference finals tickets somehow)

  11. This line was taken verbatim from the crass back cover of Monday’s Daily News.

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