GIF Joshua Harris and Old White Haired Guy Celebrate


If you want to recreate this moment at home, you can just rub a billion dollars together in your hands

That's Sixers owner Joshua Harris and superfan Alan Horowitz celebrating after Andre Iguodala hit two free throws to win the game – and the series – for the Sixers.


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  1. Hey Kyle remember when you said the Sixers had no chance against a Rose-less Bulls team?

  2. You quit your job to write this blog? I hope it was a shitty job…

  3. I like the first comment…Lets go back to NOT covering the Sixers.

  4. 1)That dude is philly’s Larry David.
    2)Need a pic of the 2 hot blondes behind the sixers bench.
    Also if u don’t like the site don’t read it. Beat it

  5. I abandoned this team and became a Bulls fan a long time ago. I have never, and will never regret that decision, but this is the lowest point I have ever experienced as a sports fan. Not only did my favorite team in all of sports lose to my hated home town team on clutch free throws made by ANDRE IGUODALA, but now NO ONE in the East can stop LeBron. DO NOT kid yourselves Sixers fans. If that punk lifts the Larry Obrien trophy it will be the saddest day of my sports life. Congratulations to the real Sixers fans who have stuck with this team through Ed Snider’s embarrassing ownership years, you have beaten the Bulls without their two best players. You guys know better than to act like tough guys, and I respect you. To the punk-ass fake Sixers fans who just showed up five games ago, you give this town a bad name so go back in your holes and wait for the Phillies to be good again so you can jump on that bandwagon.

  6. if ur from philly, then don’t be an asshole…the sixes movie forward is a good thing…at least gives us something to smile about, phillies sure aint doing the job

  7. I won’t be an asshole to the Sixers fans who stuck through the tough years. I give those people a ton of respect, and my team got beat. I won’t be a New Yorker and say it doesn’t count. Injuries are part of the game, and our team wasn’t good enough without those two. But anyone who jumped on board, and I know there were a lot of them, when D-Rose went down is a punk and I have no respect for them. However, this might give you something to smile about, but it gives me something to drink about. I have no connection to this team anymore. btw I am form Philly, born and raised. I’m not trying to start any fights, just giving the perspective of a Bulls fan living in philly.

  8. I can somewhat understand what Bulls for life has to say. There definitely will be the suburban douchebag 19-20 year old group who just got home from college that get piss drunk and go to Phillies games to simply just follow the fad rather than watching the sport. I was at the Game 4 win and saw a ton of them there. I hear a lot of these d-bags spent last summer at PPL Park because the Union were the latest craze until Nowak exploded the team into pure suckage.
    As a fan who has suffered from the post-Iverson era while the Sixers’ reputation in the city diminished, tonight was a feeling that we haven’t felt since the days of A,I. himself. Iguodala, still, is no star player, but definitely showed some leadership and took the team into the next round by hitting two crucial free throws. Tonight is a very satisfying feeling, especially after how the regular season took a turn for the worse after starting 20-9.
    The next series with Boston could be our last stop, but I just want to see a competitive match-up. Boston blew Philadelphia out in the teams’ latest match-up in the reg season, but the Sixers took the other two wins. Celts fans are already saying how much easier this will be than what they went through against the Hawks in six games. They’re in for a surprise.
    As for Bulls fan for life, it’s a shame what happened to Rose, but at least you’re one of few Bulls fans that aren’t crying with the “woulda, shoulda, coulda” crap and I commend you for that. And please notice I didn’t bring up Noah’s injury because that was clearly desereved and karma for him being the biggest tool in all professional sports 🙂

  9. Kyle quit his job to write this blog? HEH. No, he never had a job. He sucked the teat as long as he could. I mean, for Christ’s sake, the guy wears sweater vests.

  10. This Bulls for Life guy can snort rock out of my asshole. first, you’re a “fake fan d bag” who you lamented in your comment. Ohhh I’m a die hard bulls fan never been to Chicago but MJ was soo good and now they have another mvp so I now hate the Sixers. Seriously get a life. There is zero to hate about this team.
    Especially if you’re from Philadelphia. You’re the same type of scumbag classless dickholes who rooted for the Packers “because of how great Favre is” and hate the Eagles for no apparent reason other than to prove your faux allegiance to a winning team with a superstar you latched onto. But now the same fans are packers fans because it’s oh so convenient to watch Aaron Rosgers every Sunday. Keep on “hating the Sixers” knowing that you’re nothing but mindless pond scum.

  11. kyle, i’d rather you not bother acknowledging the Sixers considering you never have in your life, don’t pretend like you care. todd van poppel, shut up and go back to sucking kyle scott’s dick. bulls for life, you are a fraud you piece of fucking shit seriously go fuck a duck. I have been a bulls fan since the days of michael jordan. i never stopped liking the bulls. the bulls were MY team when elton brand was on the team, jay williams, jalen rose, ben gordon, jamal crawford, tyson chandler, brad miller, ron mercer, eddy curry, kirk hinrich. you know when i stopped liking the bulls? when every other motherfucker hopped on their dick when they drafted derrik rose and started making the playoffs every year. i’ve always been a Sixers fan, iverson will always be my favorite player of all time, but with the Sixers being as bad as they were, it’s not hard to like another team such as the bulls, until they start being a threat to my hometown team. the day that fuckhead eddie jordan was fired and doug collins was hired, i knew this Sixers team was not far away from doing big things. i couldn’t have been more right. i LOVE what doug has done for this team, he is without a doubt the best coach this city has right now. anyone who was calling for his firing last month is beyond ignorant.idgaf if the bulls were injured. the 8 seed still prevailed over the 1 seed, and that is huge, considering the sixers havent won a series since ’03. haters can suck a dick. this team will make the eastern conference finals, mark my words.

  12. Newsflash: The Sixers are more fun to watch right now than the Phillies.

  13. @TVP – Good eye. I saw those blondes too and was trying to make out if one of them was Bibi Jones (appearing thru Saturday night @ Club Risque)
    @Jeff – The Sixers ABSOLUTELY do NOT have more fans than the Flyers.
    Flyers fans gather in groups to watch games, hence the lower ratings in comparison.
    Sixers fans gather in groups and people die.
    @Everyone trashing Kyle for this blog – Fuck you.
    The guy had a passion and he followed it.
    Don’t be mad because you never tried anything.
    That is all. Oh, and the Sixers are just about over.

  14. Fuck you if you think you can tell me what to do! I don’t really care about the 6ers but ill watch a game every once in a while. I even went to 2 games this year. I didn’t watch all of the playoffs games, hell I didn’t even watch the first half of last night game. BUT WHO THE FUCK DO YOU THINK YOU ARE to tell me that I can’t enjoy the success of my cities team. Get off your high horse and suck a fat one. Stop trying to tell other people what they can and can not do.

  15. Sixes will win the title & I will be getting jiggy with it at the parade

  16. I find it hilarious how many of you losers hate this site so much but waste all your time reading and commenting on it

  17. I can’t believe it took this big a moment for Kyle to start writing about the Sixers. It’s like Missanelli ignoring the Flyers all season. Less tweets from Bryz, more sports coverage. Sixers Celtics is gonna be a dogfight.

  18. Sixers Avg Attendance (Rank): (last 5 years)
    2012 – 17,502 (14th)
    2011 – 14,751 (25th)
    2010 – 14,224 (26th)
    2009 – 15,802 (23rd)
    2008 – 14,870 (23rd)
    Flyers Avg attendance (Rank): (last 5 years)
    2012 – 20,433 (3rd)
    2011 – 19,715 (3rd)
    2010 – 19,535 (4th)
    2009 – 19,545 (4th)
    2008 – 19,556 (4th)
    Average ticket price: $43
    Fan Cost Index: $272.98
    Average ticket price: $66.89
    Fan Cost Index: $364.56
    Did someone say the Sixers have more fans than Flyers?
    Odd how that could be true for a team that hovers in bottom 10 for attendance and their tickets are cheaper…
    Try again?

  19. Exactly Chirp.
    The Sixers have more fans argument is so ill informed and tired.
    Its laughable.

  20. I do what I can 3 finger…
    Ask your boy about his missed shot last night that went about 5 feet wide and 10 feet high…
    Eddie Murphy clown…

  21. Yeah what’s up with the 2 hot blondes behind the bench??? 1 of them Must be porking spencer hawes

  22. There seems to be some kind of connection with Eddie Murphy, Rob House, 3 finger idiot & captain jack.

  23. @StevieRadio “Flyers fans gather in groups to watch games, hence the lower ratings in comparison.
    Sixers fans gather in groups and people die.”
    Really?? that’s your argument? Typical butthurt Flyers fan…

  24. Missanelli’s arguement is basically that the Sixers attract both black and white people while the flyers only white people..and that’s why the sixers have more fans..

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