Screen Shot 2012-05-22 at 3.22.35 PMIan Desmond: father (Photo: Washington Post)

So maybe the chorus of Philly fans verbally escorting Jimmy Rollins to paternity leave Monday should think twice. Because, at least for Nationals infielder Ian Desmond, the eternal powers of parenthood are translating big time.

Just how much? Dude's got seven homers on the year — five in May. His all-time season-long-high was 2007, from his minor league days. (He hit 10 HRs in 2009.)

Said Desmond, via Nationals Journal:

“Daddy strength. They say when you have a kid, you get stronger. Thanks, Grayson.”


Now, neither the eminent "They" nor Desmond have chimed in on the time frame for said strength to set in (though we're assuming a multiplier for Daddy's Little Girl Strength, given how soft new pops tend to get over their little girls, like the one Rollins just had), but it's totally worth noting that Grayson's creeping up on his first birthday. Don't know if Phillies fans have that kind of patience for Rollins, 33. Not after a three-year, $33 million deal. Not while he's hitting .222 with a sub-300 OBP for the month of May.

But hey, we can always hope.

On a serious note: The utmost congrats and warmest wishes to Jimmy, his lovely bride Johari (m. 2010) and his beautiful baby girl.

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