Goodbye, Curt Schilling’s Video Game Company

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And things get weirder for the 1993 Phillies. 

Sources have told the Boston Globe and Kotaku that 38 Studios, the video game company founded by Curt Schilling, laid off all of its nearly 400 employees today.

In recent weeks, Schilling’s company has come under fire for being unable to repay a loan it was given by the state of Rhode Island. After missing a payment earlier this month, 38 Studios bounced a $1.1 million check to the state, forcing them to apply for more tax credits. Thus far, the state has refused the application.

Here’s an email sent by an anonymous employee to Kotaku (a partner site with Deadspin): 

38 Studios just laid off its entire staff, both Providence and BHG studios are being shuttered.

We have not received a paycheck since April 30th.

On May 15th, we found out we were not getting paid when our checks did not hit our accounts.

Our medical insurance runs out tonight at midnight.

We found this out when an employee's pregnant wife was told by her doctor, this was on Tuesday 22nd May this week.

The company has not communicated anything concrete to the team throughout this process, leaving team members to figure out insurance stop-gaps (where people could afford it), etc. on their own.



Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, the game released by 38 Studios in February, received very positive reviews.

Somewhere, Mitch Williams buries his face in a towel… and laughs.


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  1. Sucks for the families of the employees, but haha fuck you, Adolph Schilling! Now pay Rhode Island back that 15mil or whatever it is the taxpayers coughed up for your stupid little game, you typical conservative hypocrite.

  2. Hope he can still sleep soundly on his mattress of hundred dollar bills tonight

  3. He can bury his head in between my legs any time he wants.
    I can make his latex sock bloody all night baby!!!

  4. Curt Schilling couldn’t hold Cole Hamels’ jockstrap when it comes to running a software development company.

  5. yeah! typical Conservatives! thats what they do! they scam the poor, they hate gays, they are all racist! i know thats what they do because NBC and the new york times told me to think this way. get a brain you clueless, immature fucks
    and topstep, newsflash “adolph” was a socialist, left winger….nazi stands for national SOCIALIST party. idiot

  6. Cole Hamels can’t hold his jock strap though, lol. Curt is an asshole, he doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Maybe he should have been putting time in on his company instead of complaining about people on ESPN……

  7. This whole thing sounds screwy as hell. Granted, I have no idea how business works, but you’d think Schilling would have had some sort of rainy day fund on hand to cover a calamity like this. And, on top of that, Curt and his cronies screwed their employees, leaving those poor people to twist in the wind after the company went belly up. That’s not only low, it’s disgusting as well. Not that I hate Schilling or anything like that, but this needs to be investigated by the BBB or somebody.

  8. That’s right, TR !!! All these idiots don’t know how we do it! We’re close to convincing some people to keep these tax breaks in place for us at the TOP … and we tell them that we’re the “Job Creators” … CEO’s make $13 M per year, and we layoff all the middle-class people becuase we’re a struggling company, but I still get my bonus every year so phuck those poor idiots that got laid off and are now collecting unemployment (aka They Are Deadbeats!)

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