Hate Mail From Shittsburgh: “Your a joke,” “You Suck”

Last night, after reading the Flyers eulogy on Yahoo!’s Puck Daddy blog, I tweeted: Wow, someone actually managed to "write" a worse eulogy than me. Congrats?”

It was a partial shot at myself (my Penguins eulogy didn't go over so well with Yahoo! readers), and an obvious shot at the – usually funny – folks from ThePensblog.com, who were charged with grammatically nailing the Flyers coffin shut. Their eulogy had its moments, but it was filled with mostly lame, repetitive jokes, and “written” in the most lazy way possible– by using the same Photoshop for nearly every player.

It seems a few Yinzers took issue with my review.

First up, Kevin:

Subject: Your a joke  

You have the the most classless group of fans on the internet and that's saying something for Philly. First your Eulogy by the incompetent Kyle Scott was one of the worst Eulogies I have ever seen. Not only does he rant on and on about how much he hates the penguins but somehow he talks about meaningless stuff. What a pathetic joke he is and the rest of your site is. The fact that you let someone like that go in public and post something like that is amazing. If you did not notice no one liked what he wrote. And now today hes on twitter saying the Pensblog was worse? Get a life jokes look through the comments almost everyone like it and many flyers fans. Its supposed to be humorous not a fucking post about how much you hate the other team like that little punk from your site. Just god awful and i could care less if you email back to this or not because it didnt take much time and its always nice to tell flyers fans how fucking stupid they are and its great when everyone agrees how stupid they are. Have fun winning a cup in maybe 50 years dumbasses


Whoever let that Kyle Scott write those… guy should probably be fired. Also, you’re.

Next, Taylor: 

Subject: You suck

Hopefully you feel like the biggest douche on the planet considering your own fans shit on your eulogy and praised the Pensblog for writing theirs with class and actual humor…maybe take notes. You truly are the most pathetic sack of suck on the internet and your hateful, not even remotely funny attempt of a eulogy only proves that you are not only a shitty writer but a pitiful human being. Kyle Scott you suck at life, PLease do us all a favor and just quit writing, no just quit life. Your worthless rants are only serving to make your fanbase look like more of a joke than it already is. Your blog sucks, your eulogy sucks, your teams suck, you suck, your mom sucks my dick. 

Lick my asshole



The fine folks of Pittsburgh: defining their lives with blogs posts since 1992.

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37 Responses

  1. Well, I’d like say that we learned something new here but we always knew the Pens and their fans like to get their assholes licked.

  2. Ahh, such stirring eloquence coming from knuckledragging fans of a city who’s baseball team hasn’t finished at or above .500 since 1992, could never field an NBA franchise and boasts of a hockey team that publicly shit the bed and embarrassed itself for the world to see a scant two weeks ago. And God help Pittsburgh if the Steelers ever go in the tank, then those miserable Yinzers will be jumping into the Allegheny River with dumbbels tied to their ankles in droves.

  3. Glad to see myself in there. Wish I was still here, best tail in the world. I’ve been trying to hit Paulina Gretzky though, maybe some of that greatness will wear off on me 😉

  4. As a Flyers fan, I’m comfortable saying that the Pensblog Eulogy of the Flyers was much better than Crossing Broad’s Eulogy of the Penguins. But that’s like comparing two turds in a toilet.
    The playoff eulogy series needs to go away.

  5. I didn’t think anyone could write a worse eulogy then Kyle, but this thing blows…. those gravestone jokes put me to sleep

  6. ^ Yeah, not a fan of the gravestones either.
    Am I the only one that thought Kyle’s eulogy was witty and well-written? Not saying it was the best ever but it wasn’t terrible, I got a good laugh out of it.

  7. Funny how all of these emails calling Philly classless are just full of inane babble laced with poor grammar and lazy insults that a 4th grader could conjure up.
    And its hilarious how they latch onto the 1975 thing, the true mark of a fan that has nothing better to talk about.
    A) They only have 1 more cup than us.
    B)They seem to forget that, with the exception of the early 90s, they pretty much ignored hockey. The phillies and eagles were terrible for years but there was no murmur of selling the fuckin teams to a cornfield as there was with Penguins.
    C)Despite not having won a cup in eternity, our winning % as a franchise is second only to Montreal (I think). The on ice product is almost always competitive and entertaining and always gives true hockey fans something to look forward to.

  8. hate to tell you we are a bunch of idiots in philly…were obnoxious, classless and scumbags. its hard to argue if you go to any eagles or flyers game. We fucking treat women at eagles games like there all whores. the older i get the harder it is to stay a philly fan but born n raised what are you gonna do

  9. Whether or not Kyle’s sucked or not…how does the team that we absolutely embarrassed in the first round of the playoffs get to write our eulogy?
    @ “When…”, I totally agree, we take things way too far and we’re playing on the fact that we’re hated way too much. We need to grow up as fans, just a little bit.

  10. I also thought Kyle’s eulogy was good…it certainly took a lot more thinking/creativity than the ThePensblog did. Their eulogy was just a listing of our players and basically saying, he stinks, or he Really stinks…boring. At least Kyle’s took some thought.

  11. “Their eulogy had it’s moments…”
    So someone taking a shot at grammar then has an its/it’s error?

  12. Sorry Kyle but as a flyers fan I can say that eulogy pissed on yours…lots of piss.

  13. Where have all these oh so close to being Kansas City Penguin’s fans coming from? It’s nice that in 07-08 Shittsburgh finally realized there was an Ice Hockey team in town and all those toothless athletes walking around weren’t just the locals. Meanwhile there is no point in posting Flyers attendance, at the Well its never dipped below 19,000.
    Pittsburgh Attendance Figures
    Year Total # GMs Avg SellOuts Capacity
    2002-03 604,970 41 14,755 8 16,958
    2003-04 486,961 41 11,877 1 16,940
    2005-06 647,975 41 15,804 12 16,940
    2006-07 673,422 41 16,424 30 16,940
    2007-08 700,193 41 17,078 *41 16,940
    2008-09 682,298 40 *17,058 40 16,940
    2009-10 700,211 41 17,078 *41 16,940
    2010-11 *729,62840 *18,241 40 18,087

  14. I agree, your eulogy did stink. However, Pens fans are so up and arms about 1975. Yes, it is true that we haven’t won a cup since 1975. However, we have been to six cups and have been relevant during the years over the course of that long drought. The Pens, minus Sid Crosby, were ready to move to Kansas City. They get Sid, they get a new arena, and they stay in Pittsburgh. I enjoy the rivalry, but Pittsburgh fans were need to be more informed. I live out in Pittsburgh, and many times they have no clue about the years before Crosby. I even married a Pens fan, well not really since she can’t name five players (which sums up Pens fans here). It is really sad. The baseball thing, as sad as it is, has no correlation to hockey. Don’t bring it up. Just my two cents.

  15. I read you’re Eulogy. I’ve been a huge flyers fan and half-assed blogger for the flyers since 2005.
    I’m a big fan of crossing board but I think you went the wrong direction with the Penguins eulogy. As a disclaimer, I’ve been reading puck daddy since 2007.
    please do better on our behalf as a city in the future, but you’re effort was appreciated. Also, I think Enrico and Travis are great writers at their blogs who I won’t mention, but i think they might have deserved a shot at this.
    Captain Claude formerly Where is Andreas Nodl formerly Luca Sbisa is now Chris Pronger.

  16. Like Alex above, I’m a Flyers fan living in Pittsburgh, and I wholeheartedly second everything in Alex’s post. Pens fans are some of the least-informed, most fair-weather, bandwagon-jumping hockey fans anywhere in the NHL.
    Still, with regards to the eulogies, I think the “glass houses” metaphor works well here. Kyle’s Pens eulogy was weak sauce, and most of the Internet agreed, so when he rips the Pens eulogy, he comes off looking like a petty, self-serving jackass.

  17. This eulogy was almost as bad as yours (sorry). Honestly, the concept of writing eulogies in my opinion only works if the team that knocks you out writes yours. Why do I care what the Pens think now about us getting knocked out? If they don’t remember, we knocked them out of the playoffs. They are dead, they should be silent. If you died your family wouldn’t dig up a dead relative to write your eulogy. Listen I get it, it’s a hate thing. Pens fans hate us more then Devils fans. But how can you make jokes about the team that sent you home early? It just doesn’t do it for me. I guess since it doesn’t make sense.

  18. i actually didn’t find the one from pensblog even remotely funny, save for the jokes about timonen. otherwise, it was just a lame attempt at humor, while mostly just taking shots at flyer’s players – the majority of which were fallacies.

  19. Kyle, I don’t mean any of this as a personal attack at you, but you’re blog has got quite terrible. The amount you flip flop on things is absolutely rediculous. To be honest I do not think you know anything about hockey. Stick to the Phillies and the Eagles which you seem to know a lot about and have good points. Also I do not understand the point of posts about the uniforms in football being relevant to sports at all. I don’t know, just one fan’s opinion. I don’t mean to bash you but I feel feed back is the only way people get insight on how they are doing.

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