Hunter Pence Apologizes For Fielding Errors

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Oh, how refreshing. 

Hunter Pence was a guest on the WIP Morning Show today to promote his Let’s Go Eat Food and Fun Fest, which will feature, predictably, food, fun and ping pong, and will benefit the Make-A Wish Foundation, Philabundance and Phillies Charities.

Angelo Cataldi quickly steered the conversation toward Hunter’s struggles (that’s being kind) in the field. 

Pence apologized:

“I can’t really explain it other than a debacle. It’s just been bad. The thing is now I’m just out there and like alright, just relax, focus harder. You know, it’s just one of those things that happens. You can’t explain it all. You’re like, sometimes they’re easy plays, you drop the ball when you’re going really fast, you take your eye off it because you’re looking to throw before you catch it. I’ve just got to slow down and play my game. I’m going to make some good plays in the outfield and just stay on the game and don’t let if affect me. Because if I get in my head it will be even worse. It’s been a debacle. Sorry about that, Philly.”


Now, if Hunter Pence were Ilya Bryzgalov: What, I hit two home run on that game. You are forget that. You guys only focus on negative. What about “Go Let Us Eat?” You like that. Now you just want to talk about balls I miss.

Pence – the real one – continued:

“Just the passion Philly has for all their sports teams… that’s one of my favorite things in Philly: everyone knows what’s going on with all the teams, and everyone can talk about it. You’re huge– your Flyers you’re Sixers and Eagles and you’re Phillies. And you’re all in every day, and it’s part of being a Philadelphian. Really, it’s fun to be a player in the city when the whole city is like that. And you could go talk with anyone you walk by in the street about the game last night and they all know what’s happening. “


And that, Philadelphia, is why certain players are given more slack here. It’s an interesting dichotomy between a player like Pence, who was rightfully booed the other day, and Bryzgalov, who was also rightfully booed at times this season. Pence handled himself beautifully… Bryz, on the other hand, this.

Sure, Pence may have a gift of bullshit that some don’t possess. But his comments should still serve as a guide to players like Bryz and the dozen or so jackasses on the Eagles who spend more time worrying about fans booing than they doing fixing their on-field issues.

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  1. Kyle, why you heff to poke-a fun at me?! For the record, I love impression of me on Good Day Philadelphia with beautiful woman Jennifer Fredericks.

  2. Is he going to apologize for future fielding errors, because hes not that great a fielder.

  3. I’ll take you up on that bet. Brzy is going to blow next year just like this year. And what with this “he’s foreign” junk. Worley is foreign (he’s oriental) and he fucks shit up

  4. I can’t believe you actually just compared Bryz’s foreign background to Worley’s. Bryz will be fine. Now he understands the Philly fanbase more and he has had a full year to adjust. We got to see him at his best at times this season and I’m sure he will only improve next year. How many players (especially goaltenders) play up to their crazy expectations in their very first season with a team…not to mention a team that has such a mainstream media following it? Not many…

  5. >bryz says fans are negative
    >kyle proves point by using a story about hunter pence to remind people that bryz sucks

  6. It’s easy to please Philly fans in interviews.
    1) Say they’re passionate
    2) Say they’re knowledgeable about sports
    3) Say something negative about a larger city or fan base

  7. So bryz has never owned up to the fact that he made mistakes? That’s funny because in the beginning of the season (before the flyers muzzled him) there were plenty of interviews of him saying how bad he was playing and that he needed to play better. Stop picking and choosing lines from bryz to help make your argument. Tim pinaccio did that to Richards and as I recall you were really but hurt about it; so stop doing it to bryz.

  8. Jonathan Singleton is hitting .300 with an OPS .905 in AA at 20 years old. Going to be an awful trade in 3 years, when the Phils are in last place.

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