Jayson Werth: “I’m Motivated to See to it Personally Those People Never Walk Down Broad Street in Celebration Again”

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Well, if our goal for taking over right field at NATITUDE Park last night was to get under the skin of Jayson Werth… mission accomplished?

Werth awoke from surgery today and could think of nothing better to do than email Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post. It seems the $126 million right fielder didn’t like what he heard coming from Phillies fans after he broke his wrist while attempting to make a sliding catch in the sixth inning:

In an e-mail to the Post, Werth said Phillies fans in right field at Nationals Park taunted him as he walked off the field Sunday night. And he will remember them during his rehab.

“After walking off the field feeling nauseous knowing my wrist was broke and hearing Philly fans yelling ‘You deserve it,’ and, ‘That’s what you get,’ I am motivated to get back quickly and see to it personally those people never walk down Broad Street in celebration again,” Werth wrote. 


Get over us, you weirdo.

I guess Werth didn’t hear the 400 or so folks, spread over two sections (some of whom were with our group, some not), applauding as he slogged off the field.  

You see, I recall it happening a bit differently than how Jayson described it. But hey, what do I know? My mind was clouded with a few beers. Surely I wasn’t thinking clearly, the way a person who was writhing around in pain after snapping their wrist would be thinking clearly. Surely the mind concerns itself with picking out exact phrases, from select individuals, seated 150 feet away, under such circumstances. Surely Werth was concentrating on distinguishing a few select lines out of what was largely an entire stadium, packed to the gills with NATITUDE, applauding him on his unfortunate trek to the dugout. 

Surely he heard what he heard.

Surely. Surely! SURELY!!!!


To understand the dynamic between Werth and Phillies fans seated in right field last night, we must rewind. We must go back to happier times for Mr. Werth. 

Like the first through fifth innings.

As expected, Werth received a less than warm welcome from those of us seated in right. The $126 million man would walk out to his position, invariably look up at the crowd, and receive a mix boos and taunts, though few were vulgar or nasty. Mostly it was just jeers.

Screen Shot 2012-05-07 at 8.17.08 PM

On one occasion, after looking almost longingly at his former approvers, Mr. Werth turned back around and waved his hand at us as if to say, “to hell with you.”

We cheered.

Another time, after being serenaded with Jayson Jayson Jayson chants, Werth reached above his shoulder, with what he now calls his good arm, and tugged at his jersey, just above his name, in a manner similar to how an NBA player from 2004 would pop the logo. Or whatever that move was called.

We booed.

There were other subtle gestures befitting a hundred-millionaire eager of approval.

We booed and cheered those.

Then Placido Polanco and his aging elbows ambled to the plate. 

He took the first pitch.

The second offering, a 94 m.p.h. fastball from Jordan Zimmerman, was lined to right field, in the direction of our sparring partner.

Werth did that half slide-catch thing he does so well.

The ball got loose. 

We cheered. Quite lustfully, actually. Werth had botched the play. 

A few hundred Phillies fans, most of whom had been tailgating for three hours, cheered the outfielder’s misfortune… and the hit for the home(?) team. It was only then that we realized Werth had more than dropped the ball. 

He was hurt.

Most got quiet. Many of us turned over our shoulders to find the TV monitor so we could see what had happened. Werth quickly – impressively – regrouped and walked off the field.


Were there a few sarcastic cheers from folks who had a few too many? Probably. Did people yell things at Werth as rolled on the ground? Maybe. I didn’t hear it. Mostly, the reaction was respectful. And that same observation was shared with me by a few local media folks who were also in attendance.


Back to Werth’s butt-hurt comments for a moment: It takes a special type of vindictive douchebag to, following wrist surgery, fire off an email disparaging an entire fan baseBut, quite honestly, it’s about what we expected from Werth. 

Looks like things have just kicked up another notch in this new rivalry.


110 Responses

  1. i’m a phils fan, was in section 230. admittedly a bigger/louder/problematic group behind me were surprisingly respectful, mostly quiet and clapping as werth left. i’m sure there will be “reports” from all over that disagree, but from my vantage point, nothing wrong up in 230

  2. I picture jayson werth as goyte in his ‘somebody that I used to know’ video as he’s saying all this.. He’s in the anger stage of missing us and Philly.

  3. “Get over us, you weirdo.”
    I think Phillies fans should practice what they preach.

  4. Yea gotta be honest, i think most have moved on. I’ll take Pence…thanks.

  5. Werth has become werth-less. I hafta say I’ve lost a lot of respect for the guy when he lies like this and makes things up about what people say…but, I think this is just more PR from a dillusional organization like the Gnats – who probably put him up to it.

  6. The Gnats have been trying to build up this whole rivalry thing all season, now when it finally gets going they start whine and complain we are too mean!

  7. You know, at home my first reaction to his injury was, damn, that’s a shame and I felt truly sorry for him. Then the voice of reason(?), my wife, reminded me of the day 2010 when an overzealous father, looking to snatch a souvenir for his 8 yr old son, interfered with Werth, to which Werth not only yelled at the man, but verbally beat down the man in front of his young son. I hope those at the Washington Post who are going to take up for that jack ass will be reminded that not only does he lie about the out of town fans, he treated his own in town fans, those who worshipped him like shit also. Werth can go screw. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but he can seriously go screw…Brycecakes preferrably.

  8. During a Phillies @ Nats game last year in May 2011, Werth was playing right field and some taunting was being sent his way by Philadelphia fans (what does he expect? Thanks for ur part in the world series title but u left us for $$$). After about 3 or 4 innings of this taunting, the soft-as-wet-toilet-paper skin of werth was obviously becoming sensitive and emotional and had the balls (or lack thereof) to ask a member of the nats security to have this fan removed from the stadium…#whatapuss…this however failed & the taunting resumed. #pasthisprime

  9. “I think Phillie’s fans should practice what they preach.”
    Really, “Jayson Werth”? We got over him the second we replaced him. He is bitter. I just cant figure out why since he is still going to be over-paid to more than likely rot the bench the rest of the season. Maybe he finally realizes he left the team that he got his only WS ring from. Ouch. I just wonder what comment he would have made if this was a different fan base.

  10. good to see that Werth is still bitter. I was losing sleep thinking he had moved on from the Phillies and their fans.

  11. “Yea gotta be honest, i think most have moved on. ”
    Did you read the post? Several mentions of money and calling him a douchebag. Very bitter, if you ask me.

  12. worth sounds like a scorned women.
    Edward Murphy- where are you???? As a supporter I would like to hear your thoughts on g & werth

  13. Jayson if that is really you. No one here wants to see you hurt, and just like in any large city there will be a few who will say something disgusting when an opposing player gets hurt. The large majority of Phillies fans clapped and cheered you as you walked from the field. We will cheer you again one day, perhaps in 2018 for the 10 year anniversary of the WS you helped bring this city, but until then might I suggest giving Pat Burrell a call. He can fill you in what it was like to play left field FOR the Phillies. No one handled the jeers and the ribbing better then Pat. You handle it like a jilted lover.

  14. Do you tickle your balls as you write about the nationals? For fucks sake, enough

  15. so it’s OK for werth(less) to give phillies fans the finger (i was sitting in right field on saturday) and taunt them the entire game.

  16. I apologize as my focus has primarily been on the sport of ice hockey as the injury plaque has reached epidemic proportions. I am very happy Mr. Lenny and Mr. Jack that you have brought this injury out on the fore front. It is great to see that we have many other crusaders out there who are worried about the safety of these athletes who we hold near and dear to our hearts. I have spent the last hour and half reviewing this particular play and speaking to some of my constituents to find a solution so that this can not happen again. I have set up an appointment with the league office for the end of the week to go over a few of my ideas. I must say that they are much more concerned with the safety of their players than the NHL.
    Looking forward to a brighter tomorrow

  17. Stop with the nationals rivalry crap. All of this Nattitude hype and the pumping up of a rivalry that doesn’t exist was designed to piss off Phils fans so they went to that park and spent their money into Nats top-brass pockets. They played all of us for fools with the comments from their C.O.O and players. If our team was as high and mighty as we all think (thought) it was we wouldn’t be giving a damn what they did in D.C. because as a baseball town the place doesn’t matter. We won a W.S. in 08 and have dominated the division for half a decade – the rest of our division can go pound sand. As for those shmucks who troll Philly sports blogs, if thats how you get your kicks then more power to you – but from a rational perspective it is completely pathetic.

  18. T-Bone, There is nothing funny about player safety. We are talking about human being’s lives here.

  19. I really hope werth never fully recovers from his broken wrist. He’s a pos, I once saw him at the Irish pub a few years back & he called me a scumbag for not washing my hands after taking a leak in the bathroom.

  20. Werth is, and always has been, a bitch. He had a few above average years and he thinks he’s relevant. I don’t care how much money he’s paid. He’s relevant at being a bitch. That’s why I broke his wrist. I also liked Mudman Jay’s post. He understands me.

  21. Mr. Junod, do you understand that if you do not wash your hands, you could get a serious illness or disease. The bathroom, especially @ a pub, is full of lethal bacteria that is just waiting for an opportunity to latch on to a human. In the future, I hope that you can improve your hygiene.
    I understand that you have a personal vendetta against Mr. Werth who opened his mouth and voiced his opinion where it didn’t belong and where it wasn’t wanted. I really hope that deep down that you do not wish that on anyone. He has a life outside of the game of baseball. The youth of America is in trouble if people are out there that think like you
    I am going to rest up, tomorrow is a big night and I really hope that with the MLB leading by example we can finally get through to the money hungry NHL

  22. Holy shit you fans in that screenshot up there are even uglier than the guys on your team. Jesus, I need to go bleach my eyeballs now.

  23. Enjoying that paycheck?
    You’re welcome.
    Those Douchebags Parading Down Broad Street

    Remember what you were before a Phillie? I don’t.

  24. Ed Murphy, any shot I could go to that meeting with you? I’d like to present ideas that include hitters wearing full body protection, helmets for fielders (see John Olerud), netting all around the field to protect fans and using the screen in front of pitchers during play (like batting practice). Its time to get serious about safety.
    On the other hand, i’m glad werthless got hurt and i hope he never plays again.

  25. nobody cares that he left. the fans in washington hate him more then philly fans. considering the game was in washington, it was probably nats fans yelling at him

  26. I have this image from Star Wars Revenge of the Sith with Vader on the operating table.As the operating table straightens, we begin to see Jayson Werth’s face appear slowly.
    And instead of the mask lowering, it’s just a Nats cap being put on.
    Can someone make this amazing idea I just had, Please?

  27. This really pisses me off. When Werth got injured, I posted FB “Wow, that was painful to watch, I really hope Jayson Werth is ok!!” I know most Philly fans felt the same way. We all learn as kids that you show respect when a player gets injured, and we teach our kids to take a knee when it happens during their games. So Jayson being a dick bec a few drunken assholes were rude to him? Whatever, now I AM glad your wrist was broken, hope we destroy the Nats later this month.

  28. Don’t worry guys, my right hand is fine so I can still give Bryce Harper that rusty trombone I promised him…

  29. Werth when you come back, I’m going to see to it personally that you never…oh wait, you play for the Nationals now. They will pretty much see to it personally that you never parade down anywhere ever again.

  30. i lost all respect for this guy when he freaked out at that guy for instinctively (is that a word)trying to protect his kid when that foul ball was hit his way.

  31. “Get over us weirdo”
    Kyle you write something about this guy every week you fag…
    This site sucks dick anymore … never coming back.

  32. I kind of felt bad for him at first, but after seeing this he can go E.A.D.
    Enjoy your summer in a cast, Werthless

  33. Seriously, this Edward Murphy injury shit cracks me the F up, keep it coming man.

  34. Wow. Which hand does he whack it with? I’d be pissed off too, if a bunch of people cheered when Rosey Palm snapped in half!
    For realz, Werth needs to get over himself. He isn’t going to stop the Phils from doing shit while he’s on the Gnats. #Ngay

  35. Edward Murphy is the MVP of the comment section on cb.
    Guy has me pissing myself every morning at work

  36. We all know he helped win us a World (Fucking) Championship…..and we all loved him, and we hated seeing him go, especially since we know it was all for money…..it hurts us, but in no way shape or form do we wish injury upon him….come on. Yes Philly fans have a horrible reputation and one that seems to never regress(see Winter Classic cheesesteak special)….but we are human and we do as a majority (99.9%) not wish injuries on players, or to further rationalize, we don’t wish harm on any former player/rivalry player anymore/less than any other fan base.
    Werth misinterpreted things because he is mad that he is now shelved for awhile…..to direct it at Philly fans who paid good money to his organization over weekend to come down and watch the series is really just plain stupid!

  37. @ Kyle, I couldn’t help but laugh at the “Get over us, you weirdo” line. You have posted more about Werth than any current Phillie in the last 2 years. Also, why did you make it a point to sit in right field at #Natitude Park? I think you are the one that needs to let go. And seeing the pictures of the crew that you took to D.C. there is not one doubt in my mind that one of those sideways hat, work boot wearing punks made a comment to make all Phillies fans look bad. And while we are at it, tweeting a picture of the police office trying to treat himself to some BBQ is not cool. I’m sure that you baited him in too. I think it’s safe to say that you pissed off any police offices that follow this site with that tweet. So now you have pissed of women and police offices in the last 2 weeks. Way to go. The stock is this site is sinking fast. And I am a Phillies fan who can’t stand Werth but respects women and police officers in case you were wondering.

  38. Any Phillies fan that booed his injury, or booed him at all last year… are morons. He was a HUGE reason we won a World Series – and left town because he was offered a MEGA deal by the Nats, and the Phillies admitted they low-balled him.
    Two years ago I was at a game when the fans all booed Greg Dobbs too …just because a player isn’t on the Phillies anymore, doesn’t mean we boo him , you bunch of fake-baseball fan, bleeding-GREEN morons!


  40. stay classy philly bunch of morons i hope you all crash an people cheer as you cry in pain pathetic human beings

  41. Being in section 128 (after having to move out of the red loft due to annoyingly belligerent flyer fans)I had a pretty good view of the “Jayson Werth” section in right field and could clearly see people standing and clapping long after it was clear Werth was hurt and well before he stood up so don’t try and paint your entire section as saints. The comments don’t surprise me at all, I’d say at least 40 percent of the Phillies fans down at Nats park go out of their way to be as obnoxious as possible- -wearing those stupid “occupy” shirts, starting up eagles chants and doing their best to be as much of a disturbance as possible at the expense of the people around them- Phillies/Nats fans who are just trying to enjoy the game. When you create an atmosphere like that there will always be people who take things too far and do things like taunt a player who gets hurt. Of course the hurt player is going to react strongly when he hears it. If that 40% could watch the game like the rest of the normal Philly fans: cheer when something good happens for the phillies/keep quiet for the rest, the 1% of people out there who will cheer a player getting hurt would be less inclined to act like jackasses.

  42. why wouldnt everyone cheer an opponent getting hurt….if im the nationals im cheering like hell that utley and howard never come back…as a phillie fan i hope werth has to retire…eff him
    i would never advocate taking someone out or anything but if an injury happens in the normal happenings of the sport then oh well sucks to be you….werth DEAD…..zimmerman DEAD….storen DEAD

  43. Get over us, you weirdo.
    HA HA HA HA HA … hey Kyle, isn’t it time for the daily Jeff Carter update … maybe throw in a little Richards too for spice.

  44. The weird part about the whole Jayson Werth thing is that I don’t think he ever understood that there didn’t need to be this hatred between him and the Phillies. In fact, if it wasn’t for the Phillies, and Pat Gillick in particular, it is hard to say that Werth would have ever gotten his huge contract or would even still be playing baseball today. When he became a free agent and chose to sign the contract with the Nationals he should have been more understanding of the circumstances because he was genuinely loved in Philly during his time here. However, as soon as he left he started with all this, “I Fucking hate that team.” bullshit and now he is still angry at the fanbase. Even if the fans were chanting at him as he was injured, he should get over himself and be a professional and ditch the teenage melodrama.

  45. 2008 World Series statistics:
    Chase Utley: .167 BA/2 HR/4 RBI
    Ryan Howard: .286 BA/3 HR/6 RBI
    Jayson Werth: .444 BA/1 HR/ 3 RBI
    Werth had the most hits for any batter in the series (8); drew the most walks (6), tied Rollins (and Crawford) for the second most runs (4), led both teams in doubles (3), and tied Utley for the second-most stolen bases (3).

  46. This is a joke. The Nats pitchers have thrown at Utley and Howard on a regular basis. It was a Nats pitcher that broke Utley’s wrist. And guess what, I heard Nats fans cheering as Utley got helped off the field. I’m sick of other fans saying Philly fans are so bad when they act the same way. Nats have never been good and they will never be good. Celebrate in May while I dance in October……

  47. It’s so obvious that he’s just trying to ingratiate himself to the Nationals fans at this point. The guy gets booed by his own fans in his own stadium on a daily basis. Now that he’s hurt, he’s just deflecting his anger towards Phillies fans so that when he does make his return in Washington he’ll get some cheers for a change. Nothing but a PR stunt, and kind of sad if you ask me.

  48. I was sitting down the first base line Sunday night and when Werth got hurt I was really hoping that you and your boys wouldn’t cheer. I was saying to myself please show some class, don’t cheer if the man is seriously injured. I personally heard nothing; either Werth is lying or just seriously crazy. Everybody, Phillies and Nationals fans alike, cheered when we saw him successfully walk off the field. You and your boys may have been having fun with him through out the game, but when he went down, nobody cheered or heckled him. Werth is flat out wrong on this one.

  49. Yup…Werth really can’t get over Philly…
    Are you high?
    Werth is a classy dude, and he probably couldn’t be any happier making his $127 million and getting away from all you mouth-breathing knuckle-draggers. Your town blows. Your fans blow. Your moms blow…me. Don’t try to act like you are glad he’s gone and eff him. All you “bros” are going to be in last place this year looking up at us at the top of the division. And for the record, the fact that you doubt you and your moronic fan base aren’t capable of telling him he deserves it, then you are dumber than I originally thought–which is pretty hard to do, because I was already pretty sure most of the people from Philly are clinically retarded…
    Cheers, douches…here’s to another 10,000 losses! Enjoy your quick slide right back down to obscurity. You assholes deserve so much misery…Oh, and feel free to call me when the Eagles win a Super Bowl. Go NJ Devils!

  50. Werth is classy dude LMAO that’s the best I’ve heard all day

  51. Tony the Devils fan is a model human being. I’ll bet he’s a family man who exhibits nothing but class on a daily basis.

  52. Good article on the fact that he’s an idiot for emailing about this after surgery. However, I was at that game (Section 139 in RF) and my mother booed him after he got hurt. She was the one who screamed “you deserve it” during those few seconds that everyone paused to see what happened. I immediately condemned her and informed her that it is unsportsmanlike to say that about any injured player on ANY team regardless of preference. She knows nothing about sports. She didn’t know who Jayson Werth was until I told her what happened as he ran out onto the field to start the game.
    So no Jayson Werth is not exaggerating. But bitching about it is something completely different.

  53. I am pretty sure Werth is over the Phillies, let’s be real here. Ever hear of the saying “the pot calling the kettle black?” You call him butt hurt and a vindictive douche bag, sounds like you never got over him leaving philly, you weirdo. The problem is that Philly fans have a bad rep. They do it to themselves. Werth’s statement goes along the same lines that Jimmy Rollins had a few years back saying that they were the team to beat in the NL East. I don’t think anyone saw anything wrong with that. It was a statement of confidence and encouragement for him and his team. Keyword, WAS. So, now that a player says a similar statement against your franchise you call him “butt hurt”? You need to get over yourself and look at the bigger picture. The Phillies are in last place. The Mets, of all teams is ahead of them. They didn’t address any of their offseason issues this past year. They didn’t sign one hitter. They knew Utley was going to be out, may never play again. Who knows how well Howard will come back? You sign Jim Thome, a former shell of himself. The Phillies have no infield position players at all except for Rollins, and he hasn’t been the same since his MVP season. Don’t you think you might be a little frustrated and angry if you broke your forearm and national television? You cannot account for EVERY Phillies fan at the stadium. Just sounds like the author of this article is some butt hurt phillies fan who is in for a long season. Oh, and have fun with Papelbon.

  54. I’m a philly fan and i can agree that we blow. plain and simple. we have a bad rap for a reason and there is nothing you can do about it. just learn to live with it. it’s true that there are some good people here, just like every city but it’s going to be the obnoxious ones that stand out, and unfortunately, philly is the city with the most obnoxious fans. 🙁

  55. Philly fans are douches. the Phils win 1 world series in 25 years and they wont see another one. Werth has nothing to worry about ! haha

  56. I didn’t even have to read the article to know that its author is retarded. It’s just so blatantly obvious!

  57. Bullshit.
    You can spin it any way you want, but I was there. There was no shortage of people cheering Werth’s injury. Maybe you’re right, maybe it was a select bunch of jackasses, but it didn’t seem that way. After this took place, your crew moved on to personal attacks on people sitting around them before finally getting in to fights.
    Nice work, guys.

  58. werth is just upset that he will have to miss a few turns stroking harper

  59. Seems like you Phillie fans are the ones who have to get over him.

  60. Sounds like you Philly fans are the ones who need to get over it. What a bunch of babies. This is why everyone makes fun of Philadelphia. At least fans of teams like the Raiders are just jerks. You guys are bunch of whiny little girls.

  61. Get over us, you weirdo. Maybe you Phillie suckers should get over him.

  62. This is why I don’t want to go to Philadelphia. I better text my friends not to go there.

  63. “Get over us, you weirdo.”
    Really? That’s your reaction? You understand he was over you, until you scumbags cheered him and told him to his face he deserved a broken wrist. I’m pretty sure that’s what’s motivating him, not the fact that he’s secretly in love with you.

  64. “It’s so obvious that he’s just trying to ingratiate himself to the Nationals fans at this point. The guy gets booed by his own fans in his own stadium on a daily basis. Now that he’s hurt, he’s just deflecting his anger towards Phillies fans so that when he does make his return in Washington he’ll get some cheers for a change. Nothing but a PR stunt, and kind of sad if you ask me.”
    I’m sure that’s exactly what it is, and not the fact that you degenerates told him he deserved to break a wrist and miss a few months.

  65. I was at the game, and unfortunately I saw at least one Phillies fan cheer enthusiastically when the injury happened. From what I hear, that wasn’t rare. It was embarrassing.

  66. You know, at home my first reaction to his injury was, damn, that’s a shame and I felt truly sorry for him. Then the voice of reason(?), my wife, reminded me of the day 2010 when an overzealous father, looking to snatch a souvenir for his 8 yr old son, interfered with Werth, to which Werth not only yelled at the man, but verbally beat down the man in front of his young son. I hope those at the Washington Post who are going to take up for that jack ass will be reminded that not only does he lie about the out of town fans, he treated his own in town fans, those who worshipped him like shit also. Werth can go screw. I don’t wish bad on anyone, but he can seriously go screw…Brycecakes preferrably.
    Fuck YOU ALL. Pro Phillies SUCK!

  67. Man, the guy’s hurt and you cheer about it?
    You damned Philly fuckers really don’t give a fuck about anyone, don’t you?

  68. He does nothing but say it fueled him and you call him a douchebag and a weirdo?
    I Hope the Nationals will WIN the WORLD SERIES and KICK your SORRY PHILLY ASSES

  69. He helped you win the world series and you cheer at his injuries?
    I hate Philly fans

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