Jim Leyland Thinks Cole Hamels Should Have Been Suspended for 15 Games

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Goddamn. I have to admit that I didn’t see this coming in the Next To Opine on Cole Hamels pool. Surely, Ozzie Guillen would be the first manager with something to say. 

Nope. Was wrong. It’s Jim Leyland.

On his radio show last night, Leyland said that he would have suspended Hamels for 15 games. 

[Detroit News via The Big Lead]

"I think five games is way too light," Leyland said. "Personally, if I was making that vote, it would be a 15-game suspension — at least.

"I don't know Cole Hamels, so I certainly don't have any qualms with Cole Hamels. I don't know the man. I know he's a very good pitcher, a very talented guy.

"If my pitcher went out and, almost in a braggadocious way, talked about hitting a guy and that 'I did it on purpose.' (a five-game suspension) is not enough. There's no way. 


Why do I get the sense that Leyland would go ballistic if a 15-game suspension for a bean ball was given to his pitcher? 


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  1. I agree with Jimbo
    Trade Cole for a bat, he is out of here after the season anyway. His old lady hates Philly.

  2. Cole shouldn’t have done that unless his manager said so. That’s the way I rolled when I used to manage my TBC teams. An eye for an eye!!

  3. Everybody’s favorite Nats fan, here to say: That’s excessive and Leyland should butt out. Time to move on.

  4. Right… he would advocate for Verlander to get 15 games. Just shut up.

  5. Leyland is just bitter we chose Cholly over him and won a WS

  6. Remember last year when some dude bunted to break up a Verlander no hitter. Verlander pointed at his ribs and mouthed “next year”. So if he follows up and hits that dude this year, I guess Leyland will impose at least 15 games on him?

  7. It was the talk, not the act, that Leyland objected to. Verlander didn’t brag about that s#&* after the fact. Keep your mouth shut Cole, and do your job. Nobody wants to hear about how “old school” you are.

  8. go fuck yourself old man, the only thing i want from you is one of your old man werther’s original candies. fuck you faggot.

  9. Who’s next to throw in his two cents worth on the Cole Hamels issue, Mitt Romney? Enough already?

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