Jimmy Rollins Placed on Paternity Leave

Last year, MLB introduced its new policy which allows players to take up to three days off following the birth of a child.

Rollins makes roughly $67,000 per game.


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  1. Its a home series vs a division rival. Glad Phils gave him the big bucks.
    What an a-hole move.

  2. If work is more important to you guys than family, I feel bad for you. It’s Jimmy’s first child, and he will barely see them for the next (hopefully) 5 months. I don’t think three days is a lot to ask, no matter who they are playing.

  3. Joe B, he’s playing baseball not being shipped off to Iraq…the phila are better off without him, he sucks

  4. Maybe if you guys, including Kyle, didn’t spend all your time jerking off in your moms basement; you would understand that baseball is just a sport! WOW! Three games!!! That at this point don’t mean a thing. Maybe he’ll play better after seeing his first child, or hopefully retire. But you can’t yell at him for missing time with his family.

  5. “What a big pussy. Who needs kids anyways. Pussy ass b*tch”
    That’s what your mom said before she got knocked up with you.

  6. And here i thought the paternity list was so guys could me excused for their child support hearings.
    Oh well, i am dumb, but i will suck the skin off your flesh pen. Ask Angelo, I had to blow him everyday for a year before he would let me speak on the air.

  7. In light of his new responsibilities and this next step in his life, J-Roll (TM) believes it is no longer appropriate for a man of 33 to go by Jimmy. From here on out, the Phillies shortstop is number 11, Jim Rollins.

  8. we they really miss his .229 BA and .295 OBP for 3 games???
    if this makes or breaks the Phils shame on them –
    get a grip (and not your dix) fellas – this is not the World Series – maybe when Jimmy’s kid is an adult we’ll see one of those again

  9. i am a big jimmy fan but come j roll man the fuck up no man should be taking a paternity leave. next thing men will be trying to pump their breast at the office. Plus it is a home series so you have no excuse for not being there especially when you are the leader of the team and this team is pure d shit right now

  10. $67,000 per game – I could buy 177 asian hookers WITHOUT the clap for that…

  11. I love reading all these comments from idiots “Fuck him, he’s a pussy” Coming from the guy behind a keyboard..calling someone a pussy..LOLOLOLOL

  12. Obviously, Andy Reid and the Eagles front office checked the Phils 2012 schedule and knocked up Mrs. Rollins exactly 9 months prior to this pivotal division series. Those evil geniuses.

  13. I’d get it if we were on a road trip. But we’re home. Take the one day, then what are you going to do after that? We’re on a home stand. I don’t think it would kill him to leave the house for a 5-6 hours and come back home. Especially when he makes more in one game than a lot of us do in a year.
    Newborns are boring anyways.

  14. Loki just got back to work from his paternity leave

  15. This place has really gone down the shitter, huh? May want to dust of the old resume Kyle given that the comments section around here is turning into philly.com

  16. ITS THREE. FUCKING. GAMES….IN MAY. HIS FIRST FUCKING CHILD WAS BORN. Its not like hes taking a normal length paternity leave, you fucking nimrods. Jesus christ, its actually refreshing when you see athletes actually trying to be good parents rather than behaving like Iverson or T.O. Now I suppose if we lose the division by 3 or less games, we’re going to be showing up to his house with torches and pitchforks? Assholes.
    If this were Roy Halladay or Chase Utley, you’d all be lining up to take pictures with the baby.

  17. I’m not going to comment on how I feel about Jimmy taking off. What I will say, is that I’m sick of the “it’s just a sport” line. Take into consideration how much athletes now make, it obivously is no longer “just a sport’.

  18. He can’t leave the kid from 6:30 to 10 for 3 nights ? What the fuck ? How much time in a given day do you need to stare at a sleeping baby ? Not like it’s going to be awake and interacting with you. Take 3 days off when somebody important in your life is dying. You got a whole lifetime to stare at your kid.

  19. I agree with CC… I don’t comment all that much but always read the comments. It has pretty much become ridiculous. Everyone trying to out potty mouth the person before. 99% of the attempts at humor fall flat as well. Kyle, love CrossingBroad, but the comment section seem to bring out the belligerent child in most of your posters who think they’re way cooler then they actually are. You should change the comment section to “Words from Ma’s basement.”

  20. Its his first kid and he’s on the road for almost 2 weeks after this series.
    Shut up you womanless clowns.

  21. mac: You’re an idiot. So JRoll is taking off to stare at a sleeping baby? How about taking care of Johari while she recovers? She’s still probably in the hospital. Obviously, none of you have popped out a kid so don’t even. How about taking turns to take care of the baby while the other spouse sleeps since Baby Girl Rollins is up all hours of the night? And you REALLY think these ballplayers show up at 6:30 pm to play at 7?

  22. No shit they don’t normally show up at 6:30, but in these circumstances he could. And you don’t think his mom and her family are in town to help/see the kid ? I couldn’t get my mother in law out of my friggen house for a week when we had ours. Please. This isn’t some barely making ends meet family with no relatives around.

  23. ….THREE. FUCKING. GAMES….IN MAY….I’m usually hard on athletes and their plights due to the amount of money they make but shit…some things, as cliched and stupid as it sounds, are bigger than money or a fucking game.
    Roy Oswalt took off a few days last year to see his family after the tornados around there, despite them being fine. I don’t remember any of this “He makes so much money he should kick all personal/health matters to the curb for a few meaningless games in the first half of the season” talk then. And how many of you are Mrs Rollins’ doctor or obstetrician? Did it ever cross your heads that maybe she didn’t physically deal with the birth as well as other woman and needs extra care?.For all you basement dwelling keyboard critics out there who don’t know, women don’t just magically get up and start doing cartwheels and get bak to everyday activity after the baby comes out.

  24. Damm whitey at it again. If would be a whole different story if hunter pence left for a couple days, fans would give him a free pass

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