Michael Schwimer Just Broke Some Roster News on Twitter

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Uh oh. Why do I get the feeling that the gestapo that is the Phillies front office and media relations department isn’t going to be too thrilled with Michael Schwimmmmmer, who seemingly just announced a few roster moves… on Twitter.

That would be Jake Diekman, Raul Valdes and Hector Luna to whom Schwimmm is referring. 

Now, was Schwimer – who was optioned to Lehigh yesterday to make room for Cliff Lee (and because he stunk) – sending out that Tweet to get under his team's skin ala Ilya Bryzgalov at the Winter Classic? Maybe. Probably not. But it’s fun to think about.

Delco Times beat reporter Ryan Lawrence tries to add some context to the reported moves: 

Screen Shot 2012-05-10 at 3.07.04 PM

Anyway, Phillies minor leaguers: breaking roster moves on Twitter. Somewhere, the Phillies PR department is searching for a typewriter.

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11 Responses

  1. who cares about the phillies. Going to be a boring summer until July 1 when nhl free agency starts up

  2. Well, it was hardly a top secret that Diekman was next in line to be called up. It wasn’t a question of if that kid would make The Show, but when.

  3. The next time I see a tweet from Schwimer it better be to announce he’s quitting baseball to sell appliances at Sears. In case you’re wondering, Kyle Kendrick still sucks.

  4. really Jay? You’re gonna hate on bastardo for an early rough outing? 162 games people. we knew coming into this that we’d struggle with offense with 2/3 of it missing.
    If the Phils can hover around 6-10GB by the time Howard returns the division is in reach as is the wild card.

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