Morning (Hard)wood: Bi-Curious Two-Sport Two-Win Crossbreeding

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The Sixers beat the Celtics in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals, 82-81. They led by eight going into the fourth quarter, lost the lead, briefly hopped on the see-saw, and then regained the lead for good when Evan Turner made this circus layup in the final minute:

That was redemption for his play a few minutes earlier when he sang the refrain to Here Come The Sixers instead of inbounding the ball in the allotted time. 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…

.GIF of the night


pic via (@nateriggins)

Jrue Holiday blows a kiss to the Garden faithful after draining a three in the final minutes to put the Sixers up one. 


The Phillies won a game on Sunday. They won last night, 5-1. And if they win their next game, it will be three in a row. That’s called a winning streak. It has been done before.

Fat Joe Blanton

7 IP, 6 H, 1 R, 7 K, 1 BB


Placido Polanco got his 2,000 hit by hitting a two-run home run.

Utley’s new knees

Chase is still not taking ground balls in the field.


Bryce Harper hit his first career home run, took a curtain call.

Snarky Tweet of the night

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Reader Brendan after Holiday's kiss.

Inadvertent t-shirt profanity on CSN

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Tickets start as low as $23 for Sixers-Celtics Game 3 in Philadelphia.


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  1. I asked yesterday… I’ll ask again…
    Who are these “Sixers” people are talking about?

  2. I hope you guys have steady employment, because comedy is definitely NOT your forte. Meanwhile, for the benefit of people who DO enjoy the NBA, that was a good win for the Sixers after Saturday’s letdown, not pretty, especially that third quarter when both teams hoisted enough bricks to build a replica of the Great Wall of China, but hey, the important thing is that the youngsters in Sixers colors learned how to close out a game, a lesson I hope they take to heart for game three and beyond.

  3. I’m not sure what is worse..that horrible beard or that fact that a grown adult would wear a plastic batting helmet to a game..

  4. few things about Douchebag’s 1st homer.
    a)why didn’t he get the silent treatment like every other rookie. guess his teammates are slurping harper’s juices too. just like…..
    b) the natinal’s announcers. jesus they’re almost as bad as big tits tmac and the retard crew. and sware i heard one of them wahcking off when harper was running the bases.
    c) harper thinking he deserves a curtain call after his 1st homer tells you everything you need to know about his douche level. at least strasburg seems like a humble dude.
    sidenote: My family knows some baseball people and they were at a rookie symposium type event where uber prospects had to stand up and introduce themselves. harper stands up, says “I think you all know who I am” and proceeds to sit back down.

  5. Hey man I’m a Philly guy… I just can’t stand basketball. I hope the Sixers do well though… and I got got steady employment so don’t hold your breath for my comedy tour!

  6. nats announcer takes a subtle shot at hamels at the end of that video. while he’s sucking harper’s dick regarding his home run trot (yes his home run trot) he proceeds to say “and the trot was fantastic, talk about actin like you’ve been there before, now THAT folks is OLD SCHOOL”

  7. Why not support a up and coming team that plays with passion and heart, and has an ownership group willing to accommodate their fans fiscally?

  8. Dear Bryce,
    1 HR in 56AB’s, only a wee bit shy of half of Freddy Galvis’ home run rate.
    OBP of .315 is .002 greater than Joe Blanton (.313) as of today.
    Curtain call, douche. Curtain call.

  9. WAY TO GO SIXERS.. As for all you who don’t care: no one cares what you think. Everyone thought we were not going to make the playoffs, but we did. No one thought we would beat the bulls, but we did. AND no one thinks that we will beat the celtics, but we will! We have dominated their team the whole entire series, and they have all of their top players active.

  10. Even when E.T. makes a filthy layup to put the Sixers up, Collins can’t look at him. What’s Doug’s problem with the kid?

  11. If Bryce hits a home and no one is there to see it (19,434 which is only 46.4% full) does it really count?

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