Morning (Hard)wood: Forcing 7

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We have ourselves a Game 7, folks. There was a pivotal moment last night, when the Celtics were down six or so, that the game could have gone one of two ways. Either the experienced Celtics were going to turn on their winning switch or just pack it in and wait for a Game 7 in Boston, in front of their home fans. 

They chose the latter, thanks in large part to the Sixers finally stepping on their throats with a chance to close out a game.

These playoffs have been odd. Most of the city has been in a “wait and see” mode. A holding pattern, if you will. Excitement has been tempered by the realization that no matter what happens during the first two rounds, the Sixers are probably going to have to play the Heat, which is a losing battle. But now we have a Game 7, on Saturday night, of Memorial Day weekend– a uniting event. If you recall, on that same evening in 2010, the Flyers played Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals and Roy Halladay threw a perfect game. 

Perhaps there will be some more heroics this year.

Future Dodgers

Cole Hamels added a year and $17 million to his next contract last night:

8 IP, 4 H, 0 ER, 8 K, 3 BB

Ryan Howard had muscle removed from his heel area

Seemingly influenced by the Inquirer’s all-out assault on the Phillies’ media relations, Ruben Amaro is coming clean about Ryan Howard’s second surgery. He had some muscle removed:

“When he had that infection, that had to debride quite a bit of it out of that area. And when they did that, they had to take actual meat, and muscle out of that area, which obviously made this rehab much, much longer than it should be. Unfortunately we can’t control the fact that he did get an infection, but you know, it happened. It was a result of his body kind of rejecting the stitches out of his body. But these are things that happen, they are complications that happen, and unfortunately it’s hurting our club.”


They hid that for three months. Three.

Sexy soccer players 

Jrue Holiday is dating US Women’s Soccer player Lauren Cheyney. This Tweet from the lovely Alex Morgan would seem to indicate that most of the team was in attendance last night:

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I wonder why A-Mo wasn’t there? I also wonder who she was going to bed with??


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Is this Jason Babin’s car? 

Max Talbot

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Earlier this week, reader Brendan ran into MAX TALBOT at the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Meanwhile, Mike Richards and Jeff Carter on Tuesday night: 

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Paul Pierce Playing Poker at Parx

Fuck yeah, alliteration!

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He was there again on Tuesday night. One reader, with connections there, tells us that Cliff Lee and Michael Phelps have also been known to play in the Parx poker room (separately).


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The award for creepiest stalker photo ever on CB: Juan Castillo at the Phillies game on Tuesday.


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  1. I told you numbskulls a while ago about howards wound needing another surgery to get it to close. September… if he’s lucky. I wouldn’t even bet the house on it.

  2. That photo of Richards and Carter looks about right…Richie is pitching.

  3. well ritchie and cartsy weren’t winning it here being the leaders, so if the trades that sent them to be supporting players on a team that now with them can stop the devils or rangers from hoisting the cup… ill take it.

  4. Jason Babin can’t stop the run, but he can probably rock a popped collar while jamming out to John Mayer like a boss.

  5. No matter what happens on Saturday, the Sixers have exceeded any and all expectations by a ridiculous degree. Even though they don’t have a fraction as much talent of the teams remaining in the playoffs, they damn sure have more heart than any of the others, and they’ve shown plenty of that.

  6. so I guess the 2 blondes that hacve been behing the sixers bench are us soccer players?????
    -No doubt Jason Babin rocks out to Dave Matthews Band, enjoying a bud lite lime while relaxing on his deck. Also def showing off his terrible tribal tats

  7. Did Reuben say how many stitches that Ryan had? No? Bastard is keeping that from us!!!!
    Grow up please.

  8. That is not Babin’s car just like they had the customized Trotter nissan i assume this is one for babin.

  9. even Rhea Hughes had her own BMW demo…heard they scrapped the thing when she returned it due to the stench of dead fish and Angelo Cataldi DNA found all over

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