Morning Wood: Useless

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Bit of a late start today. Charlie Manuel laid into the Phillies following an embarrassing 10-6 loss:

“I knew exactly what to tell them."

“I’ve been wanting to talk to them for a while, like I said.”

“One of them was we gotta wake up and play better. And actually, how we’ve been going about playing. And you know, like, what we been doing. And if we’re goign to win and be able to go where we want to go, we better start playing better.”


That may have been putting it mildly. CSN Philly’s Jim Salisbury provides more detail:

 In fact, after what Manuel watched on the field in a 10-6 loss to the Mets — some sloppy fielding, runners left all over the basepaths and another implosion by his bullpen — he couldn't contain himself for a second straight night. He unloaded on his club in a closed-door team meeting after getting swept at home by the division-rival Mets.

The lambasting covered the gamut. Manuel had enough of everything, from the shoddy execution to lackadaisical approach.


Delco Times reporter Ryan Lawrence notes that this was the most heated he's seen Manuel in quite some time:

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As it should be. 

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27 Responses

  1. I think Amaro has made some shitty moves in the offseason, especially not signing any quick and fast guys off the bench, and someone to replace Utley/Polanco/rollins when they injured for a month or two.
    I think Uncle Cholly is creeping up in age to the point that he cannot manage a game properly. We have seen him get outcoached now for the third year in a row. I started having my doubts when he screwed up against the Giants in the playoffs, and I am already having my doubts this early in the season. It is dumb replacements and moves late in games that have caused 4-7 loses. I love the guy for 2008, but that was 4 years ago. It’s time to live in the now and recognize our long ball won’t carry us the way it used to. We need small ball, and a small ball manager. Charlie is not a small ball manager. Get rid of him and bring in fresh blood.

  2. In Amaro’s quest to satisfy his addiction to starting pitchers, he has essentially ignored the advancing age and declining ability of our lineup, as well as our terrible bullpen. But don’t worry, we can always dig into our farm system. Oh wait, Amaro sold that out a long time ago.
    Welcome back to the late 1990s!

  3. The Phillies recap has been called “Morning Wood” for a while now. Anyway, this team is in trouble. No clutch hitting, fielding, or bullpen. If they arent sellers at the deadline they are kidding themselves.
    Only about 120 days till Flyers preseason!!

  4. Jim Salisbury is a complete MORON, ask him if he still thinks Ryan Howard is “Ahead of schedule”….or how about his “Chase Utley is ok” articles…….or how about his “Phillies and Cole Hamels are about to sign an extension and his agent is in town to get it done” pieces???? The guy is the biggest JOKE of a Sports Writer in the HISTORY OF SPORTS, HORRIBLE he is!!!!! Not a surprise though, he came from The News Journal, the only publication that allows the writers and editors to misspell EVERY FUCKING THING!!!!!
    But then again, I am the 2nd worst writer/reporter in the History Of Sports

  5. Well, it’s about time Uncle Charlie cut loose. The problem is, I worry that it’s already too late. Is what we’ve seen from the Phillies after a month and a half: inconsistent starting pitching, a limp-dick lineup and a pathetic relief corps what we’re going to get for the rest of the season? I like to think, no, HOPE that’s not the case, that things will get better with time, but with each passing day and each new loss, my optimism about the Phils is waning because I suspect there is no cure. And that makes me damn angry because this team should be playing better than it has, because what I’ve seen has been absolute shit.
    As for the whiners complaining about the site—-STFU! If you don’t like what you see, get out!

  6. I can’t get over the fact that they sent Kendrick back out to start the 8th. He got hammered in the 7th and gave up the lead, but he got out of the inning and they were still in the game. WHY WOULD YOU SEND HIM BACK OUT TO GET HIT AGAIN?
    You can’t keep asking him to be a utility pitcher. He eventually settles into his role, either as low-rotation starter, or reliever, rather nicely. But the jumping back and forth has always screwed with him.
    These past two games have come down to two coaching moves that cost the win. Last night was sending Kendrick back out, and Tuesday was keeping Orr in the game instead of pulling a double switch when you take out Blanton to bring in Galvis. I’m not one to blame Charlie for much. I think he’s done a decent enough job over the past few years… But these two games came down to these two moves. Overlooking the bullpen and the mediocre line-up, the moves weren’t explainable, and cost the team each game.

  7. Rube is such a genius! The Howard and Paplebon contracts were genius! Let’s throw $50MM at a closer! Yeah Rube!
    Somewhere, Pat Gillick smiles.

  8. This post originally had some long diatribe about saggy balls that got taken out, that is the dick and ball joke being referred to. Look at the name of the post in the URL!

  9. strange, what happened to the original part? I think it is ridiculous to blame RAJ for any of this. He has put together one heck of a baseball team. Now it is the player’s turn to play to their potential. Almost every player in the lineup and the bullpen is vastly underachieving. That is their fault, not RAJ’s. Also doesn’t help Utley and Howard are hurt…

  10. joyebaps: +1
    He also fudged up monday when he bunted Ruiz and Polanco to get to Galvis and Kratz so they could hit in the 8th.

  11. hey should be mad because unless the phillies go on a 2 week winning streak, Charlie will be gone by Memorial Day.

  12. They need to shit can Rube before he fucks this team up any further. Increased payroll 4 straight years with diminishing results each year. Cut the cord and get someone the who knows how to build a team the fuck in here. Jesus Christ.

  13. joeybaps: From what little I could gather, it sounds like Uncle Charlie had little choice about sending Kendrick back out in the eighth to get lit up. Antonio Bastardo hasn’t pitched for crap lately and threw nearly 40 pitches the previous night, Brian Sanches and Joe Savery are garbage and, for reasons known only to Manuel, he DNP’d Chad Qualls. Did I agree with leaving KK out there? Hell no! I was screaming bloody murder too.
    Clearly, Charlie’s grasping at straws right now, and this shell of a team is exposing his weaknesses as a strategist nightly. But Ruben Amaro has to shoulder some of the blame for not fortifying the bullpen when he had the chance, instead, he threw all his eggs in the basket that was Jonathan Papelbon, an expensive toy that might only be used once a week, if that because of the scrubs and stiffs blowing leads left and right, keeping him off the mound.

  14. This is the end
    Beautiful friend
    This is the end
    My only friend, the end
    Of our elaborate plans, the end
    Of everything that stands, the end
    No safety or surprise, the end
    I’ll never look into your eyes…again
    The dark times (late 90’s) are back.

  15. Ruben Amaro is a shady fuck and a huge point of blame! WE NEED HITTERS! If a girl like me can realize that but the owner of a major league team can’t, well then that’s just pathetic! Also, this comments section is out of control. If you think Kyle is so lame then WHY THE FUCK DO YOU READ HIS WEBSITE??

  16. “pants mouth” might be the greatest euphemism for vagina I have ever seen. Can’t believe I never heard that before.
    I know I’m in the minority, but I’m really not worried about this team, yet.
    If they are more than 2 games under .500 and still playing like this come July 31st, then I’ll start to worry.
    I’d rather have the team that struggles through the year, gets hot at the end and rolls into the playoffs than the 102 win team that coasts for the last couple weeks.

  17. Our biggest problem is not the bats. Our run average is up over the past couple of weeks. Unfortunately, our BP ERA is up higher.
    We need a reliever who can get three straight outs in an inning. The starting pitcher and the offense got the job done last night and the bullpen crapped the bed, which is quickly becoming the norm.
    One of our relievers needs to step up and someone needs to remind Crazy Papy that holding a tie is just as important as closing a game out.

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