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And thus began a lousy evening in North Jersey.

As you may have heard by now (…), the Flyers lost Game 3 in overtime last night, 4-3. They lost because they’re all playing like December James van Riemsdyk– heavy on the skill, but easy on the vigor. Almost to a man, the Flyers are getting beat to pucks, and then pushed off them once they get there. 

Ilya Bryzgalov has turned in – by far – his two best efforts of the playoffs in Games 2 and 3, yet the Flyers have nothing to show for it. 

Look, I even came up with a Reuben Frank-like stat to put the misery into some context:

The Flyers are 0 for their last 4 evening games, with their previous three wins coming on each of the past three Sundays. 

That’s right, thanks to the NHL schedule makers and THE TEAM FUCKING GOING TO BED BEFORE JEOPARDY, the Flyers haven’t won a weeknight game since Game 2 in Pittsburgh, on April 13.

Let’s delve.


Braydon Coburn


He head-butted a man in overtime. 



If you want to see a way in which officials can directly influence a game, you need to look no further than what happened in the second period last night.  

When Ilya Kovalchuk flipped a puck off Matt Read and into the crowd, officials called him for a delay-of-game penalty, ignoring the fact that the puck glanced off Read. It was a lousy call that, predictably, let to another similarly lousy call.

Screen Shot 2012-05-04 at 8.51.00 AM 

That’s Brayden Schenn interfering with the guy who once fucked his sister-in-law, before James van Riemsdyk buried the puck into the back of the net. Goal called off. Penalty on Schenn. Technically, the call was correct. Schenn made contact with Brodeur. But, had Kovalchuk not been given a penalty just moments earlier (played on the scoreboard for all to see how wrong the call was), chances are Schenn wouldn’t have gotten whistled for such a minor violation, which had Brodeur flailing to the ice like an asshole.


Sean Couturier 

Unless Howard Eskin tells us, we’re never going to know what happened to the Cooter. He left the ice with what is being classified as a lower-body injury. Some thought it was a cut, but replays reveal that his left knee gave out while he was involved in a scrum in the corner. 

I actually think it could be his groin or his hip, because the stress didn’t appear to be his on his knee.

There are reports that he'll be fine.



Danny Briere isn’t happy with it. Here’s what he told reporters after the game:

“Power plays cost us the game tonight. I was trying to protect it– the first two games saying that good things were going to happen, it was just a matter of time. But, ah, the last two games, the all-around effort on the power play is just not good enough. It seems like we just think that they’re going to let us do whatever we want out there. Um, their penalty kill unit is outworking us by a mile and it’s the reason why we lost the last two games."

"Um, you know, the 10-12 guys that are on the powerplay we, ah, it’s time to step up here now. Want to be out there. It’s an honor to be out there. Right now we take it for granted.”


Well said, Mr. Soft Hands. Well said.

Elsewhere around the league, an icegirl picked up a catfish with her bare hands in Nashville. It was… hot?

Mike Richards had a Gordie Howe hat trick last night and the Kings are up 3-0:


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  1. Seasons over. Lack of effort, physicality, and overall sense of urgery is disturbing after what they showed in the Pittsburgh series. Too many saucer passes and cross ice low percentage plays. Jersey gets the sticks on everything and the Flyers havent adjusted in the least. From Read’s goal in Game 2 and Briere and Shenn’s last night… GET THE FUCKIN PUCK ON THE NET!!!!!!!!!! Kubina in for Gus next game, hes too small to deal with NJ in the corners.

  2. Kubina in for Gus in redic…all devils are doing is dumping the puck in n chasing, and since bryz cant leave the net without causing more issues, you cant have kubina’s slow ass chasing down pucks. Wont happen.

  3. Energy, they lacked it last night big time. Seems like they are going through the motions. No “Jam”, as Lavy says, is clearly going on. The Power Play looked lost, almost as if though they expect to score now, instead of work to score. I do have to say it was a sloppy game last night with the ice conditions and teams that work harder generally win those games. The Flyers were not that team.

  4. When did Jagr start skating on prosthetic legs? And has anyone seen Maxime?

  5. F’n entire blue line was an abomination yesterday … F’n Grossman on the Kovy goal … wtf are you thinking drifting over when Coburn had the inside coverage??? F’n Matt Carle and Lilja combination on the Parise goal … could you be any more of a bitch Matt Carle?? F’n Gus awful line change on the GW goal … just awful defensive play anyone who doesn’t think we miss Pronger needs their head re-examined.

  6. Flyers lose every year and will get a free pass again.. F Ed Synder

  7. Overall terrible game for just about the entire team last night, except in goal…. Devils OWN the floor check game, Flyers are spending way too much time in their own zone and nearly no time in NJ’s. The devils dump and chase, get there and spend time behind the net, in the corners where ever. Flyers dump and chase, and touch it one time and are either getting out hustled to the puck and its cleared out, or they come on a rush and thats it. Thats all the flyers seemed to have last night was “rushes” no real sustained pressure, or maybe if they did it just paled in comparison to the devils. Also the total game was a disaster, sloopy line change, then Lilja not pushing the guy to a wider angle AND also letting him get to the rebound. Errant passing weak clear attempts, this team looks like a far cry from the team 3 or 4 games ago. Lavs better get them straightened out!

  8. Fucking Refs blew that game hard by taking away that goal. Goalie interference my fucking ass Brodeur jumped on to the ice like he was hit by a fucking SEPTA bus. I’m not usually this mad about loses but this ones got me amped up.

  9. This team has no heart. They skate slowly around the rink as if the devils wil wait for them to get the puck. This is awful awful hockey to watch and a total disgrace to this city and the fans who pay in the neighborhood of $100 a ticket at least.

  10. Totally agree… Carle on the Parise goal was embarrassing. Way to totally negate burying your first slap shot of the year to tie the game by admiring Parise at the side of your own net.
    And Grossman too…. ugh. Isn’t he the lauded defensive stalwart?
    And as far as goalie intereference goes… so much was made out of Kovalchuk hitting the post… but how was there no mention (or call) on the Devil that simply slid right into Bryz and took him out? Everyone was so focused on Kovy ringing the dinner bell that no one noticed Bryz getting Posey’d. Considering how they’re calling the goalie interference….should have been a call, and if that goal had counted… OUTRAGE!

  11. Not enough bump and grind from the Flyers like the first series…they need to wake the heck up from that 7 day layover. I believe they are a better team if they would just adjust and get to the puck. They are allowing NJ to be all over the puck…start playing hard hockey and stop with the soft passes this team is all over you it isn’t working…they need to push through and knock this team around to get them off their game! I still believe the FLyers will win this series. When they start playing they are the better team for sure…Bryz has been doing his job now if the team would show up in front of him.

  12. Defense has looked horrible.
    Also, is anyone else sick of JVR? He just seems so incredibly lazy to me… He’s never goign to be anything if he doesn’t hustle for the puck.

  13. Before I go any further, I am so sick of hearing all the negative posts and whining. This team has 7 rookies and haven’t had their Captain who is also their best D-man since December. This Flyers team has exceeded expectations. No matter what the outcome of this series, there is nothing to be mad at or ashamed of regarding this team.
    I really think 90% of the people complaining and saying this team sucks has only been watching them for the past 2 weeks.

  14. hahaha, man you guys with the “this team has no heart” comments are something else. You should be embarrassed. Do me a favor and go back to waiting for the Eagles season to start.

  15. I love Danny but he wasted a half minute of PP time showing everyone what a great puck handler he was behind the net before passing the puck off. They played a pretty good game regardless and NJ won it in OT on a perfect rebound. That’s how the game unfolds sometimes. The Flyers need to get the puck out of their zone and play a more offensive game if they want to win this thing.
    Flyers in 6 my friends…….

  16. Time for G to step the fuck up. Where harts been too.
    What a bad week in sports
    @ Stengel- I agree pussy

  17. Flyers can still do this. Someone needs to step up and light a fire under their asses. I’d like to see more scrumming after the whistle around the net. This gentlemen hockey crap is allowing the Flyers to play “loosey goosey.” Come on boys, step it up! I do like the Coburn headbutt. This is playoff hockey, not street roller hockey. How can you let Kovalchuk skate free and and take a shot inside the circle? How can you let anyone take a shot from inside the circle? Three Flyers were down low on that play, and they were all on the wrong side. I want my Flyers back!!!!

  18. mvptommyd… amen. People quickly forget that nobody expected this team to do much of anything this season before the first puck was dropped in October.

  19. Flyers are playing with no heart. Did they get 1 lose puck last night & how lazy do you have to be do a line change on that part of the ice in a crucial spot
    Reminds me of the flyers, devils matchups in the 90s & early 2000s.

  20. Those cunts really showed the Stevens hit on Lindros? I’m goin up there sunday night and knocking a fan’s fucking teeth out, believe dat

  21. People seem to be confusing expectations of the teams success with expectations of the hustle and work ethic of the players. The Flyers were out hustled, out worked and simply out played last night. If they were scrapping in the corners, getting to loose pucks, crisper passes, smarter clears, etc, and still losing, i dont think people would have been as pissed or “quick to judge”…. losing b/c you gave it all and just werent the better team is respectable and acceptable, but losing b/c you look like shit multiple times in multiple facets of the game, is not acceptable

  22. speak for yourself evaporation. i expect greatness from this team every year. and as for what “everyone” expected from them at the beginning of the season, who gives a shit. here we are, round 2 of the playoffs, losing to the fucking devils. we are worlds better than this team and as dedicated, die hard fans, we know that. flyers need to wise up. sloppy passing last night. i don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the turnovers. jagr was one of the worst players on the ice. voracek and wellwood were the stars last night because they were the only two guys that hustled. everyone else waited for shit to happen, and we aren’t gonna beat this team that way. they better get their shit straight, or else they’re gonna be watching from home while their buddies mike and jeff hoist a cup in LA.

  23. Seriously though, scratch Lilja. I don’t care who replaces him. Kubina, Bordoun, Mezaros, a roadkill on the side of the NJ turnpike…

  24. release zac rinaldo out there to get these guys going, embarrassing game last night

  25. Everytime I listen to mike miss, I bet the game & lose. Fucking mush.
    MVP Tommyd- dude you are a loser who is fine with the flyers not winning the cup since 1975. Ed snider is probably your hero

  26. NJD forecheck is ferocious, not giving the Flyers D time to think with the puck…but what is so frustrating is that they ARE taking that extra second to think. High & Hard around the boards/off the glass & the wingers support @ the half-wall. I’d rather the NJD have to work off intercepting the clear along the boards than having it stripped behind our own net. This series has come down to turnovers and NJ is feeding off of it. Flip-side: our forwards are NOT pressuring their D enough at all. Much of that has to do with the ability of Brodeur. Solution? The dumps have to be calculatted, the league implemented the trapezoid because of NJD #30…the dumps have to fall into those corners and not on the hard-around.

  27. It’s sad to watch this team lose because of two things that can easily be fixed: their effort an their system.
    The are playing with Jam as Lavy likes to say, but for only short periods of time. They just can’t seem to sustain it the way they did in the Shittsburgh series.
    The other is the system. The Devils forecheck has been good. Pittsburgh didn’t even know the definition of the word. Anyone who has played hockey, like myself, knows there are ways to beat any forecheck. The way to beat this Devils forecheck is quick puck movement out if the zone. Stop standing still & trying to throw stretch passes. And for god sakes get the puck out of the zone on the first try. Limit turnovers in the neutral zone. It’s easier said than done sure, but when the Devils pressure the puck the Flyers look lost.
    It’s all about adjustments. Lavy must adjust the system, and get these boys playing with Jam for 60 minutes.
    I’m just pissed they are down 2-1 to this shit team & wanted to get this off my chest.

  28. 10 more years of Bryz means no defenseman upgrades and possible loss of 1 or 2 young forwards down the road.
    The Phillies 2008 championship has blinded us all from the complete joke that the Flyers and Eagles and Sixers have become. Three franchises averaging 40 years since the their last championship. The aformentioned Phillies, 2008 aside, have two championships in 129 years. They went 97 years before winning one.
    This is why fans have absolutely no patience for these teams. Ed Snider may have passion; the new Sixers ownership may be fan friendly; and the Eagles may make the playoffs most years – however none of the erases those stats from above.
    The Flyers need to swallow their pride and start embracing the style of play that wins cups. Patient defense clogging the zone at the expense of offense. Until that changes, they will not win cups, whether or not Ed Snider likes to play hockey that way. This is not 1975 anymore.

  29. C’mon FLYGIRLS, the Rangers are waiting to make it 10-0 vs you this year … step your game up

  30. Wow, all it takes is for the Flyers to fall down by 1 game in a series and it’s now over? Really? The Devils were down 3-2 to the pathetic Panthers and still won the series. It ain’t over till it’s over. Obviously, no one is happy with the effort the past two games. Truth be told though, a crap call here, a lucky bounce there, or a schenn deflection in ot and we win the game. So as much the flyers got outplayed, they were still in it. In fact, the FLyers really controlled the OT. It was a horrific line change that lost the game. The Devils have played their best, while the Flyers haven’t played anywhere near their best yet. Worried? Not now. If they lose Sunday night, then we can worry. Until then, stop your BS crying. Nobody wants to hear your fair weather garbage. You’re worse than the freaking national media. Who knew we had our very own Mike Milbury’s on here. One game doesn’t make a series. When the Flyers come back and win, you can all go away and don’t jump back on the bandwagon.

  31. I am not going to say anything is over, I am not going to go into detail about why we lost last 2 or anything, I will ask:
    (1) Where is the effort that we displayed in a majority of the Pitt series?
    (2) Why does it go away so badly?
    (3) Is NJ really this good?
    …anyone know?

  32. For fucking fuck’s sake. You people are some of the most ignorant fucking fans ever.
    Let me guess, you’re all whining “no heart” because there hasn’t been a line brawl yet, correct? Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Just. Shut. The. Fuck. UP. You especially, Aaron. You didn’t display any effort last round. You sat on you fucking couch and watched the game. There is no “WE”. Is this team playing a full 60 minutes of hockey? Not yet. But then again, it really hasn’t all season except for that last game of the last series.
    Jersey’s forecheck is just disgustingly good. They are fucking owning the neutral zone, forcing the Flyers to dump into the puck around and just wearing everyone out. They are putting two guys in front of the net on offense and no one is clearing. The effort is there, but Jersey has designed a system to kill it. Yes, it mush be adjusted. Lavy better get on that shit.

  33. So now I know for sure that everyone complaining just tuned in 2 weeks ago with statements like “the devils suck”. Um, actually they don’t. They were only 1 point behind us this year in the regular season. Also, the fact that Parise, Salvador and Carter are all playing for contracts must weigh into things as well. Especially Parise who has been the best player on the ice. With the way he has played, someone will give him a huge deal.
    Just because the talking heads and CSN says they aren’t good, doesn’t make it true. Tocchet even said last night he was sorry for saying Flyers would roll the Devils.

  34. Phillies fan who lives in Atlanta, works in New York, and goes to school in Miami******** says:

    Their system is making them look good……..the only 2 guys that look like they even want it are Parise who’s playing like a mad man, and Zubrus hitting everything and site and just out working everyone

  35. That looks like the Richards we had before we gave him the C. remember? back in the days of Gator’s (Jason Smith for all you people who suck and dont remember 4 years ago) reign. Richards had the A. He would hit, fight, and score like a man possessed. He got the C and started coasting (Maybe thats what he thought it stood for?) and now hes in LA, with no letter on his jersey ie – no pressure to lead, just play and hes back to his old tricks.
    Seriously though with the flyers now. An amber alert needs to be issued for Talbot, The whole first line, Kimmo Timonen (dodges stones), and Matt Read. Because none of those guys have shown up in this series. My second point is – why do we have fucking Lilja (traffic cone) in the lineup when we have a perfectly awesome at hockey Pavel Kubina in the press box? And also…matt fucking carle. why is that guy playing 20 minutes a game, on the pp, pk, critical moments at the end of the game, in OT, etc. For a player in a contract year ive never seen anyone play this badly. He sucked to begin with but now hes just awful. I think Gus deserves more icetime, grossmann should lose 4-5 minutes a game. Coburn shoud be playing more and for the love of god can we get an update on Meszaros?? They miss him dearly

  36. Dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase dump and chase….
    But that was just one of the many problems.

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