Paul Holmgren: “[Bryz’s] Job is to Stop Pucks and Help Us Win Games, it’s Not Comedy Central”

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Paul Holmgren, who was taken to a hospital last summer following a biking accident in Avalon, showed up to today’s all-too-Philly press conference (year end commiseration) wearing a tie adorned with bicycles. The irony is perfect, because both the bike and this season had a way of sending its riders face first into the pavement…

Anyway, Homer spoke at length about the team. There were the usual remarks about reasons for losing, possible offseason acquisitions, and areas on which to improve. The highlight, however, came when Homer was asked about Ilya Bryzgalov, and Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, who, in case you haven’t noticed, are still playing.

First, on Bryz and muzzling his personality, which the Flyers did at times this season:

“His job is to stop pucks and help us win games, it’s not Comedy Central. There’s probably a middle of the road scenario there. He’s a funny guy a talk to, I don’t think there’s any question about that. He’s got some interesting concept about life and how to walk down the road of life.”

Get a kick out of it?

“I know when to walk away. When I’m talking to him I just say, hey buddy, I got to go.”


Here, listen:

Homer also gave his thoughts on Richards and Carter, and said he wished them well and would like to see them win a Stanley Cup one day.

I bet.

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22 Responses

  1. gotta think thats just frustration coming from homer. when you step back and look at this year as a whole, bryz’s play over the first half of the season had little bearing on the overall outcome. the flyers were given a beatable team in the devils and just shanked it. bryz was the best player on the team in the 2nd round and he gave them chances to win.

  2. Bryz is the definition of mediocre. He is incapable of having a shutout or 1 goal game (except for his lucky stretch in March)…He consistency lets up 2 or 3 goals a game no matter if he faces alot of shots or low number of shots. He cant win or steal a game EVER.

  3. WTF does Holmgren falling off his bike last year have to do with anything? You are such a d’bag, yet I am a fool for continuing to come to this site.
    Where’s the Nats hate?

  4. Holmgrem should fire Lavy. He does not know how to make adjustments & gets a pass because of 24/7

  5. Richards & Carter are only still playing because of Jonathan Quick. That guy might single-handedly win them a Cup. Also Homer didn’t trade Carter to LA… just Richards. So just because Jeff cried his way out of the abyss known as Columbus, Homer had no control of that. The trades were solid trades. Next year if Bryz isn’t better than you know you have a HUMANGAS BIG problem on your hands.
    I’ll bet 90% of the readers on this site, hell 90% of Flyers fans didn’t think this team would seriously contend this year. So the season is a disappointment but this team is set for another 5+ years of serious contention. Unlike the baseball and basketball teams.
    Add a solid D man and this team is better next year. No doubt.

  6. D needs to be stronger. Gotta find a way to get Weber. Suter isn’t a big hitter. Suter = Carle.
    Out: Carle, Lilja.
    In: Weber & Carkner.
    Pronger? – Weber
    Timonen – Coburn
    Grossmann – Meszaros
    Pronger is the wild card. If he’s done, keep Carle too.

  7. Bryz is incapable of putting up a shutout except his lucky streak in March? Are you fucking kidding me? I guess no goalies can put up shutouts… since Bryz ranks THIRD in the NHL in shutouts over the past 3 years (with 21).
    I understand people were frustrated with him earlier this season. But those struggles had no bearing on the way the season ended. He was the Flyers’ best player vs NJ.
    Research your shit before you spew bullshit.
    Flyers pick up Weber and they are once again Cup contenders next year. Especially if the rookies can grow.

  8. Millsy, how the hell do you expect us to afford pronger and weber? WTF is wrong with you?

  9. @State Farm
    Yup, that month long stretch where he set a franchise record for the longest shutout streak was all luck. Good call. Maybe if your mom didn’t beer bong Everclear while you were still in the womb, then you’d be capable of realizing that Bryz was not the reason the Flyers will be teeing off this weekend. That month where he was dominant, the team was also playing defense, and the team was rolling on all cylinders. The reason why Lundqvuist and Quick can steal games is because their team doesn’t make boneheaded plays in their own zone 10 times a game (See: Carle, Matt). If the Flyers played like they were in March, they’d still be playing. FACT.

  10. @ TVP – the worst part is your kids will ultimately be d’bags as well. Way to keep us moving forward huh?

  11. Speaking of Shitty goalies, I just played my first career game as a forward in a mens league and low and behold it was against the almighty Chirp’s team….if it was possible you got worse than in college. Measely 6 goals for me tonight. House owned you

  12. Did I really just see someone say Weber = carle…
    @onemanwolfpack…right on about the Kings. Quick has been phenomenal but so has Dustin Brown and the D has been pretty solid. I think Carter has one goal? Richards a couple.
    Still do not want to see them raise the cup…

  13. yo, DOPE, because he was wearing fucking bicycles on his tie. it’s funny. LIGHTEN UP
    Posted by: Kyle Scott
    No, it’s still not funny.
    Onemanwolfpack and most of the others who commented here are correct, no one thought this team would make a cup run when the season started, it was a fun and sometimes frustrating season, after beating the pens, the team looked good, I thought they’d beat the Devils but not get to or win the cup, to suck in round 2 was disappointing.
    Get some D and if Bryz plays like he is capable, next year will be better.

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