Question: How Many Nationals Fans Showed Up To Watch Bryce Harper’s Home Debut Last Night?

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 9.44.29 AM
: Not a lot! 

I know we’re beating a dead horse (perhaps one that was never alive, either), but let’s. just. keep. beating… because it feels nice

Last night, Bryce Harper – The Choosen One, The Next Best Thing, Brycecakes, the self-proclaimed future best player of all-time – made his home debut at Nationals Park. Attendance: 22,675.

Stadium capacity? 41,487 (record was 44,685, set last August… against the Phillies).


The Nationals spent nearly the entire offseason promoting a three-game series against the Phillies in early May, which they’re probably not going to sell out, but perhaps should have focused on the macro… the big picture… the greater good: the fact that they lay claim to Harper, who, admittedly, is a talent to behold.

So we have to ask: If a phenom makes his home debut and an INSANE throw to the plate but no one is there to see it, does it really happen? I think not. 

Screen Shot 2012-05-02 at 9.45.33 AM

He was called safe… pic via reader Shawn

Watch the video after the jump. For real, it’s unbelievable.


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49 Responses

  1. Jesus Christ Kyle, we get that you hate the Nationals.
    Give it a Fucking rest, it’s not like they’re anywhere near as horrible a franchise as the Dallas Cowboys or the Pittsburgh Penguins

  2. Beck if you don’t like it…don’t read it loser. No one is making you read it.

  3. crazy …
    I dont remember a packed house for Scott Rolens first game
    I dont remember a packed house for J-Rolls first game
    I dont remember a packed house for Pat Burrell’s first game
    I dont remember a packed house for Randy Wolf’s first game
    I dont remember a packed house for … a whole lot of shit before mid way of 2008
    Kyle … if you don’t remember the Phils didn’t always sell out or even come close. I remember though
    NO LOVE,
    Beez Nutz

  4. 22,675 = tickets DISTRIBUTED, not fannies in seats so the ACTUAL attendance was much less.
    Sad, because it was yet another beautiful evening in DC.

  5. Harper’s got an accurate arm, that’s the 2nd or 3rd time he’s almost thrown someone out at home. Last 2 times should of been outs.

  6. Ah, Phillies fans calling out other struggling franchises for lack of “butts in the seats.” Remember the days of empty rows at the Vet and even beginning of CBP. How some become so entitled. Nice sellout streak, but you’ll never catch the Red Sox. Keep dreaming.

  7. @Beez all those players weren’t being promoted as the second coming of christ

  8. Harper has a cannon. There is no denying it. I’m sooo going to love hating this guy. Harper and the Nats are going to fill the Void Beltran and the Mets left us. Isn’t that special?

  9. That arm , while good, is not nearly as strong as vlad’s or ichiro. That kinda ballooned up

  10. @Beez none of them were hyped up to be the greatest player of fall time and the phillies weren’t embarrassing themselves desperately trying to sell out every game claiming this is the year they make their run, completely different situation

  11. that was a strong throw…. but not accurate, not taking anything from him, cause i know i could never do that, not even close, but he sailed it high and wide(closer to the mound taking the catcher out of the baseline), needless to say it was impressive.
    and @beeznuts, i echo someone else when saying that all the phils prospects you listed were never on the cover of Sports Illustrated, in high school or even 1 tenth of the media coverage…. BUT i DO remember when you would be able to send in 2 proof of purchases from Phillies Franks to get tickets to The Vet!

  12. Did someone really just try to compare Bryce Harper’s home debut ….to Randy Wolf, etc ??
    Get a phuckin clue brrro. The National media (and the Nationals media) have been hyping this kid since he was 16 (and since he was the #1 overall pick). . .
    The Phillies drew WAY more fans than that in every season since they’ve opened CBP … The shame of it is, Washington DC has a decent baseball team, but its just not a baseball town

  13. Bryce Harper doesn’t care what people say about his haircut … his boyfriend LOVES the Mullhawk, and made Brycie pinkie-promise that he would keep it like that

  14. LOLZZZ at the guy who says that throw wasn’t accurate. Did you see how deep he caught that? He’s one of like 3 LF’s in the league who could make that play at the plate possible.

  15. I agree with Beez Nutz, this is a total non-story. The gNats weren’t about to sell out a meaningless mid-week game agaist the faceless Arizona D-Backs if Albert Pujols was making his debut for Washington. That said, I have to admit Harper does look like a keeper. Makes me wish the Phillies had a beast like him in their minor league system.

  16. Ice Cold – you just killed it with that Bryce Harper gay joke.
    10 years ago you could sit in your own row – maybe your own section at the Vet, the parking lots were empty and no one gave a shit about the Phillies. Much like noone gives a shit about the Nationals now, but they’re young and talented and in time they will put asses in the seats. Before the Phils were the latest trend and fashion statement for everyone circa 2007, this was not a “baseball town”.

  17. Everyone who says this isnt comparable is a little off
    1. Pat Burrell was VERY hyped both nationally and locally
    2. All of those people I named were extremely hyped prospects as the phillies go locally .. not so much nationally, that I agree with
    3. Media coverage in general now is ridiculous for young players. So its a little different in saying none of our guys were on SI at 16.
    4. The point is .. these were major prospects coming through the organization. All of them were debuted in the days of The Vet … and all of them had debuts with crowds UNDER 25 K … to say its not comparable is a joke

  18. pat burrell was not heralded as the next greatest player ever. not even close.

  19. And not for nothing
    most of the people in that area are basically Orioles fans… so that organization is trying to create a foot hold in another teams established area.

  20. Didnt say he was hyped as the best ever … just very hyped, which he was

  21. @Beez Nutz…
    Regardless of all of your historical prospect talk, I believe the point you’re missing is the Nationals, who are quickly becoming the MLB’s new darling, can’t even fill their gorgeous new stadium half way, even with the Second Coming of Christ playing his first pro game.
    You’d think a burgeoning fan base might get excited about such an event, ESPECIALLY when the team is good, and leading the division. Not in DC.
    Mark my words… even if the Nationals win the NL East this year, they’ll still struggle to sell out games next season. That’s the difference between them and us. Philly fans actually care enough to support our teams.
    Flash back to, say, 2002. If the Phillies were leading the division at this point in the season, do you think the Vet would have been barely 1/3 full? Not a chance in hell.

  22. @beez
    bro, get with the program. rollins, wolf, burrell werent even close to the hype of Bryce. hahaha how could you even compare them to bryce? plus, the Vet had about 70,00 seats probably.

  23. soooo in a stadium that holds “about 70 K” they drew under 25 K … is that better or worse ??
    And again, Burrell was very hyped .. and as I said, yes the hype cant be compared to Harper
    the fact is it aint like people were flying out in the masses to see our top prospects either.
    go to espn and look up our attendance number before 07 .. they are atrocious and alot of the teams were in playoffs races.

  24. Nationals Attendance by year since opening their new park in 2008 … 29,005
    ……..Phillies by year since opening CBP 40,589

  25. pretty sure the phillies never tried to sell ticket packages to a different team’s fan base to pad ticket sales when they sucked, and then turn around less than a few years later and go as far as to block credit card sales to that very same fan base while not being able to sell out half of their stadium.
    could be wrong, but i think the point of the post is to take a shot at the nationals’ brass more so than the fans.
    lets go flyers

  26. Before CBP Opened
    2001 = 22,846 (2 games out of first)
    2002 = 20,482
    2003 = 28,973 (5 games off WC .. not great but still)

  27. if you want to throw out the vets numbers look at rfk’s before they were in nationals park because im sure its beyond terrible

  28. Nats RFK years per request
    2005 = 33,728
    2006 = 26,580
    2007 = 24,217
    just some rough math .. but i’d say they did better than the phils from 01 – 03

  29. @Beez Nuts
    Screw the Vet stats. Who cares? Look at the attendance comparisons between CBP and the Nationals new stadium during the first 3 years. The Nats fanbase is about as pathetic as your argument.

  30. @Tyson
    The vet comparison holds more weight. The phils were a good not great team at that time .. and they didnt draw shit for fans … thats the point
    the nats have been god awful and you expect them to compare in numbers … you people make no sense
    the nats numbers compare to when the phils played in the Vet and were just good
    Christ even the 2 years after CBP opened (05 and 06) the numbers werent that great .. pretty comparable to what the nats do now

  31. @beez…. are you taking into account that philly has been blessed with a baseball team for over 100 years? cause DC was without baseball for what? 50 years? dont you think some of the numbers would be inflated due to the team being the “new shiny toy” in town that people want to check out? look at what happened with Tampa when they came about
    1998: 2,506,293 total… 30,942 per game
    1999: 1,562,827 total… 19,294 per game
    or miami/florida marlins?
    1993: 3,064,847 37,838
    1994: 1,937,467 32,838
    1995: 1,700,466 23,950
    1996: 1,746,767 21,565

  32. Why is anyone still talking to Beez, his credibility was shot the minute he compared Bryce Harper to j-roll, randy wolf and scott rolen. This guy is an idiot stop wasting your time people

  33. @DK … can you read ?
    @Adam … the point about this is that in the Vet (when the Phils were not great, but good and did not have a nice new stadium). They drew about the same as what the nats do currently (and the nats new stadium appeal is over). Just say roughly 25K
    The Nats have been terrible, pretty much last place every year. While the phils (during that time) were a good team. Yet, our super fans came out in largely the same numbers.

  34. agreed, beez is completely correct. alotta sensitive front runners on this board.

  35. Eh, i’ve been a Phils phan for 30 years and i can’t help but wonder about these “fans” bashing other teams fanbases. The Vet had entire SECTIONS of empty seats in the late 90’s before CBP opened. The Phils have never fielded a losing team in all the years that CBP has been opened. Also, the franchise has been around for over 100 years. The Nats? Seven. It takes time to build a fanbase. Also, Nats Park is a nice park, but it’s in the middle of nowhere location wise in DC. You can’t affordably drive there (not everybody wants to deal with that subway) and there are no real restaurants/bars within walking distance to bring crowds in.
    So basically, shut up about other teams fanbases. I’ve found most of those that poke fun suddenly became fans after the ’08 season. I mean it’s great that we have more fans, but i’m just calling it like i see it. That is all. Carry on.

  36. Nationals Park doesn’t have Xfinity Live! that’s inflating the numbers here. Throw some drunk Jersey skanks into the mix and they’ll sell that place out every night.

  37. How can anyone say anything about attendance at the Vet. I would’nt watch the 2008 Phillies in that ugly, urine soaked shit hole let alone the garbage that they trotting out on the field back then. Yeah, let’s sit in piss and barf while we watch Travis Lee suck balls, but hey, we have that great prospect Rand Wolf coming up.

  38. How can any of you disagree with what beez nutz is saying?? People need to remember what this “fan base” used to be like.

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