Sarge Showed Off His Philly Phaithful Cholly-San T-Shirt Last Night

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The Phillies erupted for six runs last night.

Now, you may be asking yourself: "self, what mystical forces were behind such an unexpected outburst?"

Did Shane sacrifice a live chicken? Did someone construct an odd bat arrangement in the bathroom? DID GARY MATTHEWS WEAR HIS PHILLY PHAITHFUL “CHOLLY-SAN” T-SHIRT?!

Well, yes he did.

Much to the delight of our fine partners, Sarge busted out his Cholly-San t-shirt last night at Citizens Bank Park in an effort to lift the spirits of players and your favorite manager, Charlie Manuel.

We'll let Sarge explain:

“Charlie laughed. We have one for Charlie. Matter of fact, we have one for all you guys. I put in some more orders, even some of the guys that are in the truck that works with us. So we’ll be walking around representing Charlie Manuel." 

"I just kind of wore it out there to break the monotony up a little bit, and just to give the guys kind of some laughs. I said, let’s just wear this Charlie Manuel shirt, maybe that will give them some strength.”


Which it did. The Phillies won 6-4, obviously proving that the Cholly-San t-shirt is good luck and will prevent us from watching six months of lackluster offensive efforts.

So what are you waiting for? You should probably pick one up. After all, you like runs, don’t you?

Video of Sarge’s modeling efforts, after the jump.


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  1. Tonight pleased me. Sexually. Also, since all of my attention has been focused on the orange and black, it was nice to have a non-stressful performance by another Philly team. OH WAIT. Thank god for Sarge’s shirt antics and Pabelbutt’s tight butthole of a mouth in the 9th.

  2. I once had Sushi with Charlie in Japan when we were much younger. Just because I could.

  3. McCarthy was cold because that shirt is not sold in THE MAJESTIC CLUBHOUSE STORE!!!!!

  4. McCarthy was cold because that shirt is not sold in THE MAJESTIC CLUBHOUSE STORE!!!!!
    Also because they don’t sell them in “tent” size.

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