Source: Buzz Bissinger To Host Local Afternoon Radio Show

From the nothing to see here files, a source tells me that Fright Night Lights author and Spike Eskin Twitter-battler Buzz Bissinger will be signing on with 1210 WPHT to host an afternoon slot, where he’ll be joined by former WIP host Steve Martorano. 

The show will be mostly politics and some pop culture, with little sports. But, given the fact that both men were heavily involved in sports coverage, both locally and nationally, and because I got a scoop and dammit I want to tell you about it!, I felt it was worth pointing out. And we’re sure Bissinger will eventually say something that has us talking.


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  1. Im not crazy about the current afternoon sports shows. I will give these guys a listen but wished they were on WIP or 97.5 talking full blown sports.

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