Streaker! Naked Man Runs on the Field at Busch Stadium, Franzke and LA Discuss

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Before the start of the seventh inning last night, a St. Louis man went streaking in the outfield at Busch Stadium. The above photo, taken by the AP's Jeff Roberson, is perhaps the finest and most ironic streaker photo our country will ever see. More like a take-off hero.

Several revealing videos after the jump, plus Scott Franzke and Larry Andersen react with a meta reminder that the streaker is copyright of the Phillies and accounts or descriptions of his existence may not be disseminated without the express written consent of the Phillies.


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  1. leave it up to this closet fag kyle to find a way to post a naked man on this site. all the naked half naked and semi naked women are always teased or alluded to but the man is there in all his freaking glory.
    just what i fucking need to see first thing this morning.

  2. Yo we do access this site at work…so posting him after the jump would be beneficial to most people viewing the site….

  3. Not sure how you can consider this a philly SPORTS blog when a streaker gets way more video and coverage of the Sixers game the other night or the fact the sixers are playing at all. But hey this site is great for gay tabloid news. Im out

  4. Kyle, you’re making it difficult for me to come to this site. How about an actual game breakdown from last night before the bull-shit streaker shit?

  5. If this were in Philly it’d be “another black eye”….instead it’s in “baseball heaven” so it’s all good.

  6. You guys complaining are a bunch of cunts, go to for a game breakdown…keep it up Kyle, I enjoy this king of shit

  7. the nerds always b*tching on these comments need to beat it. don’t like the site, don’t read it. Keep up the good work Kyle

  8. I suspect some asshole national talking head or ax grinding columnist will turn this incident into yet another referendum on Philadelphia fans and take a new round of cheap shots at us. Sadly, those idiots can’t help themselves.

  9. Why do all of you fucks complain about not enough “game breakdowns” on this site. Are you really reading CB for game breakdowns? Seriously?
    There are plenty of serious, breakdown blogs out there.
    You all come here to see this sort of shit, just admit it already. Stop being vaginas and lighten up.

  10. Why am I not surprised. Another heinous act by the Youth of America. The youth could care less about how their foolish actions ruin the good names of their family members.  They do whatever appeases them at anytime that is convenient to them. Just think about how disappointed their parents have to be right now.  Whatever happened to attending a good wholesome ballgame with your family, having some cracker jacks and a few iced teas and than going home to your lovely wife or significant other.  This is disgusting.  The behavior of the rest of the fan base is just as appalling by encouraging this action with their applause. 
    What I am most concerned with is that the children who were at the game are now scarred for the rest of their lives by this sighting.  Imagine being 5 years old attending your first ballgame, bringing your mitt and hoping to catch a ball from your hero.  Instead, you catch glimpses of a naked man.  I have no doubt he will be in therapy tomorrow. 
    I would like to know what the St. Louis ball park plans on doing to address this atrocity.  How are they going to prevent this in the future?  I for one can tell you that this would not happen at the Phillies game.  Have you seen how their security team lines up around the perimeter of the field.  It is air tight!  Also, in years past (i.e. taser incident), they have shown that if you enter the field of play, you will be punished to the fullest extent of the law, which has deterred anyone else from entering the field since.  St. Louis staff, you have enabled this and I implore you to dismantle your current security program so that you can disrupt this behavior in the future.

  11. Who are your top 3 streakers in sports history? We’ll discuss on “the Spot” 7-9.

  12. Edward Murphy- Thanks for the heading into the holiday weekend lol. I needed that

  13. Edward Murphy you are truly a model human. Roaring round of applause.

  14. The people complaining about the lack of a breakdown of the game obviously don’t come to this site very often, if at all. Pat Burrell grabbing titties, shirtless Giroux and Scott Hartnell creeping are the usual norm around here.

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