T-Mac’s Limited Vocabulary: A Prone, Lifeless and Motionless Josh Thole Described as “Wobbly”

Screen Shot 2012-05-08 at 12.43.51 PMWobbly

A new series here on CB: T-Mac’s Limited Vocabulary, a feature to point out, well, Tom McCarthy’s limited use of the dictionary. Sometimes he just seems limited in his word choices, perhaps because he’s pulling from a limited depth of knowledge. I don’t know, really, it just seems like there are limits to what he has to say.

Last night (as the Phillies were in the midst of squandering a scoring opportunity with two men on and no outs), Ty Wigginton Giroux’d Mets catcher Josh Thole on a close play at the plate. 

Wigginton’s left shoulder connected squarely with Thole’s jaw, sending the catcher to the ground, where he laid, prone, in a lifeless heap for almost a minute. 

Naturally, Tom McCarthy, using the only tools he has at his disposal, words, was unable to describe the scene:

Well, at least he didn’t go with heckuva or dandy. But wobbly doesn’t quite work here.

In other news (and the very obvious joke here): Ty Wigginton will be hearing from Brendan Shanahan right… about… now.


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  1. “A little wobbly”… as he lays face down, barely moving, after he clearly watches the replay of Thole getting smashed in the head/jaw. HA!!
    McCarthy is the worst.

  2. From the desk of the commissioner:
    Wigginton suspended for 15 games. Although he didnt say he did it on purpose, we all know he did. I know how those Philadelphia Phillies are. They try to bully all of MLB, especially the NL East.
    Plus, I have to make sure Leyland doesnt come in my office yelling and screaming.

  3. i felt like punching wheeler when he said “he got his bell rung.”
    i guess i should be happy he didn’t also describe the slide as “funky.”
    but yeah, t-mac is horrible.

  4. T-Mac is a complete MORON!!!
    Wobbly? He looked like Apollo Creed after Drago fucking killed him!!!!
    And then he brings up the ankle?
    Come on T-Mac, Wheels should have given you a titty twister to the Moobz!!!

  5. We complain a lot about Wheels and T-Mac, but I guess relative to other cities we don’t have it that bad. During day games at work, I can usually find the opposing teams broadcasts online, and some of those are downright unlistenable. On the Braves feed I listened to last week, the announcer said “fanny” and went on about what a great tool the scored board is. “It tells you the score, the count, and how many outs there are.”

  6. This is why I watched the ESPN broadcast instead. Yep, he’s that insufferable.

  7. They aren’t the best, but they share in the love for the Phillies…can’t we just leave them alone?

  8. No, we can’t leave them alone because they don’t make the Phils and the game the important thing. They think it’s about them. To them, the game serves as a convenient backdrop to their incessant talking…

  9. Thankfully, I watched the ESPN broadcast last night. Anyone in their right mind would have done that (or watch the CSN broadcast on mute)

  10. T-mac and Wheels are a lot less bitch-worthy than the whole fucking team of jerkoffs who can’t score with 2 on and no outs in back-to-back innings.
    Let’s go down the list:
    Doc: 6th inning 2 outs no one on 0-2 count – how the fuck does he work that out to giving up 2 runs.
    Charlie: bottom 6, no outs, 2 best runners on, doesn’t bunt JMJ (.200 this year) – no runs. 2 walks and 1 single – no runs.
    Pence: another HUGE chance in 6th -base loaded 1 out- 3 FUCKING pitches, 2 asshole overswings then the usual DP to 2nd.
    Wiggington; the dolt runs right into the tag left of the plate, if he dives rights and swings his hand on the plate, he’s safe by 5 feet.
    Papelbum: lets a AAA callup up take him 20 rows deep.
    Bottom 9: FIVE FUCKING PITCHES – 3 OUTS !!!!
    but no, you guys would rather point fingers at the broadcasters.

  11. TMac is so difficult to listen to. I often mute the game just so that I don’t have to hear his fake voice talking NON STOP. Does this guy ever shut up? I really wish the radio and tv broadcasts were aligned.

  12. Where’s Eddie Murphy at?? This type of senseless violence can not be tolerated!!!

  13. Kyle,
    You’re going to come at a guy for his word selection, while your writing is far less than intelligent. I mean, I understand that you’re writing for a fan base with a probable 7th grade reading ability, but still.
    Come on, dude.

  14. A series devoted to making fun of one of our baseball team’s announcer’s vocabulary? Is that serious?

  15. @ You heard it here – right on. I’m so tired of the Phils’ insistance on always swinging for the seats. How about a little small ball, just every once in a while. Bases loaded and one out – no excuse to not come away with at least 1-2 runs…
    Radio broadcasts are where it’s at – the only way i’ll watch the game is if i’m at the park.

  16. We Will be holding an emergency rally outside of CBP tonight. All are welcome. Come out and show your support.

  17. Think T-Smack is hard to listen to? Try reading his responses in a magazine interview. In my mail last week appears an issue of JerseyMan Magazine (how I got it, who knows). Anyway there is a feature length interview with our intrepid hero, and, well, see for yourself: http://www.jerseymanmagazine.com/tom-mccarthy-phillies-voice
    In the words of the late, great Whiteness: “Oh, brother.”

  18. I am not a huge fan of T Mac as a 9 inning play by play man. Tolerable when this team was a juggernaut, will be excruciating with this team as a train wreck.
    That being said what a horribly unprofessional thing to do to Tom McCarthy.

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