The End

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And that’s a microcosm for your entire season. 

Experienced veteran recognizes trouble, takes step backward to go forward by handing puck to expensive Russian goalie, expensive Russian goalie ultimately implodes, puts Flyers at disadvantage, team doesn’t have enough fire power to recover, loses.

You certainly can’t blame last night or the series on Bryz– the Flyers were completely outplayed by a hungrier Devils team. But this image will go on the mantle of pain, right next to the one of Claude Lemieux beating Ron Hextall with a slap shot from 527 feet away.


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  1. The pic will also be next to Howard on the ground grabbing his Achilles…FML

  2. Patrik Elias burning Boosh in 2000 will forever be the most traumatic single hockey moment of my life, along with Scott Stevens mangling Lindros

  3. Flyers had plenty of time and chances after Bryz mistake. Still wondering why Timmo would pass that puck back to the goalie when he had a D man open. Everyone knows Bryz is a terrible puck handler.
    Flyers were dominated for about 13-14 of the 17 periods in this series and the only reason they were in most games was because of Bryz.
    This one will go down as a young team unable to step up to the occasion, veterans unable to get going, and a Defense that is just a mess.
    Need to make a few tweeks in the offseason but this team has a very bright future.
    It was fun folks, ill check in from time to time…see ya next season.

  4. While I agree that the loss in this series can’t be pinned solely on Bryzgalov, but that image will stick around in the minds of Flyers fans for days to come. I changed the channel seconds after that goal went in and never went back as I knew the game was lost right then and there.

  5. Sports in this city sucks right now, WTF

  6. To imply that goal was the reason the Flyers lost, its disgusting. If they didnt have Bryz they would have lost games 2, 3, and 4… 25-3.

  7. The problem with Philly fans is that we never give the other team credit. Instead of “Nice hustle by Clarkson”, it’s “Bryz fucked up”. Instead of “Devils are really working hard”, it’s “Flyers are playing like shit”. Facebook is blowing up with blaming the refs, blaming the suspension, blaming everything…instead of saying “We got outplayed”. Can’t make excuses when you lose in 5…

  8. Talbot: Not everyone thinks that way. Here’s what I wrote in the Your Mourning Reader thread:
    “But when the Flyers went up against a team that put defense first, made opponent pay for any mistakes (see last night’s Bryzgalov gaff) and bloodied said bully’s nose with some of the most relentless forechecking I’ve ever seen, the Flyers promptly turtled up, not knowing what to do or how to react. No matter what they did, it simply wasn’t enough to counter a New Jersey team that outworked them, outplayed them, outhustled them and outcoached them.”
    I’m no hockey expert, won’t even pretend that I am, but even a clueless knucklehead like me clearly saw that New Jersey was the better team in that series.

  9. The Flyers got beat. Flat out beat. It sucks to admit it but they did. I think they are a better team than the Devils and have more talent, but it’s not the NBA… the most talented team doesn’t always win.
    Get better next year. They are set for at least a solid 5 year run to win a Cup.

  10. After the off season of losing mike richards and jeff carter no one knew what this team was going to be. Signing Jagr seemed like a PR move
    no one knew what he had left in the tank. Not to mention losing Pronger for the season(career over?). I am diapointed it is over,but lets be real. This team and its rookies had one hell of a season. The future looks bright for this team.

  11. If a bad goal in the first period is too much to overcome – SHAME on you.
    I look behind their bench and see assistant coach Larry Robinson (one of the greatest players to ever play the game)coaching up the young players.
    I look behind the Flyers and see Graig Berube – A guy who never should have been in the NHL

  12. Well, I’ll say this.
    Chicago just fired Haviland for not being up Quenneville’s ass. He’s a helluva coach. I wouldn’t mind seeing him behind the bench, especially since Laviolette was so thoroughly humiliated at the hands of DeBoer.

  13. By the way, Jonathan Quick, Mike Smith and Martin Brodeur all make less than Ilya Bryzgalov. Combined.

  14. Meanwhile, from the Department of Dreadful Irony: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter, jettisoned by the Flyers in the offseason will face off against Phoenix who apparently couldn’t get rid of Ilya Bryzgalov fast enough for the Western Conference crown and a berth in the Stanley Cup Finals. Food for thought.

  15. I’m glad to not see Bryz bashing all over here for that goal. It was bad, yes. But he was the best Flyer in this series. Thanks for finally not blaming everything on the goalie, guys.
    I have a feeling my prediction made on massacre day last year may well come true… that Richards would win a Cup before the Flyers.
    I’m still a fan of his, Gagne and Williams. For the next month… Let’s Go Kings.

  16. PhillyFlash,
    Phoenix is a better team for multiple reasons has nothing to do with Bryz being gone.
    First off they faced a Chicago team that was just not good this year and did not have a goalie. Crawford gave up way too many soft goals and eventually cost them the series. They then played a Nashville team who much like the Flyers blew their load after beating the red wings. They looked past the coyotes, their players got suspended, and they ended up playing a defensive team that shut them down.
    Mike Smith is having a hell of a playoffs but I personally think hes overrated. I think this is a Michael Leighton run for him. Hes been bounced from team to team and failed, now hes a success cause Phoenix style of play. Before this season he had like 2 seasons over a 90 save % and couple seasons with 2.3 GAA but those were in about 20-30 games played.
    Just another Niemi, Ward, Giguere, etc, Who may get his name on a cup but will probably come down to reality next season.

  17. Chirp: Perhaps you’re right, but the irony is still inescapable to me. And if Mike Smith joins that list of “nobodies” who got their names on the Cup, hey, it sure beats being the expensive “somebody” we have here who might never enjoy that pleasure.

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