This Ilya Bryzgalov-Kelly Clarkson Montage Will Make You Sad

This was sent to us by reader Shaun Gallagher. Is it slightly unfair to Bryz? Yes. All true, though? Also yes– the moving pictures don’t lie.


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  1. Whoever made this video clearly doesnt know shit. Bryz was the only reason any of those games were close. the team let him down. he was there when it counted

  2. Just like you, this montage completely discounts anything that happened prior to the puck crossing the line. Half these goals are a DIRECT RESULT of the rest of the Flyers’ sloppy play.

  3. just like the philly media you take something completely out of context and run with it…so if it were boosh or leighton in there we would have won the series??? get out of my face with this

  4. Let’s move on please. Bryz was absent in round 1 but the skaters were present. Bryz shoowed up for round 2 and the skaters didn’t. He’s the best goalie we have on the roster.

  5. such a typical response from ASSHOLE Flyer fans – did you notice how many of those goals the shooter was uncovered or the puck was off the pipe ???
    and if Bryz didn’t win NHL player of the month in March – these JERKOFFS don’t even make the playoffs

  6. Humor is obviously lost on most of you……So you’re telling me you were not let down by Bryz in the playoffs? Cool

  7. Dear Kenny,
    We cannot amnesty Bryz.. that rule does not exist in the NHL yet. Thanks though.

  8. Bryz will be better than Bernie Parent when all is said and done.

  9. You cant make excuses for Bryz his job is to stop the puck defense or no defense

  10. Jess- do me & the site a favor & get back in the kitchen hun. Thanks Though

  11. Mr.Snider would be nuts if he does not amnesty bryz. I agree with Junod on this one.

  12. @Jess
    Amnesty will exist in the NHL before the next season starts so its not too far fetched.
    It could even be the reason Holmgrem went so crazy on the Bryz deal.
    He knew he could get out of it.

  13. Why was this posted? The Devils series would have been a TOTAL, UNMITIGATED disgrace if Bryz didnt play the way he did. The Flyers lost because everything going on in front of Bryz was ridiculous.

  14. I’d much sooner blame Matt Carle’s bakery…
    And its subsidiary company

  15. Ugh, why are we not talking about Lavis horrible coaching in the second round? Or the fact that this defense, lead by Matt Carle, got absolutely stomped? Or about whether the rookies/jagr hit a wall? Or how we can’t play against anyone with a solid forechecking game? Or about the million other things that went wrong this series?? Why is the media intent on focusing on Bryz?? Does he need to play better next season? Of course! But this season ultimately fell on bad defense and a playoff series where our coach, Defense and offense took a vacation. Bryz could have turned into Patrick Roy for this series and it still would have ended the same!!!! With a decaying defense, the captaincy in question, and a flawed system, Bryz should be the fuckin least of our worries

  16. Bryz had a bunch of bad stretches during the season the montage could’ve taken footage from. Taking them from one of the series he played well just makes it seem dumb and uninformed. Also what everyone else said about coaching, defense, etc.

  17. Couple of soft goals but putting in highlights where the Devils have open shots at point blank range or off crazy deflections?
    Crappy editing, crappy song, and crappy highlights to make a point. Just a crappy video.

  18. Watching that video only confirms my initial thoughts when I watched those goals live. The Flyers defense sucks sweaty taint.

  19. Typical Philly…blame the goalie.
    Philly will always have a goalie controversy. Why? Because soon as the first bad goal of the season goes in the media starts asking questions.
    I hate the media in philly, all they do is cause more problems then anything else and they feed the minds of the simple minded fans who cannot think for themselves.
    Keep blaming bryz its the easy way out. Continue to ignore how bad the D was all season and how the offense did not help in the defensive zone…
    Team could have lundquist in net and we would still find a way to have a goalie controversy.

  20. It’s really sad that with this blog gaining popularity Kyle is content to just fall in with the rest of the Philadelphia media.

  21. This is akin to making a montage of ever Michael Jordan missed shot and then saying “see! Moving pictures don’t lie derp derp! Jordan must have been a hack”. Good job breaking the jay z concert news though I was just up all night wondering if it was going to happen. Glad to know I can come here not only to get my increasingly mediocre sports coverage, but now breaking hip hop news as well. Maybe you can get sponsored by FUBU.

  22. Bryz had a few get through him, but their d was pathetic … carle losing his man, forwards not getting back. This video is douche city, what a homo using a kelly clarkson song.

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