Two Yinzers Ripped a PNC Park Security Guard’s Finger Off This Weekend

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I should tell you that this post is being written live from a Panera Bread, where a man, who I don’t know, decided that roughly 18 open tables didn’t suit his needs and he would plug his computer in and sit at my table, across from me. 

So I bring you this story while sharing a desk with a man I’ve never met. If my words suddenly come to halt, either John Quinones showed up… or I’m dead.

Yinzers ripped a PNC Park security guard’s finger off this weekend.


A Pittsburgh Post-Gazette story tells us about Rachel George, 21, and her father, Christopher, 50, who attacked a security guard and police officer while Rachel was being escorted out of the stadium after she was caught smoking in her seat. Things got out of hand rather quickly: 

As Pirates security supervisor Joseph Risher was escorting her out of the right field gate, Ms. George's unidentified boyfriend assaulted him and ran off. Ms. George jumped on the guard's back and started to pull him backward, the complaint says.

Her father joined in the attack, pushing him up against a fence.

"While defending himself, Mr. Risher got his left hand caught on the fence, and when he was pulled by both (defendants) his left middle finger was ripped off at the second knuckle and was hanging by a piece of skin," Detective Rende wrote in the complaint.


A police officer also injured his shoulder while placing Rachel in a stadium holding cell (yep, other cities have them too). 

Mr. Risher’s finger was later reattached during surgery. 

Classic Shittsburgh right there, folks. I mean, from their look to the act. Smoke-stained, greasy dirty blonde hair? Check. Rustic handlebar mustache accompanied by hollow, lonely eyes? Yep. Getting kicked out of a stadium for puffing on a cigg then assaulting a security guard and ripping off his fucking finger? Oh you bet. A three rivers trifecta right there.

Sadly, this won’t live on in sports infamy, but if it happened in Philly it surely would.

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  3. Those two losers should have “POOR WHITE TRASH” tattooed across their foreheads because that’s exactly what they look like. I’d advocate that security guard suing the pants off those troglodytes, but I suspect they probably don’t have one hundred bucks between them.

  4. hahaahahahahahahaha oh Kyle…just give it up…stop trying to make every other organization look bad when its Philadelphia who constantly lives up to the reputation of being assholes. you are truly a pathetic piece of shit

  5. That hoodrat is 21??! She has the appearance of a catcher’s mitt that is at least 40 years old..

  6. Too many Iron City brews at the old ball yard. Horrible incident. But bottomline, there are a-holes at every stadium/every sporting event in America.

  7. I agree, if this was Philadelphia, it’d get added to the list of things for national media to bring up every time they talk about our fans, but since it’s not let’s just brush it under the rug.
    This is certainly worse than that lone douchebag who puked on the little girl but how many times do we have to be reminded how bad of fans we are because one asshole couldn’t hold his alcohol?

  8. Vineyard hit the nail on the head, I agree though if it happened in Philly it’d be a wayyyyyy bigger story.

  9. Funny how this doesn’t make it onto ESPN. A fan pukes on another fan in Philly and its national news…….

  10. *bundy hit the nail on the head, not vineyard. Stupid cell phone spell check!

  11. That’s the kind of sh*t that happens when you’re dating your daughter. F*cking yinzers!

  12. She’s got “The Rock eyebrow” down perfectly. Too bad I think it’s like that permanently.

  13. a pathetic piece of shit? what the fuck are you then? considering you’re the shitbag loser whos trolling his page…another classy pitt fan stemming all the way back to june 2009

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  15. We have pukemon & the dude who got tased here, yet this story will never leave the confines of this website. Media bias.

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  17. I hope that bitch rots in the slammer for a long time. Her pop looks like L.A. after one of his benders.

  18. Edward Murphy would not approve of their behavior & the safety gear the security guards are wearing

  19. horrible act. Anothe reason why PITT is a horrible horrible palce to live. That is why when the Flyers are in town, we do not leave out private plane,.

  20. We commonly called the Oakford Inn the OakFISH Inn back in the day.
    And there are only two things that smell like fish, and fish is one of them.

  21. Maybe he needed to use the plug? I can totally see myself sitting with a person who had the only table by the plug. Why complain? It is not like he came into your home. So many people park in Panera, etc. like it is their office. (Myself included) but….

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  24. If it was a Philly fan, he’d use that removed finger to stick it down his throat a puke on a little girl….

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