Vance Worley to the DL

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It’s official, Vance Worley is headed to the 15-day DL with right elbow inflammation. Joe Savery has been recalled.

Beat writer Matt Gelb notes that the decision was made before Worley saw a doctor, meaning it could be fairly serious.



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  1. Right after our first 3 game win streak. We were feeling good and excited about the immediate future. Then? FUCK YOU PHILLIES FANS.

  2. Oh my God, is that his Girlfriend or Wife?
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    I wonder if anyone else thinks the same?

  3. The Tommy John bug is going around. Got to imagine that if he does have major issues….Roy O may get a call.
    For right now, lets just hope its just inflamed.

  4. The Phillies would be smart to break Little Roy’s uniforms out of storage. If Worley’s injury IS serious, and I hope it’s not, then Oswalt might well be brought back into the fold.

  5. I am not supposed to break this news but my uncle is working with a source that is familiar with the situation. My uncle already knows what is going on, and he, wait no, I’ll tell you later, he also knows what Cole Hamel’s and his agent are discussing, .

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