Video: Drunk Devils Fan Carried Out Of Game 1

To be honest, it's hard to tell if this is a Devils fan. But, according to reader Ryan, who passed along this video of a slowly coming-uncloaked woman being escorted out of the Wells Fargo Center on Sunday, the creature we’re staring at does, indeed, pull for the New Jersey Devils. So don’t look so surprised as you watch security and police carry her convulsing body down the steps of section 212.

A second video, via (@MJohn307), is after the jump.


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  1. I was at the game and saw the commotion from my section in the lower bowl…first it was ushers, then it was Wells Fargo security, then it looked like “real” police officers…it took a while for them to get her out of there and she was putting up quite a fight…

  2. This is depressing. I’m sad that young girl in the background saw that. Drinking at the games is a good time, but holy shit…. handle yourself!

  3. I was 10 feet away in section 211. What happened was she stood up and cheered when the Devils tied it up… Then the guys in the last row started calling her a whore and telling her to suck them off… She went crazy yelling “why don’t you be a fucking gentlemen” to the main guy. All security wanted to do was move her seat so the commotion would stop…. But she refused for half of the 3rd period and the whole intermission. Not all her fault, but she wasn’t leaving. Lol.

  4. lol at you guys bashing drunks when Philly fans are the drunkest pieces of trash around.

  5. Never ever sit in the nosebleed section of the opposing team during the playoffs and cheer for your team. Not even a woman can get away with it.
    Stay classy my friends…

  6. This is the Third time I have seen girls get into it at games. Pens fans (2 girls) were starting troulbe when they were losing and started blocking the view with a flag. When an older man asked them to sit she punched him in the face…wrong…then we have the classic Boston girls at the NY Yankee game posted yesterday…..and thirdly….this incident…these girls need to get control of themselves but….I have watched the men yell nasty things and that is also wrong…have some class people. Go to the games, have fun, and if someone starts something then get the security…no need to start crap!

  7. Nothing is worse then coming across an angry drunk chick. They usually start swinging at anything in sight & get away with it because they have a vagina!

  8. “Ma’am, we would like to move you to another section to avoid any potential issues.”
    “OK no problem, let me grab my purse and you can lead the way”
    HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT? But noooo we had to keep it real and get our drunk ass tossed out.

  9. It is getting a little out of hand. I have no problem with fans traveling to support their team. I also have no problem with fans wanting to cheer for their team after a goal or a big play. But I don’t for the life of me understand why when these people get heckled or cursed at or whatever (none of which I am saying is ok, but lets face it that is what happens) why they insist on trying to stand their ground and or talk shit back. It just doesn’t make any sense. You’re in the opposing teams building, you’re out numbered, and you’re surrounded. Call me a pussy if you’d like but honestly the best response to people attempting to fuck with you at a sporting event is to ignore them. Normally, they will stop. I mean unless someone comes up behind you and physically assaults you there really is no reason to pay them any mind.

  10. Was in section 214. Thanks for posting this. The commotion really did last forever, and I only barely caught a glimpse of her being led down the steps. Good to find out what happened.
    Second time in my life I’ve seen a female Devils fan drunk and fighting with Flyers fans. The first time was 10+ years ago and an all out fist fight between a drunk 20-something female Flyer fan and a drunk 50-something female Devils fan. They were about to drop the puck in the middle of the period, and it caused so much commotion they suspended the faceoff and went to commercial. All the players and refs were looking up at this fight (about 12 rows from the glass) happening directly in front of me. At 13-15 years old, it was the greatest thing I had ever seen in my life.

  11. J.T., there has to be video evidence somewhere on the net…please make it your top priority today to find it and post the link 🙂

  12. I was in section 211 and this chick was an animal the shit she was yelling was so inappropriate and distracting I’m glad she got kicked out wat a hot mess! As a female Fan and a former intern was about to go up there and give her a good ol smack down cus she was reckless! devils fans don’t come into our house n disturb me from watching the game!! she’s def some1s mother how embarrassing! CB fan for life

  13. There’s not a city on this planet that hasn’t had their share of embarrassing fan (or fans) ignorance & idiocracy, so no fan base ever has a leg to stand on when arguing their point and/or doing their best rendition of “hey pot, you’re black”. On any given day it can happen , but you just have to be smart. Problem #1 is the vast supply of alcoholic bevs within a 1/4 mile radius around any stadium, especially our sports complex–which I love. The layout is great, multiple venues, and especially now that it features the Xfinity Live monster that gives a chance for fans to band together when they don’t have a ticket to the big event or simply want to get fired up for when our teams are on the road. Add in the pre-game tailgating, the playoffs, and a healthy rivalry and your potential for this BS skyrockets. The two-part remedy is easy: 1. don’t be an ass 2. Don’t let those with you be an ass. I’m not sure I see any of her friends jumping to her aid, but then again, there’s a mob of people all on their feet around her so maybe they tried. On the flip-side, there’s no excuse for the classless response & obscenities from Flyers fans. There are kids at these games, I can only wish that this would be every fan’s common denominator towards maintaining adult dignity.

  14. A.J… I tried to find it. My 15 minute search yielded no results. This was also at a time when the internet wasn’t as popular and people didn’t have as quick of connection speeds, so home videos being uploaded didn’t happen as often.
    I would love to continue searching. Alas, there is work to be done.

  15. I just hope that stiff Edward Murphy doesn’t see this post. He might go off the deep end lol

  16. I just hope that stiff Edward Murphy doesn’t see this post. He might go off the deep end lol

  17. “Ma’am, we would like to move you to another section to avoid any potential issues.”
    “OK no problem, let me grab my purse and you can lead the way”
    HOW FUCKING HARD IS THAT? But noooo we had to keep it real and get our drunk ass tossed out.”
    …just another case of when KEEPIN’ IT REAL, goes wrong.

  18. shoulda seen the girl outside of xfinity live after the game everyone was taping here puking in the grass

  19. Jagr and I beat that pussy up late night at xfinity live, she totally went ass to mouth.

  20. I apologize guys, it was my first time down at Xfiniti Live and I normally don’t drink. I didn’t make it to work in the morning, throwing up all morning.

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