Videos: An Emotional Allen Iverson Honored Before Game 6

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Clearly, the best part of these videos is Allen Iverson being escorted to the court by Adam Aron and hugging Joshua Harris. Iverson must be thinking: Who the hell are these guys? 

Anyway, here's AI speaking to Dei Lynam. Video of his Wells Fargo Center entrance is after the jump.


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  1. After the interview Allen asked the crowd if he could get about tree fiddy from each of them. That bling ain’t paid for.

  2. Someone needs to tell AI he’s too old to be dressing like that, he looks like a fool

  3. Garnett went digging for gold during a time out..why is that not on here yet??

  4. Where was A.I.’s Red Sox hat from the “We Talkin’ About Practice” presser?

  5. I still love this guy, I wish there was a way he could accept being a bench player with dwindling minutes so we could get him back here for 1-2 years and let him end it the right way.

  6. Countdown to new ownership offering some type of pity cake PR job with franchise/AI subsequently fucking it up by getting drunk or being late

  7. So, seriously, you guys who are saying it are FOOLS if you think this washed up 37 year old man has ANY business playing this game at this level anymore.
    Why does this town live 10 years in the past at all times? Half of the fans here thinking bringing back Brian Dawkins or Eric Lindros for a swan song is a good idea.
    NEWS FLASH, those guys, and AI included ARE FINISHED.

  8. I think the sixers should sign al…as a mascot. give him a funny uniform, some weed, and a microphone and let him run around the center. No need for a vote on this one.

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