Videos: Sixers Win in Final Seconds

What better way to celebrate the first two clutch free throws of Andre Iguodala's career and the Sixers first playoff series win since before Citizens Bank Park opened than by showing off a video roundup from the final moments of last night’s game.

Not going to lie– despite all the (deserved) negativity surrounding the Sixers over the last decade, and setting aside the fact that they beat a Bulls team without their two best players (let’s face it: zero chance with Rose and Noah), it’s nice to finally, once again, have exciting pro basketball in this town. Now we get to experience another Philly-Boston series, which is winnable. Long-shot. But winnable. 

Here are videos from the final seconds, from the stands, and from Doug Collins' I'm a Sixer for live post-game press conference.

Just step over the jump in 1… 2… 3… 4… 5…

[give videos a second to load]


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  1. i missed this yesterday but did that fan try to just casually walk into the locker room with the bulls at 1:51 and casually get denied?

  2. Since when did I give a shit about the Sixers? Ahh well this bandwagon is nice, i need something other than a shitty blog to carry me through life. I know im a loser..please love me.

  3. Not a big basketball fan, but congrats to the Sixers. Who would have thought… Philly’s final hope!

  4. I’m on the bandwagon.
    I’ll be off after the next round when everyone else stops watching too.

  5. Check out at about 1:30 in in the first video. Tony Battie decks thaddeus young while celebrating. Pretty funny.

  6. Mr.Edward Murphy has to love the safety precautions Rip Hamilton takes with all that equipment he wears during the game

  7. Edward Murphy used to be really close friends with Rob House.
    Used to share twinkies together.

  8. Oh wow, now a Sixers fan?
    Good timing!!!
    What’s next, a piece on Carts and Richie?
    Or how about a negative post on Bryz?

  9. what’s up with the 2 hot blondes behind the bench???
    kyle get on it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. the guy with the hat is the biggest Douche bag, attention seeking dickhead. He l=makes sixers mans look like idiots. Stay off your knees. Enjoy the seat

  11. Strict Flyer fans are such NBA haters like go suck a cock Brett. And @ the fake Paul Holmgren Flyers last title 75 Sixers last title 83 just sayin

  12. I never get it when someone is like “FUCK THE SIXERS GO FLYERS”. Hey retards, they are both our teams. they do not compete against each other. Don’t be a douche, and don’t exhibit your racism in such a veiled, disgusting way.

  13. Diehard Flyers fans are just douchebags and cant be a 4/4 sports fan. Fucking frauds they are. Lets go sixers!

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