We’ve Obtained Pictures of Pat Burrell Day Drinking and Grabbing a Girl’s Breast in Northern Liberties Yesterday

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Pic via (@kelminusel)

It happened. It happened just like the video said.

Pat Burrell was out and about this weekend. On Friday night, he was seen at his favorite haunt, the Irish Pub. He was later with Chase Utley at The Cafe (right next to the Irish Pub), according to Philly.com's Dan Gross.  Then, as first reported here, he was seen dancing shirtless at the Pen and Pencil Club until around 3 a.m., when he left with a “mediocre looking brunette,” according to one tipster. Chase Utley and his wife were also with Burrell at the after-hours club. Deadspin unearthed an additional detail about that night: Burrell rung up a $158 tab and didn’t leave a tip. 

On Saturday, Burrell once again headed over to the Pen and Pencil Club, according to Deadspin. Darren Daulton was said to be there too, but Pat and Dutch were there separately and no additional details were given.

Yesterday, Burrell continued the party with some day drinking during Dayload at Kings Oak in the Piazza, where he grabbed this girl's left boob… but you're going to have to take a step over the jump to see the pictures.



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Pic via reader Dan

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Pic via reader Steve

Here’s what we know about Pat's weekend:

Friday night:

7-10 p.m.: Phillies game

? – 1:30 a.m.: Irish Pub

1:30 a.m.: The Cafe

? – 3 a.m.: Pen and Pencil Club 

Saturday night:

7-10 p.m.: Phillies game

1:30 a.m. – ?: Pen and Pencil Club


Mid-afternoon: Dayload at Kings Oak in Northern Liberties 

We can also tell you – with absolute certainty – that Burrell is well aware of the "Burrelled" video and thought it was hilarious.


There are many gaps here, and we’d like your help in filling them. Were you out with Burrell this weekend? Did you see him shirtless at the Pen and Pencil Club? Did he grab your tit? Did your girl, in fact, get Burrelled? We’d love to hear about it. 



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  1. Gross said they were there until 1:30am Saturday morning which wouldve been Friday night, which is when I saw them there, so i dont know if they were there Saturday night at well

  2. Must be proud for being a slut, girls. Is it cool to be a pig because you see money signs?
    Mom and Dad must be really proud that you make yourself a pig in public, just to feel noticed, recognized more by you the world. Look other girls, I’m more important then you!
    Pat didn’t fuck you, grab your boob..ect because you’re better. He grabbed you because you’re a slut.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I would feel more special if I turned him down.
    So stand there with Pat at the bar so you can show everyone you’re there with him. That you are something special. But we really know what you are. lol

  3. I fucked that girl the bat is grabbing the tits of the other year down sea isle.
    Did pay leave his wife at home??

  4. looks like that girl is about to give burrell a handy in the t*t pic

  5. Hey Piggy, you’re dead wrong. Pat is grabbing these chicks bc they are hot.
    Nobody grabs you because you’re probably a fat disgusting ugly pig that not only fixes a bunch of sandwiches, but eats them too.
    You can keep thinking guys don’t grab you because you “don’t let them.”. But believe me piggy, it’s because you are ugly.

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    If your happy with a pig, go for it.
    “hey mom, look what I brought home with me. She fucked half the block, but isn’t she hot?

  7. Wow, I see internet tough guy has made an appearance.
    Now its a party, thanks Piggy

  8. I didn’t start that. No sense of guy going off on me.
    I wasn’t rude to him.
    The whole point of this is to make fun of Burrell for being a dick.
    I laugh at the girls that seek attention.
    It’s great making fun of sluts, and pigs.
    Look at the one girls twitter name. “almost famous” lol
    Yea, ok. lol

  9. Yea I know her.
    @BB lol. See that’s funny.
    No, but good luck when you marry your wife. Sitting with her girlfriends 5 years later. She won’t be chatting about you. She will be telling her friends how she fucked Pat Burrell.

  10. i know them chicks. they are muts. but i’d still smack 50 shades of grey out of them with my cock.

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