Will The Phillies’ Sellout Streak End Tonight?

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Let’s get sad!

Seating capacity at Citizens Bank Park is 43,651, according to Wikipedia and beat writer Matt Gelb (though the Phillies website still lists 43,647, which Wikipedia lists as the capacity from 2009-2011).

Last night’s attendance? 43,821.  

It was the first time attendance dropped under 44,000 since September 7, 2010, when the Phillies reported an attendance of 43,841, and the lowest since the sellout streak began on Tuesday, July 7, 2009, when attendance was 43,623. 

The sellout streak currently stands (sits?) at 216 consecutive games. [The June, 2010 series against the Blue Jays, which was originally supposed to be played in Toronto but was moved to Philly because of the G-20 Summit, does not count towards the streak, mostly because two of the games weren’t sold out…]

Now, there’s always quite a bit of fuzzy math that goes into this for publicity purposes. It would seem that the Phillies would count anything over 43,651 as a sellout. But, when the streak began on July 7, 2009, attendance was 43,623, below the listed capacity, which, at that time, was 43,647. 

Why, you ask? That's because sellouts are actually counted for games below capacity.

An NBC Philadelphia story from April cites VP of Ticket Sales John Weber as saying that the sellout barrier is about 43,000 (Gelb says it's between 42,900 and 43,100). Weber didn't give specifics about which games in May still had tickets available at the time of the interview (he simply said seats remained for 10 of 14 games in the month), though the answer is probably all of them, since the Phillies make 500 standing-room tickets and other last-minute player and guest releases available on game days. It’s those standing-room tickets, and presumably club and suite sales, that get some games up near 46,000. 

Will the streak end tonight or sometime soon? 


Maybe not.

Again, if there are merely a few hundred seats remaining, you can be damn sure the Phillies are going to find a way to sell them. MLB teams being so closely partnered with StubHub, where they can list their own tickets, makes it very difficult to track just exactly where secondary market tickets originate from. I have my theories, but that’s a whole different discussion. The point is, between the poor play and dreary weather, it’s possible that this sellout streak – spanning nearly an entire era of Phillies baseball – may come to an end soon. Or, at the very least, come close enough to ending that the Phillies will have to get quite creative with attendance figures. 

Speaking of… tickets for tonight’s game start at $6 on Crossing Broad Tickets.


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  1. It should end – if all the Phils are no longer showing up to play, why should the fans pay?
    I’ll be surfing between them and the Rangers – at least the Rangers don’t quit after 1 bad goal

  2. someone I know posted a picture of one of the usually busy parking lots a few minutes before gametime and it was empty..

  3. Was at the game last night. Lots of empty seats last night, and I am expecting the same tonight when I go. The level of crowd interest in the game last night was dismal, a lot of people talking about anything but baseball and beginning to remember what it like to support a mediocre ball club. Sads.

  4. What happened to fightins.com? Did they have a horrible business model and couldn’t pay to keep the lights on?

  5. Could this have been because the Flyers and Sixers were/are in the playoffs? Maybe fans went there instead of to Phillies games.

  6. I was pretty sure I ended at the end of last season toward the end of that 10 game losing streak. in fact, I’m almost positive T-mac said it on television.

  7. Slow news day. The Phils announced sales of more than 3.1 mil tickets before the season even started. Sellout or not it’s not a huge deal, because every game will be sold out or damn close all year long. It’s not like the late 90’s when 17,000 were at the Vet, and I could get a general admission ticket for $7 and be the only person in my outfield section.

  8. Stop whining. Go to the games. Cut the bandwagon bullshit. See some of you down there to welcome back Cliff Lee tonight!

  9. @parg
    the fightins took issue with me when i started using the same ticket service they did, not selling phillies tickets at that point, mind you. meech pitched a fit saying i should have “asked him” to use that service (which about 10 other blogs all use now) and that was the start of the issue. they went out of business because meech is too busy to keep the site running and, im guessing, couldn’t figure out a way to make enough money from it.
    last month, i wrote something criticizing one of their guys, ryan, who faked a jon heyman account on twitter then made fun of all the media folks who picked up on it. that basically sent all the fightins guys over the edge and they troll on me on twitter every chance they get. often will say i make **** up, steal stuff from the 700 level, generally call me out on everything i do.

  10. Empty seats do not equate to end of sell out streak. The only thing that matters is number of tickets sold. And aren’t all the Stub Hub already bought, just being re-sold?

  11. When the heat of summer comes and school lets out attendance will go up. I will return to the lineup and sling a ling ding. Grow up pussies. Jump off the bandwagon? Then stay off. This team isn’t dead yet.

  12. More importantly, will the Sixers playoff game tomorrow night sellout?? Lots of empties at WFC for games 3 and 4. That will be a little embarrassing on national tv, even Atlanta sellout Hawks playoff games.

  13. Sad to say, but Philadelphia isn’t nearly the sports town it thinks it is. I was right after all.

  14. Seeing a lot less chicks wearing phillies gear and going to games… Fuckin Cunty Wagoneers

  15. I attended plenty of Phillies games in the mid-to-late 80s, the 90’s, and early 2000. I saw a lot of bad Philies teams, a ton of bad baseball. This is not one of those teams, fans need to get over themselves and stay aboard. At the very worst, this is a season with an additional wild card slot and we all know how last year’s NL wild card team performed. It’s a long season and as a fan, you should consider your self part of the team as they have all said about a million times how the fans “picked us up this game, etc.”. Don’t stop now, this team loves its fans, loves to be active in the community, hangs out with us at times, some call CC home. They’ve given us FIVE STRAIGHT YEARS of playoff baseball and one WS Championship. Too many so quick to jump and boo, try something different for a change…get behind them more instead of bailing.

  16. I gave ‘your are all idiots’ mom a “cooch smooch” and then she proceeded to put on hot pink lipstick and made smooch marks all over my bull nuts.

  17. That’s cool, but you do know as you’re boasting about this that my mom’s a tranny, right? He’s pretty hairy now but still has a fairly feminine face. I have no idea what you look like but I bet you’re a cute couple.

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