Worker Killed By Giant Roll of Newsprint at Inquirer Plant

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What. a. lousy. way. to. die.

According to a report on, a worker was killed this morning by a giant roll of newsprint at the Schuylkill Printing Plant for the Inquirer and Daily News: 

Initial reports from the scene indicated that the victim was a railroad worker who was crushed around 9:30 a.m. when he opened a boxcar and the roll fell out.


If you’ve never seen those rolls in person, they are massive. Giant rolls of paper, wound tightly, stacked and transported in a variety of ways. 

Sadly, it’s possible that this worker’s death is reported tomorrow in an oh-so-meta way on the very same paper that killed him. 


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  1. this is low…not funny…this dude has family, you dont need to rip the newspaper industry with this story.

  2. I have no idea why you posted this on your site. #1: it has absolutely nothing to do with sports. #2: I don’t come here to read about the local news scene and/or deaths. #3: this is a local story with one our own and his family being affected, and the fact that you attempted to crack a corny joke at the end is pathetic.

  3. Sadly, this is the most interesting thing to be printed on paper by the inquirer in a long time…

  4. One thing worse than being crushed to death by a roll of paper while earning a living to support your family is having some douchecock make light of it in his gay fucking blog.

  5. Where is anyone seeing a “joke” in this article about this guys death? Relax people this was respectful.

  6. Kyle, for all the grandstanding you do, how exactly can you justify trying to capitalize on the death on a newspaper worker?
    Let me guess. This proves how awful old media is and how great blogging is? Does this show how the old Philly media companies are imminently going to fail?

  7. All you assholes trashing this blog for mentioning this, probably have NO PROBLEM with 3, 6, 10, and 29 rushing out there to have one of their asswipes do a ‘live shot’ from outside the factory do you?
    Shut the fuck up and stop coming here if you don’t like it.

  8. I actually did have a problem with the live updates from the TV stations.
    My main problem is that this site is turning into TMZ while still having the gall to claim that true journalistic outlets are turning into relics of the past. Oh, and the comments sections is WORSE than I didn’t know what could be possible.

  9. Nick from Germantown might be the biggest pussy to ever read the world wide web.
    Such a whiney bitch.

  10. With a name like boxcar Willie, you sound homeless you jerkoff. Get off my site

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