Xfinity Live! Caught Serving Minors, Responds To Complaints

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Last night, FOX Philly did a little bit of investigative work on drinking at Xfinity Live!, detailing in two separate reports a finding by the PA liquor control board that a minor was served alcohol, and other incidents of general debauchery.

On April 18, one underage person, working undercover with the LCB, was served alcohol five separate times, apparently by five separate vendors. And, this weekend, FOX documented numerous occasions of people being escorted out of or stumbling from the building. 

[FOX Philly]

The investigator had come here probing complaints that the place was packed to the rafters, causing fights.

Investigators returned on April 18, the night of a big Flyers-Penguins matchup, only this time with an underage person looking to buy booze. It was no trouble at all.

Pennsylvania State Police have slapped Xfinity Live with a letter telling them they sold to a minor five times, a serious violation likely to bring a citation.


It’s the sort of thing that goes on, on some level, at nearly every large bar or entertainment district or whatever you want to call it. A few 20-year-olds are bound to be served, a few drunks will puke and remove the bathroom stall door, fights will happen, and people will slither out not knowing which way is up or who they’re going home with. Some of us call that Saturday. But, the fact that Xfinity Live! has already drawn complaints from the LCB (and some of you in the comments and on Twitter)… well, it’s noteworthy.

I spoke with Comcast-Spectacor PR man Ike Richman, who issued this statement:

With more than 300,000 visitors coming through Xfinity Live! since we opened, we believe this is an isolated incident in which an undercover police office was able to get past security. We take this VERY seriously and have increased security, added ID scanners, and increased check points, to assure that it never occurs again.  

I can tell you that we have been checked by the LCB on several other accounts and have had no issues at all.  

Again, we take this very seriously and we will do everything we can to assure our patrons that this is a safe, fun and exciting venue for everyone. 


The fact that one underage person was served alcohol on one afternoon isn’t exactly the most damning accusation in the world. I’d posit that nearly every bar – especially one serving 300,000 people in 30 days (my word!) – has served an underage person at some point, whether they were caught or not. Bartenders, as a whole, are not usually pillars of solid judgement (sorry, 'tenders… love you).

What stands out to me, though, is the mention of crowds and the place being “packed to the rafters.” Richman told me that Xfinity Live! never exceeds its capacity, which is nearly 2,800 humans and one mechanical bull, but that doesn’t mean the joint isn’t entirely too small for that many people to hang comfortably. That’s the issue here– not the one documented instance of underage drinking, rather the fact that you can’t move when something – anything – is going on in there. 

Back when I was given a preview of the place in December, my lone question centered on whether the place would be too crowded.

I wrote:

But how crowded will it be? McFadden’s is a standalone option, too, yet I still get penetrated by meatheads if I take two steps to my right. 

You read my mind– I don’t like getting penetrated by meatheads, either. To me, McFadden’s isn’t a pleasurable experience on game days… neither is a crowded Ashburn Alley. Both have decent offerings, and great location, but the appeal is lost by having to deal with the ridiculous crowds. What should be an enjoyable experience turns into a fight just to get a beer and a pork sandwich.

That’s my concern with Xfinity Live! 

Ultimately, Chickie’s and Pete’s is successful as a pre and post-game option because, while crowded, it manages the masses beautifully. You may wait for a seat, but the bar area is wide-open and service is insanely fast, though not rushed. 

Xfinity Live! is going to be big and have many open areas, but if the crowds aren’t managed properly or there are bottlenecks in bad spots, the whole experience could suffer. From the images I’ve seen, the design looks open enough, though.


The building itself, the amenities, the 32-foot HD screen, food and beer selections are mostly decent. The problem is that they’re nearly impossible to enjoy during peak hours, which is most of the time at Xfinity Live!. The place becomes a massive bar, not a dining and entertainment district. And with that comes LOUD NOISES and the type of people who are out to get shitfaced. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s just now happening on a massive, corporate-funded scale, in the middle of the sports complex. Which leads to mass drunkenness, fights, not enough taxis, and these types of stories.  

That’s the takeaway here: Comcast isn’t out to serve alcohol to minors or incite chaos. They’re just struggling through the growing pains of the place being too small.

Videos of FOX’s reports are after the jump.

Philly's Hottest Spots Getting Out Of Hand?:

Xfinity Live Caught Serving Alcohol To Minors:


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  1. Fox 29 needs to get a life & leave that kind of sh*t to Edward Murphy.

  2. Guarantee everyone on the liquor control board drank underage at some point. Give me a fuckin break.

  3. My first time at Xfinity live I got a bj and fingered some chick in her car in the parking lot, I fucking love the place. Peoplevare really wasted though but that happens during sporting events, oh well I got my hammer sucked

  4. I guess that’s why I was carded at the main entrance, at the entrance to victory, and every damn time I went to get a beer last night. As Lavy would say “enough is enough” start slapping some wristbands on the people of age, lets GO. That way they wouldn’t have to card people 903928905 times

  5. i went there on opening day….
    they had two people at the main entrance just looking at people and determining if they were of age…
    New licenses can be scanned…set up a few scanners and scan…
    The damn parking lot is a haven for underage drinking too obviously..big frat party.
    Most are hardly sports fans…just partying an thats the reason they love the phils.

  6. Keep the underage tramps in Xfin live or else the place will be taken over by old women. I saw that tan chick who burned her daughter trolling around trying to get in 1 night. Thankfully her NJ license wouldnt scan cause it too was burnt from UV rays.
    Look for me in the K lot, I’ll be selling fake ID’s. $40 2 for $70

  7. We already have problems with drunken fools at sporting events in this town, and now we build a drinking heaven for them…hopefully they stay in there.

  8. “An isolated incident”
    I dont say I disagree.
    But, the states are very serious about this.
    A few years ago, a large Wildwood bar (kelly’s cafe?) was shut down for Memorial Weekend (huge money maker) and risked losing license when busted for underage drinking.
    In one case… the person had legal NJ identification. They fooled the state into thinking they were older.
    In another, a family was eating and the underage daughter sneaked a sip and got caught.
    NJ blamed the bar owners.

  9. I wish Fox would do a story on how every girl that works at Victory Hall is Gross and fat.

  10. I interviewed for a bartending position at Live a few months ago. When I saw the place, I had exactly the same thought that Kyle did … for the kind of crowd they’re going to draw in, the place is WAYYYY too small.
    Bartenders, waitresses, and staff are going to be COMPLETELY overrun …
    Ripe for fights, fines, and ambulance rides …

  11. Isnt this why they tore down the spectrum to build a district? XFL is a block! They have should built it on top of the spectrum property like they said they were going to. Right now its the place to go but eventually the sparkle will wear off. Baltimore area still beats this place.

  12. Jay D, you’re just mad that my friends and I dont talk to you when you try to hit on us in the parking lots when we’re tailgating. My Sorority Sisters and I are big sports fans! Our drinking team name is the red phillies. Keep checking us out!

  13. I agree with the meatheads @ mcfaddens. I was walking through a the crowded bar area & accidentally bumped into some dude & he started a fight with me.

  14. Fuck Fox Philly. Fuck Fox News period! Come on what has that place been open a month and they’re trying to shut it down? GTFO!

  15. I fuckinh hate the DJ @ xfinty live, I requested him to play knock knocks a few times & he ignored me. That song gets my juices flowing!!
    Also I got scared off from xfinity live when I walked in on some guy in the bathroom stall doing a line of cocaine.. Mad me sick

  16. Why does it matter if they are doing drugs in the bathroom, they aren’t forcing you to do it

  17. I agree with the person who said why not give out different colored stamps (bracletes can be removed and passed along). I say get a few different stamps and change them from night to night and stamp a persons hand once you card them going in. With a place this large not sure how else you can keep it completely fool proof but they better step up their security also.

  18. Make it 25 and over problem solved, cant believe u young fuckheads need to get a chick drunk to hook up… No fuckin game

  19. Youre missing out on the biggest complaint I have of the place, it doesnt serve Bud/Bud Light. My ‘regular’ beer options are Miller Lite and Coors Lite?? How much did the exclusive right cost? Looks like I’ll be at McFadden’s where you can finally move. Thanks Xfininty.


  21. Xfinity Live is Skag Hollywood. Let them congregate and further spawn the underclass.

    Good job Fox, that’s really going to deter men from going there. It will probably set the World Record for Largest Sausage Fest this weekend.

  23. Decided to try out Xfinity after a Phils game…I won’t even consider going back unless there are no games going on. You can’t move in there! I was literally shoved at one point by a jackass frat boy in a polo because I was “in his way”. The bathroom situation is a fire hazard. That place is just a shitshow for young kids.

  24. WAY to crowded. God forbid a fire would happen, cause people would get trampled

  25. Haven’t been there yet but when I see it on TV it doesn’t make me say I need to be there. All kids.

  26. As you know I like to do thorough research before posting. Would it surprise anyone on here if Ed Snider personally served a minor. He will do anything to make a buck, especially providing his players with unsafe, shotty, plastic equipment. Here is my issue that no one is talking about. Why is Fox 29 investigating this. I would venture a guess that the vast majority of establishments in this area that serve alcoholic beverages, serve to those under the legal age from time to time. My research has revealed that there have been minimal incidents of violence or lewd behavior. However, every single day, there is vicious fighting and injuries including life threating brain injuries in the NHL, yet FOX is not investigating this. If you ask me, that is the travesty

  27. Leave X Fin alone. It is the best thing to ever happen to me

  28. Ed Murphy… Wrong again. Dude, you are like every typical protesting idiot. Such a moron. Who cares about player safety. A guy like Giroux will make about $200 million in his career. He can buy his own equipment.
    Fox29 is talking about real life safety here. These underage kids are drinking then getting behind the wheel of a car. This is serious business here. I actually heard, but this is NOT, I repeat NOT confirmed, but I heard that a 19 year old kid ran somebody over after he left xfinity live and Ed Snider paid off both families. Now I heard that the guy that got ran over lived, thank god, but this is the shit we are talking about with xfinity live. This serving minors just to make a few extra bucks has GOT to stop. Latch on to a real cause Mr Murphy because players can afford their own equipment, oh and nobody cares.

  29. Just last weekend I saw a kid trying to offer a bartender in the outside a 20 spot just to serve him beer.. Which she didn’t which is good. But I go back to where my dad and friend are and the group of kids who are all clearly underage are drinking beers acting very much like high schoolers. But I’m cool with that as long as they’re not bothering me. Kudos to the bartender for not serving him.
    As for the fights there have been several. My first time I was waiting for my girlfriend to get out of the bathroom and talked to a security guard there and when asked if there had been any peoblems in the first week she said: a man punched a female bystander who was kicked out and was irate he couldn’t get back in. The girl had to be taken out on a stretcher.
    Lastly, I was standing outside with my dad and friend game 1 of they Devils series (phils game just let out, huge crowd) when a guy staggered into the back of me. No big deal, I’m used to crowded places. The guy is probably drunk I expect nothing of it and don’t even look. Next thing I know the guys staring me my dad and friend down and asking if “I wanna settle this pussy?” like I did something wrong. Even after saying hey look we’re not in it to fight let’s just watch the game, he was insistent on proving his brohood even though he may have been all of 5’6. But I had better things to do.
    Really, id rather not Risk getting arrested, a record, and all that. Although there is a ton of security it still doesn’t work. The place is way too small. Im probably not going there with a crowd ever again. Way too many douchers.

  30. @Jan- I know exactly the blond you’re talking about. I slammed her from behind in one of the bathrooms stalls after she was done her shift. Little jean shorts and all.
    @LutherDavis- There is PLENT-EEE of pussy at X Live.
    @RobHouse- Spot on. Leave X Live alone. There is nothing wrong with an open market of wasted soriority girls ready to go all the way.

  31. xfinity live is out of control:
    i saw an underage chick flash her v*gina to the doorman at xfinity to get her & a few of her friends in.
    -The place needs to be shutdown, Ed Snider is corrupting the youth of philly.
    -Then I was a witness to a group of intoxicated underage kids that got into their vehicle & were peeling out in the parking lot. I almost got hit & then they were screaming at me like it was my fought. wtf

  32. @Thomas E. Merschen
    so the underage kids being served are the only ones hopping in cars and driving home drunk ….
    i have no opinion on minors drinking .. because nobody would care anyway BUT you’re nuts if you think they are the biggest and only problem with driving while intoxicated.
    No Love,
    Beez Nutz

  33. Love how the Xfin spinmeister tries to claim 300,000 people have visited. Really, 10,000 a day, every day since it opened? Fuckin liars at every opportunity. Just say 3 million next time, jerkoffs.

  34. 1,2,3,4 some underaged kids come and knocked up on your door so…let em in, let em in, let em in HEY

  35. I’m free this weekend, thinking of heading to this place to blow some lines n some underage cock

  36. I was offered drugs 5 times when I was there. It’s filled with DELCO TRASH. One dude threw up on my friend’s sister’s legs and wasn’t even thrown out. He said he spilled his beer since it was all liquid. We told the bouncer the jean short wearing delco prick who puked on her puked, but they didn’t care.

  37. How’s the TV outside? Can you actually see it? At night I imagine its ok. Thats most likely the only time id go back maybe to watch a flyers playoff game outside. Too crazy inside

  38. @JAYD Outside isn’t bad, much more room, and not as loud…and Phillies season lines up great for nice weather. But that damn TV! It’s huge and shows nothnig but ads for Xfinity Live! I’m already there, WTF do I need to see ads for?
    They can keep it, I’ll be in K Lot with Bolaris.

  39. Mr. Merschen, I would like to start off by saying that it was great to see eye to eye with you regarding the issues of racism.  I look forward to the day where you will join us hand in hand during a rally supporting safety. I would like to rebut a few of your previous remarks, if you will.  Regarding the salaries of the players, first of all, you are misinformed on a few points. Mr. Giroux will never see anywhere close to $200 million in his lifetime.  Where are you getting your information? My research has shown that he made $2,750,000 in gross income prior to taxes or expenses this past season. If he is lucky to make it through the entire length of his contract, which is only two more years, he will make $8,500,000 prior to any of those expenses.  This is all assuming he can make it out alive.  Or how about a guy like Tom Sestito who made $550,000 but presumably will never play again after being injured as a result of inadequate equipment. How is he going to be able to feed his family if he is laying in a hospital bed in capable of using his brain? Where will Mr. Snider be then? I assume at the bank, counting his money. Overall, my biggest concern besides the greed of Mr. Snider and the medical community is that the youth of America will be poised as a result of a player being seriously injured or killed during a game.
    The bigger issue I have with your remarks is with this cover up, can you please send me support as I would like to get to the bottom of this. We need more people out there like you who are not afraid to stand up for what is right.

  40. I love a good time but seems like a big college mixer. I’d buy a $50 steak and 10 beers but Ed’s happy with just the 10 beers and wings crowd I guess. Pass.

  41. Got carded at Xfinity at least 6 times too because I don’t look 21. There’s a lot of people obviously they can’t catch every underage person trying to sneak in…
    Also, I’ve seem many MANY 30s and up adults act more irresponsible then the “kids” my age.
    sidenote: LOL the guys who posts comments on crossing broad are such sleeze when it comes to anything that has boobs.
    hope that works out for all of you 🙂

  42. I gotta try this place out, haven’t been there yet, but I was told I had a job there and they lied to me, so…

  43. Went to Xfinity last night cause my two friends were DJing. Figured we’d bring a bunch of people for some support (30 ppl) cause they’ve never worked the venue. The entire place was dead cept our people. Everyone is already in and our taxi was the last to get there (5ppl). The first two girls we’re with, the meathead bro bouncer says that their ID’s are fake. Slightly frustrated I tell him “what about mine”? He barely glanced at it then said this is fake too. The last two of our group of 5 came in after they finished their cig’s and theirs was “fake” as well. Obviously frustrated due to the fact that we’re all 24/25 I ask for a supervisor(“I am the supervisor”), manager(“I said your not coming in,end of story”), scanner(“fake ID’s scan now”), and even asked if there was an officer on the premises to verify our ID’s. “Im a man, I dont change my decisions.” (WTF does that even mean?!) Because we didnt have popped collars and short skirts he just decided we werent allowed in. Everytime Ive been there – game day or not, the security (Imagine a bunch of guys who peaked in highschool) are power abusing, disrespectful, bullies. Never again… EFF Xfinity

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