You Can’t Get a Philly Cheesesteak at Natitude Park, But You Can Get a Natitude Steak Sandwich


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  1. I like to put Philly steak inside my vagina and then let it explode in my face.

  2. I love the fact that the front page of Crossing Broad right now is dominated by stories about the Nationals.
    Kyle’s hatred of the Nationals is just the cutest thing. You keep doing what you’re doing Laskowski.

  3. Who the fuck puts sharp parmesan cheese, horseradish and sliced ribeye on a goddamn ciabatta roll and has the balls to call it anything with “tude” on the end?

  4. lol…everything about the nationals is garbage. This is great PR for them though. I guess when your desperate for fans, you’ll do anything…including making themselves look like morons. But, no matter what, this is not a rivalry…they haven’t earned the right to call anyone a rival yet.

  5. I’m not sure who’s more pathetic, Kyle or the Nationals for keeping this stupidity going

  6. Fat.funky,outof shape philly fans complaining about a cheesesteak knockoff(lol).No wonder Philadelphia is continously voted as the nations’ fattest city.

  7. i tired a natinals steak sandwich…. boy did it give me the natitoots… haha get it? toots?

  8. If you read the description on the menu that thing has nothing to do with a cheesesteak.

  9. Kyle knows fruity when he sees it. Gaydar fully functional! Bitter Philly fans are hilarious.

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  11. harpers nothing but a premature ejaculation fuck the nats YO

  12. I don’t know what’s worse…. this sign or the fact that the Phillies are on their way to losing the damn series against the Gnats. 7-1 at the top of the 8th right now… Pathetic.

  13. You are absolutely right. It’s not a rivalry. The Nats own the Phillies. Seven in a row. Sweep tomorrow.

  14. Just got back from CBP South. Many of those DC fans are as phony as the people who run their city.

  15. No Nats-bashing posts yet today? It reeks of humiliation and defeat in here.

  16. It’s great how many losers that are on here who hate philly so much that they troll this website 24/7. You guys mad? hmm?

  17. Simply infuriated by the 7-1 spanking my team gave yours. SO GLAD TO GET THAT OFF MY CHEST. THANK YOU FOR ASKING.
    *sniff* … yup still reeks in here. 🙂

  18. All the feminist chicks, especially the ones who think they are so progressive with their “witty” comments, should contact Bobby Flay to set up a Challenge Throwdown. You see, us men will be too busy trolling the internet for panty shots. Don’t worry, you have our permission to leave the kitchen and to use the computer. But, just this once, let’s not get crazy here. The throwdown will be – Philly Cheesteak vs whatever the crap the Nats fans decide to call their version.

  19. We went to the game Friday. The Nats owners have created a hostile violent environment with their”hate the Phillies fans” campaign. How does Bud Selig let them get away with it???? Since when does the MLB NOT want fans to purchase tickets to baseball games at larks that are NOT their team’s home balllark??? Nats fans feel they have rhe right to scream “get out of our balllark” and “go home Philly trash” all night. These Nats fans are hostile garbage, ruining games for families whi just want to watch their team.

  20. Hey NJMom, believe me when I say your classless fellow fans started this. Booing our guys during the lineup announcement in our park on opening day several years ago? Just because enough of your fanbase had come to DC that they could be loud enough to do it? Holding up a welcome to Citizens Stank Park South sign in our stands? Throwing back HR balls our guys hit? How do you think young Nats fans feel seeing this? These are the manners you want your children to learn? ALL of this predated the anger on this side and the team’s promotion this weekend. You might want to use a little Windex on your glass house before you throw such big stones. And if reading Philly fan comments on this blog doesn’t give you a good sense of what we’ve been dealing with quietly for YEARS in DC — and have finally decided the grace period is over — then I don’t know how else to explain this to you.

  21. OH MY GOD!!!!! THE FANS OF THE OTHER TEAM BOOED OUR PLAYERS!!!!!! cry me a river you butthurt little faggot.


  23. Who wants to bet you don’t see this guy commenting on here after August?

  24. Classless fans because we travel to root for our team? Or classless because we always beat you? You are such a butthurt pussy. You realize that May is your only chance to talk shit.

  25. IF my team sucks monkey balls, what exactly is it your team is doing right now? And you always beat us … wow. Seriously? Check the scoreboard lately? Or the standings? You really are all idiots, by the literal definition. Classless idiots.
    I’ve gone on the road to watch my team a LOT of times. Cheering for my boys does NOT mean deriding the other team, or its fans, in their own park. That is really low and classless. Again, if you don’t understand this, I cannot help you. You are way beyond help. God have mercy on your scummy souls.

  26. Also “X Live Panty Dropper,” whatever that name is supposed to mean, try getting laid. It’ll do wonders for your mood.

  27. Oh Christ. I have been so insensitive. I just figured out that you can’t read, and that’s why you think my team sucks and yours doesn’t, and that’s why you believe you’ve been beating us the last several games we’ve played against you. I’m really sorry, bro. You should get software that reads the scores to you. 🙁 Let me be the one to break the news: Nats have kicked your last-place, loser asses in front of a dwindling number of your classless fans and a growing number of home team supporters the past couple of days. Don’t worry, you still have a shot at fourth place in the division.

  28. Can’t respond right now. Have managed to get Kyle’s tiny dick very, very deep in my throat. Will say more soon.

  29. Lol what a troll. He’s faking conversations now.

  30. I will say, between innings, the Nats organization (by way of their announcer) were taking a bunch of cheap shots at the Phillies fans on Saturday. I’m sure the same was true on Friday and the same will be true tonight.
    The organization has less class than most of their fans do. With most other sports franchises, never a doubt it’s the other way around (including us).

  31. Oh Christ. I have been so insensitive. I just figured out that you can’t read, and that’s why you think my team sucks and yours doesn’t, and that’s why you believe you’ve been beating us the last several games we’ve played against you. I’m really sorry, bro. You should get software that reads the scores to you
    What the fuck is this guy talking about? Yea bro…u beat us in the last COUPLE of games. No one disputed that you dumb fuck. Enjoy the few May wins you fucking loser troll.

  32. Your handle is “you all are idiots”. You know what that makes you? A pussy with a terrible handle. The Montreal Nationals will never win a playoff game.

  33. IF my team sucks monkey balls, what exactly is it your team is doing right now? And you always beat us … wow. Seriously? Check the scoreboard lately? Or the standings? You really are all idiots, by the literal definition. Classless idiots
    Again, wtf are you talking about? Monkey balls? No one said your team sucks monkey balls, they just suck in general. No fan base to watch a team that hasn’t made the playoffs (ever?) in how many years? You sound like a butthurt loser boasting about a couple of wins in the first week of May. It’s like you finally have the tinyiest little piece of bragging material and because of your jealousy of Philly sports, you need this pathetic opportunity to try and prove a point about Philly sports and their fans. (You haven’t made a single point yet.)

  34. I feel for you though man. We we’re once in your position. We just didn’t carry it like a butthurt little fanboy. Just enjoy the ride and root like hell for your team. Instead of coming to crossing broad every ten minutes being all “OMMMMGGGG NATS WON A GAME AGAINST THE PHILLIES IN MAY OH MY FUCKING GODD I JUST CREAMED MY PANTIES”

  35. Also, let me break my handle down for you Nats ball girl (aka You are all idiots). X LIVE= Xfinity Live! in Philadelphia. You wouldn’t be aware if this because you never leave your granny’s basement. PANTY DROPPER= Means to drop the undergarment usually worn by females. Again, you wouldn’t be familiar with this because you’ve never engaged in such activity.

  36. Win or lose Phillies will always fill their stadiums and their rivals. Thats love and dedication. This is a flash in a pan for you guys, don’t get too comfy in the number 1 spot, we will be by to claim it again soon.

  37. And they’re practically giving tickets away. $12 a piece and free concerts and you STILL can’t fill the park??? Quit complaining about the Phillies fans attending, heck I think we are the only ones showing up!!!!!

  38. You can have your bs ballpark with your phucking $40.00 parking, have a happy time with the 10,000 fans every game..if you get that many. Your food sucked too!! Just like your players, administration and your few fans!!

  39. Bah ha ha at the X Live pussy going on and on. What was that, five uninterrupted posts? Riled up, stud? As for panty-dropping — had no problem getting your sister’s down. What a filthy whore!

  40. Incidentally, congrats to all of you on salvaging what looks like a win tonight. Really impressive. *golf clap*

  41. Kara — obviously you haven’t been a Phillies fan for very long if you think the team has always filled the stadium. I had NO PROBLEM buying tix at Citizens Stank Park before the 08ers came along and started buying up all the cheap seats. Go ahead and look up the attendance from 10 years ago. Give yourself a little history lesson. We’ll wait.

  42. I don’t need to pull out records, I can pull out my pictures of games I have attended every year for the past 25 years. And even on our bad years, we filled more seats than your Mickey mouse stadium is, even with us buying half your tickets. Give yourself a history lesson about a pathetic organization that has never even seen a World Series in over 30 years but thinks they’re top dog just because they try to start a “rivalry.” You’re little league crew isn’t worthy of a rivalry with us.

  43. Ok just to say I did, I pulled up records. Since 1969 the Nats have been ranked in the top 6 of attendance at their games 5 times. Since 1969 the Phils have ranked top 6 of attendance 28 times, many times ranked first, Nats never first. Time for recess now, history lesson over.

  44. Oh and just so you know, none of those “great rankings” have been since they moved to Dump City. I’m sure that was your next argument.

  45. You got shit on pal. By Kara as well. You know the first guy to throw out a “try getting some pussy” comment in argument, gets no pussy.

  46. Nats have existed seven seasons, Einstein. I’m talking about DC baseball. Wow, you’re almost as dumb as the boys on here.
    Hey X, do you even know what a clit is? Don’t worry, Kara will show you hers.

  47. OK idiot I even said, attendance is even worse SINCE they came to DC!!! Check your name moron. and at least when they were Expos they made one playoff. OOoh a sexual “comeback” what are you 11?

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