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We'll let the players try to put this into words.

Quotes via the Flyers' city-leading PR department


Q: Talk about the shock factor. Less than two weeks ago you guys knocked off one of the best teams..

"That doesn't even matter. It doesn't matter who we knocked off, we just had to be ready for the next series. I think we were thinking we were going to walk over to New Jersey and they'll fall a little bit. I guess we've got to learn from it. They are a good hockey team. They are well balanced and they played a pretty good series." 



Q:On the Flyers system 

"They played a lot like the Rangers. We got the puck in the corner on a soft chip and it seemed like they had four guys on you in the corner. It is probably one of the biggest reasons why we couldn't beat the Rangers this year. They just smothered you, three or four guys on you in the zone. It was tough to make plays when your back is against the wall or out in the ice. It is definitely frustrating, but we did have chances. We had a post there and Danny [Briere] on a cough up by [Martin] Broudeur and if that goes in that could have been a whole different story."



Q: Talk about the game winning goal.

"Ask Bryz"

Q: We did.

"Well this game is a mistake. It was a mistake and that happens but if you don't score a goal, you can't win. So, we couldn't score today."

Q: With given how things went this series is this the most disheartening end to a season?

"Well personally, I'm running out of time to be honest. After the Pittsburgh series, I really thought this was our chance. Look at the teams who are out, look at the teams who are in. The teams that are still in are beatable. I don't have many chances left and this is a wasted opportunity for us."

Q: Is this just an example of Bryz's entire season in this one game, it was really good at parts but there were weird bounces.

"Well, we're losing as a team or win as a team. It's not my job to start blaming somebody. We have coaches and GMs to do that. To me, we lose as a team and win as a team."



Q: It’s hard to have perspective right after a defeat like that.  Can you address so many of the good things that happened this year for your players and the development of this team?

“It’s hard right now.  Just meeting with the players after a loss when the season ends, those speeches that you never seem to master.  I can tell you that, the group that’s in that room right now is a terrific group of men.  They played hard this year, they gave a lot and we came up short.  It’s a bright future and we’re looking forward to that but tonight it’s disappointing.” 



Q: What’s your status, is there more hockey for you?

“Oh I don’t know, I don’t know what’s gonna happen—it doesn’t really matter what’s gonna happen. I have to say, thanks for the support from the fans. I love everyone on this team. That was probably the most enjoyable year I’ve ever had. I’ve won some cups, I’ve won some trophies, but I loved this year. From the organization to the last player on the team, and the fans, they were so nice to me. I hate to finish it right now, that’s the worst feeling. You finish the whole story, the whole year, that’s a sad day, today for me…I wanna cry right now.”


Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were unavailable for comment.


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  1. Quick is an amazing goalie. But I would hate to see Carter and Richards lift the cup. Sorry.
    See ya next season folks.

  2. You know, it’s very easy to blame Bryz for the loss of this series, but it’s not like he allowed 10 goals last night. Yea he should of been able to block the shots, and that one goal was ridiculous, but of the rest of the team needed to pick their asses up and score. The game was very much winnable when it was 3-1. They could of at least forced OT.

  3. G let the team down. It will be a hoot this summer seeing Carts bring the Stanley Cup to the beach & OD happy hour

  4. If anyone lames Bryz for this, they have their head up their ass. He was the only player ready to play in round 2.
    Kyle I noticed the lack of Richards and Carter posts recently, wonder why? Maybe you are too busy posting Nationals BS…

  5. This sucks, it’s gonna be a long sports year, our teams blow

  6. I’m no puckhead by any stretch of the imagination (hockey isn’t exactly the sport of choice here in da ‘hood), but it seemed to me that the Flyers suffered a fatal case of bravado after the Pittsburgh series, thinking they were the big, bad bully on the NHL block that could score at will against anybody, anywhere.
    But when the Flyers went up against a team that put defense first, made opponent pay for any mistakes (see last night’s Bryzgalov gaff) and bloodied said bully’s nose with some of the most relentless forechecking I’ve ever seen, the Flyers promptly turtled up, not knowing what to do or how to react. No matter what they did, it simply wasn’t enough to counter a New Jersey team that outworked them, outplayed them, outhustled them and outcoached them.
    Short and sweet, the Flyers might have had more talent (and that could be debated, especially in goal), but the Devils were the better TEAM. Period. And that’s why they won this series.

  7. Hartnell hit it on the head. The Rangers laid the blueprint on how to beat Lavy’s system. The Devils took notice and ran with it after game 1. Credit the Devils coaching staff for reading and reacting to what the Flyers were throwing at them. The Flyers didn’t make any adjustments and combined with sloppy play it was a total disaster. Plain and simple

  8. Devils played like the Flyers of Round 1, Flyers played like the Penguins of Round 1…end of story.

  9. 2nd goal wasnt bryz’s fault. timonen made just a brutal mental decision to fire the puck back at his goalie…by the time it go to bryz, he could do nothing iwth the puck. even if he tried to fall on it, clarkson would have gotten there first and went 5 hole. just a stupid mental mistake by timonen and by those quotes, i think he knows it

  10. @Chris – I couldn’t agree more. The lack of adjustments was the most frustrating part of this series. The Devils followed that NY blueprint and dominated from the start of game 2.
    I hope they can get it figured out in the offseason. This has to be one of the more disappointing series in a long time.

  11. @TR
    Bryz shouldn’t have had the puck for the 2nd goal, but yes it IS his fault.

  12. And if it werent for Bryz they would have lost in 4 games.. get over it. They completely rebuilt the team, lost their best player to injury, and still won a playoff series to a hated rival. Sure sign of a young team to get beat down like this. I actually hope the devils win. Marty retires, the Lundquist’s dont win the cup, and Richie/Carts dont win the cup.

  13. carts & richards will be doing lines of c0ke off Lord Stanley Cup this June down SIC. Book It

  14. When Angelo saw that all three teams lost last night, he was so happy about today’s show, he even tossed my salad for me. Usually he just blows in my face and then kicks me in the stomach. When he starts eating ass, thats when you know he is super excited. I have not seen him this excited since the Phils lost last year.

  15. @TR – I completely disagree. Timmonen made the smart play by passing it back to Bryz which he’s done many times this season. That goal is all on Bryz. Bryz had Coburn completely open to his right but instead elected to shoot the puck to his left where not only was Clarkson skating but Elias also was skating down that lane. If Bryz just passes it right over to Coburn, that goal never happens. Why he would try to pass it back into the most congested part of the ice, I have no idea. But he had plenty of time to make that pass to Coburn. Game-winning goal completely on Bryz. However this series loss is not on Bryz…he was the only one truly playing most of this series.
    I think he’ll only get better going forward as long as Lavy and Homer don’t try to shake up their entire system too much.

  16. They are a good young team.
    Homer needs to get some team to take the bait on JVR to free up enough space to sign a quality defenseman… Weber or Suter… I’m looking in your direction.
    Bring Jagr back for another year. And hope Russian goalie has learned how to keep his mouth shut and play in this city.
    This whole series falls on Lavy and the players not playing a better system to counteract the Devils. Dare I say, Bryz was the most consistent player this series?
    Now, in typical Philadelphia fashion, lets watch the team that beats us… go get destroyed in the next round.

  17. This isn’t a simple loss. The Flyers were soundly beaten (could have easily been a sweep). They lost six times to the Rangers (another tough, defensive, forechecking team). Laviolette needs to find a way to beat these teams or he is gone.
    The Flyers shouldn’t have been in the game last night. I think they had the control of the puck in the offensive zone for about five minutes in the third period of an elimination game.

  18. This one sits squarely on Laviolette. Watching this series was like watching bad re-runs of old sitcoms. The Flyers consistently beat in the corners over and over and over again and Lavy seemingly did nothing to change. Sorry bud, but this is the one case where “playing your game” wasn’t going to work out for you, since their game was designed to kill you and you played right into it. The fact that all of the loses were close (once you toss out ENs) speaks to the quality of the team. However, the fact that the Flyers were never really in this season after the second game speaks to the quality of the coaching.

  19. LemurCat has a point. Laviolette fell down here. Clearly, he had to have seen after game three that his system wasn’t working and made serious adjustments, instead, he continued pounding that square peg into a round hole and failed miserably. I can’t help but wonder if he ever considered watching tape of the New Jersey-Florida series where the Panthers, a team that was probably less talented team than Jersey took the Devils to a game seven and adapted elements to his system, or if he was simply too damn stubborn to change. Guess we’ll never know.

  20. Blame is on Bryz and Timmo. Timmo knows Bryz is terrible at playing the puck so that pass should have never happened. He even had a D man to pass it too. Bryz had little time and just got unlucky with the clear. It happens. Broduer did the same thing but we hit the post.
    We didn’t capitalize on the few chances we had and they cashed in on the multiple ones we gave them.
    We really needed to take 1 game in NJ especially that OT game with 2 power plays.
    Bryz was our best player that series only reason we had a shot in the games to win.
    Trade JVR this off season to make room for a D man. This is a young team that should compete for the next 5-7 years for a cup if they can find the right players to fill some voids we have.
    Credit to the Devils for playing a flawless game night in and night out and have to wonder what Lavy was thinking by not changing his game plan to counter. Broduer has been in the NHL for how long? Everyone knows not to dump and chase cause he acts as a third D man…

  21. as floppy as marty brodeur is in net. His old school puck handling skills owned the flyers. So many pucks they dumped in got shot back out thanks to marty’s stick work. I wish bryz could handle the puck a 1/10 of what marty can. bryz looks like another head case chuck knoblach type. Not good.

  22. Bryz is not the reason the Flyers lost this series you fucking morons!

  23. Brodeur’s ability with the stick aside, the Flyers played the worst possible game against the Devils forechecking. Hell, they went into a modified 1-3-1 trap for the love of Christ. Anyone who has watched the the Flyers play Tampa this season knew the trap was the easiest way to kill the Flyers. And Lavy did nothing to counter it? I’m sorry, but I would think long and hard about his continued employment with this team.

  24. JVR was weak all series..he took that dumb penalty that led to the goal in the 2nd…he took up space on the roster that was meant for Rinaldo who seemed like the only one who wanted to win last night..finally, he ruined our team chemistry because he barely played all year..if anyone wants him they can have him

  25. I feel really bad for Kimmmo. He’s probably my favorite Flyer. It’s sad to see him acknowledge he doesn’t have much left in the tank.

  26. Who gives a fuck about Carter and Richards. Give it up they don’t play for the Flyers anymore. If you want to suck their dick every day go write a Kings blog. I come to this site because I usually like your analysis of the team/city but get over it they are gone.

  27. Anyone else think mezzaros looked straight up fat and unable to move last night? He and JVR were in no physical condition to contribute to the playoffs this year.

  28. I usually lurk around here but I really need to put this out there.
    Despite losing to the Devils, I’m still proud of this team. Yeah the team been through its ups and downs but come on, the beat the poop out of the Penguins and that whinny bitch Crosby.
    Bryz is also not the reason why they lost the series. They were burned out! But hey, I rather they lose to Jersey than to Pittsburgh!
    As for the former #17 and #18, you seriously need to get over it! They’re not the Flyers’ problem. So why everyone still make a big ass deal about it? Btw any friggin proof they sniffed “snow”? Any proof? Exactly! NO PROOF! While I really don’t like Carter, I’m happy to see Richards turned it around over there. I haven’t heard any crazy stuff about him since moving to LA! Plus, I want to see the Kings win it now because of its other players like Quick, Doughty, Brown, Kopitar, and Gagne. Remember him? Too bad most of you are blinded by your R&C hate!
    Noticing that most of the people who reply here are men, you really act like friggin’ babies around here. GROW THE HELL UP!

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