A Photo: Mike Richards and Jeff Carter Hold The Stanley Cup

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Excuse me, I'm going to go lie in the fetal position until the morning, when we'll have more coverage. I expect the comments on these posts to be completely rational.


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  1. Well deserved. I really wish Homer would have given them a couple more years here (they’re only 27 years old!).

  2. Carts taught us all that if you give a half-hearted effort on a team you don’t want to be on, in addition to whining and bitching to be traded hard enough, you too can get play on a Stanley Cup winning team! 😀

  3. Carter’s playoff numbers this year were absurdly better than anytime in Philly. I’m thrilled for Richards, but pissed Carter was garbage here and figured out how to show up after he was gone. Happy for Gags more than anything though.

  4. why do these things always happen to Philly? ::face to palm:: smh

  5. Can’t be butt hurt over Richards and Carter and Gange winning don’t count Williams in that because he’s already got one. Richards and Carter did not ask to be traded, we should all be pissed off at the flyers front office for dismantling a competitive team for a gaggle of overachieving youths. And also for being one of the most stubborn front offices in the NHL there is no more “old school, flyers style” hockey in the NHL nowadays congratulations to the kings and Richards Carter and Gange now LETS GO FLYERS

  6. as Flyers they’re in sea isle right now after losing to the Penguins in the first round so go watch highlights of Couterier, Schenn, and Giroux acting like bosses against the Penguins and remind yourself that we’re better off. there, all better now? you’re welcome.

  7. @nate fox
    join the LA kings fanbase if you can’t understand hat the Flyers beat the Penguins because of those trades.

  8. So happy on how everything turned out.
    Congrats to Carter on scoring the Cup clinching goal. My bet he’s gonna get lucky with that porn star behind the Devils bench tonite.
    Congrats to Gagne for playing in the Final, despite the concussion problems.
    Congrats to Richards for making the little things count during the playoffs.
    Congrats to the rest of the Kings for an amazing playoff run. Hope next year the Flyers will pull an even bigger run!
    Hope everyone will now turn the page in the Richards/Carter trade drama and just be happy for them.
    PS: give up the coke jokes. It’s really lame!

  9. I really do feel like a spiteful fan now, I’m not gonna go ranting about it but honestly I don’t have any solace cause these guys won after they left the Flyers. Do you think the Predators fans would be happy if Hartnell won with us? or Pens fans would be happy cause Talbot and Jagr won with us? All I thought while watching this series, which I watched 5 out of the 6 games, was the new season will come soon and a new chance for this team to make their fans happy. So I’m not happy, I’m not pissed, I’m just looking to the future

  10. We’ll continue to lose every championship in this city until the media backs the fuck off and let the players’ play.

  11. Well…Let us reflect.
    Kyle Scott. Local kid, big sports fan. Loves his Phillies, Loves his Flyers, and Loves his “Uncomfortable Gay Scenarios”. Kyle please act like some semblance of a journalist and leave this post on this board…
    You wrote a Eulogy recently, here’s yours.
    CrossingBroad.com was built off of your obsession with local athletes. You created a blog that fed off of sites like deadspin and barstoolsports. Your lack of credibility was the backbone of this website. I can remember when Kyle Laskowski was just a nerd at Villanova. Never all that good at sports, Kyle hit the books hard, and loved a good party. Like the average kid he tried to work towards being good at what he did, and enjoy himself when the oppurtunity presented himself. But unfortunately boys and girls Kyle forgot what is was to be a man and turned into the kind of douchebag most of us don’t respect here in Philly.
    Kyle left college knowing 2 things. 1)The Flyers had a core of young talent and 2) His growing curiosity in men needed to be unleashed…In comes his creation of CrossingBroad.com. Kyle was a big fan of Philly sports and handy with computers so he decided to blog about it. Using his pedigree setting up MLB.com shopping carts, never being an athlete and lack of professional journalism experience, he created a website that finally gave him the attention he so desperately neededt. The problem was Kyle soon realized he wasn’t smarter, or faster out there than any other idiot out there with a laptop that called themselves a member of the media…his blog wasn’t going well either, but Kyle had something up his sleeve! He was going to find pictures of his favorite athletes on Facebook and twitter! And steal intellectual property from websites like deadspin and create “TMZPhillyAthletes.” He worshiped guys like Mike Richards. He knew when Mike won the Calder that the Flyers were in a good spot. Carter scores 46 goals, every puck that hits the tape ends up in the back of the net and he rejoiced knowing he had the scorer they needed.
    Leading up to the summer of 2010 it was the best time of his life. Hisr blog took off after he posted pictures he stole off someone’s Facebook with Jeff Carter drinking at McFaddens He loved Sea Isle and Jeff just bought a house there. It was meant to be! He knew right there that he would stalk him and every Flyer…reporting every peice of bullshit he could find. He ruined their reputations and helped getting them traded out of town. He realized about a month ago that he fucked up and that he wished he had his old team back with Richards, Me, and Carter and no Illya, but what was done was done and the Cup was theirs. Not ours.
    You wanted them to win, but like an obsessed girlfriend you made it difficult to be around. Every once in awhile your humor made them laugh and you liked it.
    But now your dead. So is this blog.Have fun faggot, you cost this city a Stanley Cup.
    Claude Giroux
    PS stop blogging about me unless you want me gone too you dumbass!

  12. Richards didn’t want the captaincy when it was handed to him–after all, Pittsburgh had named Crosby captain of the penguins, so the Flyers needed to have a young captain, too. Result: Richards was miserable, here. Look at him in LA-the smile actually goes to his eyes.
    How many times do you think Gagne was pressured to return to play before he was really ready, making him more vulnerable to more concussions?
    As to Jeff Carter, well, everybody hates the weasel who keeps falling into buckets of [email protected]$&, only to come out smelling like a rose.


  14. P.S. Just because he smells like a rose in this case doesn’t make him any less a s$&@, otherwise.

  15. i feel nothing but sick. how anyone can enjoy anyone BUT the Philadelphia Flyers winning the Cup baffles me. The last three Cup celebrations have absolutly ripped my heart out.

  16. How can Flyers fans trust this front office? Who’s to say that in a few years that bold faced liar Paul Holmgren, and Jam Man Lavy won’t just give up on and trade away ours he young talent Like Schenn and Simmonds claiming they are busts, or cancers, or whatever. This team gives up on talent way too soon. Hey remember 2010 when the Flyers with Richards and Carter went to the finals with absolute trash goaltending? Remember 2011 when three different goalies all got pulled in the playoffs? Yet Carter and Richards were somehow the problem of it all. Flyers front office? DTA: Don’t trust anybody.

  17. the cup will be fulled with c0ke this weekend in sic. Barbecues, jet ski, hot dogs, c0ke, loose women, happy hours, deck, beach & beer.

  18. It’s hard not to be a little bitter. But shit whatre you gonna do? Carter and Richards are good players but they will never be the “backbone” of a team. They look quite comfortable without letters on their chests and the responsibilty that comes with them. They now play in a market where they are pretty much anonymous on the social spectrum. Perfect for them! Doesnt mean theres as many groupies around, but hey! they could do their booger sugar without a cell phone camera coming out! Again, both great players but when you burden them with reponsibility or the pressure of a rabid fanbase expect these guys to turn into pudding. Congrats, Simon Gagne.

  19. I don’t blame Holmgren for trying to shake things up. Completely understand the Carter deal, but last June 23rd when I saw on my twitter feed that Richards had been traded, my gut reaction was shock and also why? Richards has won at every level. Memorial Cup, Calder Cup, Olympic Gold were already on his mantle. It was only a matter of time before he lifted the Stanley Cup. Pete Debeor was his coach in Kitchner during his Jr. years and guaranteed Richards would be a cup winner by the time his day was over. I still don’t think the Flyers got fleeced on the deal but to give away a franchise player like that, I will never understand it. Never thought I’d see the day Richards lifting the cup and not be wearing Orange and Black. Hopefully our day is coming soon.

  20. Someone tell Homer I’m getting really tired of watching ex Flyers lift the Cup…

  21. I don’t get how people don’t understand why most flyers fans have their stomachs in knots over this. Its fine to passively route for certain players because of their likability and what not, i get that. But to see guys like broadstreethockey.com, and other people who are quick to hold up the “Were the REAL flyers fans” banner, actively rooting for another team–especially a team with former flyers legends and polarizing figures like carter and Richards– is perplexing to me. The young backbone of our team for 6 years was traded. The whole thing was billed as them being too party-hardy and/or incomplete as players to be able to take us all the way, and what do they do less than a year after being traded? Hoist what they could never give to us. It’s only natural to feel upset, but instead I have all these “real” fans telling me why I should be happy…Happy?
    If I break up with my girlfriend, even if it was mutual, I don’t want to hear about her marrying some rich fuck for his money a week later. Regardless if it was for the better, I’m still gonna have a natural gut reaction to be pissed. I know that on the kings richy and carter were role players, they had bad years, that quick is half the reason they won, the trades worked out good for us, bla bla bla, and all that’s fine…but it still stings… The next bobby Clarke hoisted a cup in a hockey town with about 12 legit fans. Legends like gagne and hextall are forever having their names engrained in history as champions…as kings. Jeff Carter whined his way out of a bad situation and leeched onto a cup contender, and scored a few clutch goals along the way–something he failed to do with us in the playoffs (and with a wide open net in game 6 of the 2010 finals)…I’m pissed! I’m excited for our teams future and all that, but that doesn’t make me happy that a team full of former flyers legends/saviors won it all somewhere else.

  22. It doesn’t matter people. The Flyers weren’t winning the cup if they kept these two anyway. They had no fire here. They were lazy by hockey player standards.

  23. @Posted by: Claude Giroux | June 12, 2012 at 05:07 AM
    you are a loser

  24. Only part I like about those 2 drug addicts winning the cup, is that it’s a great f*ck youuu to Eddie “give me my $$$” Snider

  25. Problem is that Carter and Richards are paid like superstar franchise players, and quite frankly they don’t fit that role. Part of the reason they were shipped off.

  26. Richards and Carter and Gagne probably would have won in 2010 with Quick here. Instead the organIzation decided to play me, a borderline AHL goalie who never should have sniffed the ice in a SCF series.

  27. Glad to see Gagne win the cup. He was one of my favorites. Hope he comes back to retire a Flyer. He deserves as much. They don’t be the Bruins back in 2010 without his motivation. As to Carter and Richards, them winning the cup makes me sick. Although I wonder how the Kings can afford to pay those two the way they did and still fit all of it under the cap. Well, it will be an interesting off season for us (again). I just hope I will see the orange and black hoist the cup in my lifetime.

  28. “Problem is that Carter and Richards are paid like superstar franchise players, and quite frankly they don’t fit that role. Part of the reason they were shipped off.”
    Who cares how much they are paid, it isn’t coming out of your wallet, and now they won a cup, which as fans is all that matters.
    @ Claude – best post EVAR!!!! Good stuff!

  29. Pete H. I could not agree more…well said. I loved all those guys and to see them lifting the Stanley Cup NOT in a Flyers jersey absolutely kills me. Flyers got rid of Richards and Carter bc the organization didn’t think they had what it takes to get us a Cup so to see them the following season win it …not a great feeling.

  30. “Problem is that Carter and Richards are paid like superstar franchise players, and quite frankly they don’t fit that role. Part of the reason they were shipped off.”
    Actually, they aren’t paid like that. They both signed cap-friendly deals specifically so they could remain in Philly and still allow a team to be built around them. $5M a year is superstar money? No, $8,$9 or $10M a year is superstar money.
    That’s why a lot of us were so upset when Richards was traded. He had a very cap-friendly deal that would only look better as the years passed.
    But that’s neither here nor there. I don’t think any of us expected a Cup from the Flyers this year. And I am happy for Gagne, Richards and Hextall. Williams already had one and fuck Jeff Carter.
    Future looks bright. Homer just has to go get a big time, shut down defenseman. Then we just gotta pray Bryz gets hot at the right time, like Quick did this year. That’s all it comes down to.

  31. Former-Flyers roll-call:
    Ron Hextall
    Dean Lombardi
    John Stevens
    Justin Williams
    Simon Gagne
    Mike Richards
    Jeff Carter
    Congratulations to the Kings on their first cup win.
    Where the fuck is the keg…I’m considering calling out of work and getting lost inside of it for the next two days.

  32. If kept them here we would have lost to Shittsburgh in round 1. Thats all their is too it.
    So knock it the fuck off Kyle.

  33. Good for them! I enjoyed seeing Gags and Richie holding the cup. I never really cared for Carter even when we was here so… meh.
    Someone asked how anyone could be happy to see any team but the Flyers win the cup. Well, those people, like myself are hockey fans. Yes, I was raised a Philadelphia Flyers fan, but I also have a deep love and respect for the game itself. It doesn’t matter which team it is, I get chills every time I see that cup hoisted.

  34. Still in the fetal position CB?
    Were still waiting for that “coverage”.
    It’s 10 am, dammit!!!

  35. Great day in the history of Philly sports. This ranks just ahead of the Phillies world series

  36. Who gives a shit that richards and carter won the cup? It’s not like they were THE reason the Kings won. The Kings got hot at the right time, and Quick caught on fire. The Flyers have a sick amount of talent on the roster. They have 17 players 25 or younger. That gives them a bright future AND more then enough trading chips to bring in a quality defensive player. Also having those two douchers on the team this year would have never allowed G the room to grow into the superstar he is. The flyers are going to be much better off without those two.

  37. Adam, what a clueless post. please tell me the “sick” amount of talent the flyers have outside of Giroux? and hartnell/briere dont count. I’ll wait…

  38. Congrat to Carts and Richy.. two great guys and i love how they shoved it up Homer and Ed Snyder a$$!

  39. Never seen comments so split down the middle. Glad NJ didn’t win, instead of bullet to head we got a fat sharp stick in the eye. Greeeat-

  40. @TR
    the kind of talent that allows a team that just underwent a major roster overhaul and lost their premiere defender unexpectedly, to finish with more points than the high total from the previous season and become one of the highest scoring teams in the league while fielding a roster of at times seven rookies on the ice. Oh and defeating one of the favorites for the cup, a team with two of the best players in the world, one of which (Malkin) was shut down by a 19 year old rookie (Couterier).
    you’re right no talent there. I’m sure a one man team with one talented player can do what the Flyers did this season. Or not. This isn’t basketball.
    seriously my man. you’re an idiot.

  41. Faux Giroux, you’re a bigger whiny loser than this Kyle guy could ever be, and I don’t even know him. How cowardly and lazy to fire poo poo shots from an anonymous keyboard.
    This just in- CB is the only blog that posts pics of local athletes fucking around having fun. Seriously? You have so much time to write a tomb of chunk-spewn shit, why not just start a better blog. Show us all how to do it, loser boy.

  42. @boom…thank you sir. @TR read boom’s comment, and when you’re done…read it again. retard.

  43. Is it me or are a lot of people forgetting the fact that Carter and Richards were traded to free up cap-space to address an issue that has been haunting the city of brotherly love since Hextal left our crease?
    Everyone not happy for either of them is an ignorant fan. I recall both signing long term deals wanting to stay in Philly and play with each-other for the majority of their careers. Carter is a pure goal scorer who will be back in the 35-45 goal range next season and Richards is a hard working two way player. The Flyer’s have had numerous runs with them as the focal point of our team, and doing so with a mix of average at best goaltenders. They were as shocked as we were when they found out they were traded, neither requested or asked for it so I do not understand the hatred towards them.
    For those who think the trades were bad…Can you please explain? We would not have Cooter who shut Malkin down better than any Flyer has in the past, Schenn who looks like a young Richards, Simmonds who is a faster, gritter, more talented Knuble, Voracek who is lightening fast, still developing and almost averaged a point per game these playoffs, and presented Read a chance with the team (who was snubbed of a Calder nomination. Not to mention it made more ice time available to Giroux who turned into mighty mouse this season and is easily a top 3 all around player in the league moving forward. Lets just hope that the Flyers are smart and learned not to give the C to such a young player. The C in my opinion is generally meaningless and bring on an immense amount of pressure from the Media something that a Kimmo or Danny B are better suited for.
    Anyhow Lets hope Pronger gets healthy!

  44. @DoomHooligan – Don’t forget Colin Fraiser was drafted by the Flyers in 2003 (3rd round – #69 overall). Same year they drafted Richards and Carter. Add him to your list too.

  45. This LA cup win looks a little like Forsberg winning a cup with the Avalanche after he was sent there in the debacle that was the Lindros acquisition. Different time-span, same result.

  46. Mike and Jeff are currently sharing a bottle of champagne, “Two Guys, One Cup” style… later they will take a sauna and then shave each other

  47. hey Joffrey, you still cant close with a girl and now you play for a team forever on the road to nowhere… so uh, sorry for you too huh?

  48. Put aside the trade value the Flyers received for Carter and Richards, the cap space was used to sign a Russian flake who will never win a cup for any team he plays on. Goaltending is paramount in a cup run.

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