And Now, The Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders Sing “Call Me Maybe”

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30 Responses

  1. You love waiting until barstool or deadspin put something up and then two days later it goes on this site.

  2. TIP- If you notice their shitty lip-syncing you’re looking at the wrong parts.
    Underwater scenes are smokin-

  3. I have the uncontrollable urge to crank one out while watching this on mute. Unfortunately I’m stuck at the office.
    I hate you Kyle.

  4. sorry, come on man, didn’t realize you spent all day surfing every corner on the net. go outside, it’s nice out.

  5. You are really getting exposed Kyle. The way you treat your readers is deplorable. For the longest time you have had 0 original material. Are other sites just not updating enough? Guess you didn’t realize that not every year can be 2008. Sports are cyclical. 3 more months of sub 500 Phils baseball awaits. Maybe I’ll get my news from buzz on broad. Oh wait. Should we still excuse you as you “have a market to take over”?

  6. guys y u so mean to kyle?) He do best he can, he just move into new home plz give him a brake. He is doing a good job, i enjoy this web stop.)))))

  7. Wonder if Eddie Murphy thinks they are protected enough in those outfits…
    Actually one of the best posts I seen on here in a while…

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